Romnet Crowd9pm David T Breaker on Comment: The world needs Mitt Romney

8pm ToryDiary: Cut EU spending. Cut aid. Charge for missed appointments. Cap family benefits. Tory members vote for their preferred deficit reduction measures…

4.30pm ToryDiary: IDS urges Eurosceptics to give Cameron more credit (while flirting himself with leaving EU)

3.45pm WATCH: Mitt Romney's closing pitch with 48 hours to go…

1.15pm ToryDiary update: Dom Raab MP rejects idea of extra council tax bands

ToryDiary: Tory MPs and members grudgingly move towards acceptance of higher council tax on high value properties as price of deficit reduction deal

ToryDiary: 69% of voters see Tories as divided as Cameron is urged to hold EU referendum (only 35% see Labour as divided)

Jenkin Bernard Oct 11Bernard Jenkin MP on Comment: If David Cameron doesn't adopt a clear European policy soon, Labour may beat us to it

Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: The more who disclose historical abuse, the more people will become confident enough to open up to share their own experience

Local government: Lambeth Council leader chosen as Labour candidate for Croydon North byelection

Justine Greening set to slash UK aid to India and divert savings to poorer countries (not UK taxpayers)
Mail on Sunday

Greening Justine"Greening will travel to India for talks with the government about the timetable for winding down her department’s aid payments. She is expected to make it clear that the UK’s commitment to India will change radically at the end of the current eight-year £1.6bn programme which lasts until 2015." – Sunday Times (£)

Douglas Carswell had secret talks with Ed Balls ahead of last Wednesday's EU rebellionMail on Sunday

Leaders of the European parliament vowed to block any EU budget deal that does not involve significant spending increases from 2014 to 2020Observer

Merkel Angela Nov 11While Angela Merkel "harbours no fondness for Mr Cameron, the Chancellor can also see the utility of having a fiscally sound ally among the EU spendthrifts" – In the Mail on Sunday Anne McElvoy previews Wednesday's meeting between 'the Merkelator' and David Cameron. 

Germany no longer feels that Britain has some sort of financial genius from which the EU can benefit – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times (£)

Supporters in David Cameron's own constituency are ready to switch sides for the 2015 General Election if Conservatives do not offer an in-out referendum — and another party does – Sun

Andrea Leadsom: A united Tory Party wants "fundamental reform of the EU"

Leadsom Andrea"Don’t be deceived by appearances: there’s violent agreement on the Conservative benches over Europe. Although MPs voted in different ways in Parliament last week, we’re all after the same thing – a better deal for Britain. In the end, we all want fundamental reform and a halt to the EU’s ever-encroaching power base." – Andrea Leadsom MP in The Sunday Telegraph

  • "So long as the United Kingdom is perceived as being in a state of semi-detachment, what chance is there of forging alliances for reform?" – Ming Campbell MP in the Independent on Sunday

Sunday commentators dissect the EU row

  • Cameron aims to give big speech on Europe within next two months – James Forsyth in Mail on Sunday
  • Tory rebels, not Cameron, speak for us – Toby Young in The Sun
  • Tory splits on Europe are even more "reckless" than in the Major years – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer
  • "The in-fighting in the Conservative government was a major factor in the massive defeat of the Conservatives in the 1997 General Election. Ed Miliband thinks history will repeat itself, which is why he was prepared to vote with the Tory rebels last week. He is probably right." – Iain MacWhirter in The Sunday Herald
  • The 53 Tory rebels spoke for a large proportion of today's Tory Party – Euan McColm in Scotland on Sunday

Europe, energy and Trident are all testing bonds of Coalition – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

  • Why are Tory MPs rebelling? – John Redwood offers some answers.

New txts between David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks are published 

Screen Shot 2012-11-04 at 07.33.36"New details of intimate texts exchanged between David Cameron and disgraced media boss Rebekah Brooks have been obtained by The Mail on Sunday. In one message, the Prime Minister thanks the former News International chief for letting him ride one of her family's horses, saying it was 'fast, unpredictable and hard to control but fun'." – Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday explains why it revealed the Merkel-Cameron txts: "The Government is immeasurably richer and more powerful than the massed battalions of Fleet Street, and routinely mishandles and mistreats powerless individuals. It also snoops on us without restraint, protected by the same laws that rightly punish journalistic phone hackers. Whatever proposals Lord Justice Leveson may have for press regulation, it is essential that they do not end by making the Government more powerful and unaccountable than it already is."

Gillan Cheryl profileVoters find us ‘snooty and arrogant’, says Cheryl Gillan
The Sunday Times (£)

Cheryl Gillan issues her ten political commandments to the Conservative Party, including:

"Acknowledging the errors and apologising for them will allow the party to move forward. No one is perfect but reputations need to be rebuilt and all ministers must find out what is happening throughout their departments."

Could she be thinking about HS2?!

More in The Sunday Times (£).

Screen Shot 2012-11-04 at 07.08.22
This latest YouGov poll also finds that voters see Tory backbenchers as more in touch with public opinion.

Why do you keep rejecting Dave's invitation? – The Mail on Sunday suggests that Boris only when to Chequers after Sam Cam intervened.

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron plays the “national leadership” card against Boris

PoliceThe Sun makes the case for voting in the police commissioner elections

"The new commissioners will set local priorities and hold forces to account. If the commissioners fail, they will be booted out by the public. So they have an incentive to be tough. Trudging out to vote in freezing November is not much fun. But it might mean your streets once again become safe enough for your kids to play in." – The Sun Says

Joan Smith attacks the lack of diversity in Team Cameron

"It's actually weird that there were a dozen Old Etonians in the government last year, if we include government spokesmen in the House of Lords, but I bet it didn't seem so to the Prime Minister. When the country is run by an upper-middle-class white man, diversity and equality go out of the window." – Joan Smith in the Independent on Sunday

Unions plan to bombard Francis Maude with emails and txts in bid to sabotage working of his officeSunday Star

Lord Heseltine's report doesn't tackle the key economic problem of lack of demand: "we need yet another significant devaluation" – William Keegan in The Observer

Moore Michael longJohn Rentoul pours praise on Michael Moore's head
– "It may be that, after the referendum, Moore will be counted the most successful Liberal Democrat in the Cabinet, and, even, the man who saved the United Kingdom" – Independent on Sunday

Vince Cable steps up Lib Dem campaign to bring in a mansion taxObserver

Major companies who do not pay their staff a "living wage" of at least £7.20 an hour would be named and shamed under plans being considered by Ed MilibandIndependent on Sunday

David and Ed Miliband working together to put 'living wage' at heart of Labour offering

MILIBAND DAVID BLK BGD"David Miliband has joined forces with his party leader brother Ed behind Labour plans to deliver a "living wage" of well over £7.20 an hour – rising to more than £8.30 in London – for millions of workers in both the public and the private sectors. The Miliband brothers, whose relationship has been tense since Ed narrowly defeated David in the 2010 leadership contest, are working closely together on how to make the living wage – as opposed to the lower minimum wage – the new norm and a core economic policy for Labour at the next election." – Observer

  • "Poverty pay has no place in the 21st century. Modern employers understand that; we just need to bring the rest with us" – David Miliband and Dave Prentis in The Observer

Ed Miliband has called for the constitution of the NHS to be rewritten so mental health is treated as seriously as physical healthSunday Express

SNP plan makes Scotland a colony, claims Gordon BrownScotland on Sunday

Daley-Janet-black-backgrounMitt Romney can still win – and he deserves to
– Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

"What if, in an age of toppling institutions, economic upheaval, myth-busting and giant-killing, incumbency is becoming an electoral encumbrance?" – Matthew d'Ancona wonders if a defeat for Obama could be ominous for an incumbent like Cameron – The Sunday Telegraph

MP Tom Watson to speak out on 'paedophiles in highest places'Sunday Herald

Jonathan Dimbleby warns of witch hunt against BBC stars as Savile crisis continues – Sunday Herald

Why aren't we more revolted by the schools giving contraceptive jabs to underage girls? – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Lord Ashcroft writes about his support for the Bomber Command Memorial

Ashcroft"I donated to the Bomber Command Memorial appeal because I wanted it built while some flying veterans, now in their late eighties and early nineties, are still alive. Bomber Command consisted of about 125,000 volunteers from Britain, the Commonwealth and Allied countries. They had to endure some of the most terrifying combat conditions of the Second World War. The average age of the aircrew was just 22 and the youngest were only 18. Three out of every five airmen became casualties: 55,573 men were killed, 8,403 were wounded and 9,838 became prisoners of war." – Lord Ashcroft in The Sunday Telegraph


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