8pm WATCH:

5.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron makes a triumphant post-summit return to the Commons and says "a deal is still do-able" on the European budget

Osborne welcomes Carney5.15pm WATCH: The Chancellor welcomes Mark Carney as "the most qualified person in the world" to be the next Governor of the Bank of England

4.30pm Iain Anderson on Comment: New Governor of the Bank of England will place Britain at the heart of the global debate

3.45pm ToryDiary: Boris attacks the Government's immigration policy (again)

3.15pm ToryDiary: New ConHome survey asks questions on UKIP, Nadine Dorries and the Cabinet

2pm ToryDiary: Grant Shapps "categorically" rules out a pact with UKIP

1pm Local government: Weak LGA response to the Rotherham scandal as Labour council leader dithers

Farage on Sky12.45pm WATCH: Nigel Farage: "The real obstacle to any deal with the Conservative Party is the Conservative Party leader"

Noon Lee Rotherham on Comment: In Rotherham, Denis MacShane’s poisoned legacy is bigger than just expenses

ToryDiary: If anyone believes that it can be business as usual in Fleet Street, there's shurely shome mishtake

MPsETC: Michael Fabricant MP suggests a deal with UKIP could elect twenty extra Tory MPs

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Should Nadine have gone to Australia – or should that be: "should she have been allowed back"?

Hunt graphic

Jeremy Hunt on Comment: The four improvements I want to see in the NHS by 2015

Also on Comment, Christopher Snowdon: The science behind minimum alcohol pricing is based on suspect computer models

Local Government: Social work training is where the seeds of scandal are sown

The Deep End: The Eurozone crisis is only the beginning of the great global debt meltdown

Boris flip-flops on Europe, now saying an in/out referendum is too simplistic

Boris flip flops"Boris Johnson lent support to David Cameron last night by arguing against a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union. In a surprising gesture, the Mayor of London distanced himself from hardline Tory Eurosceptics by backing Mr Cameron’s view that there should be no in/out vote on the EU. A number of backbenchers, notably David Davis, have recently called for a referendum on whether Britain should stay inside the Union." – Times (£) | Guardian

  • Indian dynamism puts the eurozone to shame. This is where we need to be doing business – Boris Johnson for the Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiaryBoris Johnson WAS in favour of an In/Out referendum. No longer it seems…

Tory vice-chair Michael Fabricant MP tells Cameron: make EU pact with Ukip or face defeat

Fabricant-Michael"Michael Fabricant, a Tory vice-chairman, is urging the Prime Minister to make a commitment on a referendum on membership of the EU in return for a promise from Ukip not to field candidates at the next general election. Fabricant, a Conservative vice-chairman, will become the first high-profile Tory to acknowledge publicly the damage being done by the anti-EU party to the Tories in the marginal seats they need to capture in order to secure an overall majority at Westminster." – Independent

> Today on MPsETCMichael Fabricant MP suggests a deal with UKIP could elect twenty extra Tory MPs

Tim Montgomerie: Cameron's big EU speech must offer a trade relationship with Europe – and an in-out referendum

EU and BRITAIN"Up until now Mr Cameron has followed rather than led his party on Europe. This speech is his chance to change that. To succeed, he must meet two objectives. He must promise a UKIP-disabling and believable commitment to hold an in-out referendum. Second, he must set out a positive vision of a free-trading Economic Europe that, by the time any referendum is held, might exist and thus persuade Britain to “stay in”. Without such clear vision, he risks being the third successive Tory prime minister to be undone by Europe." – Tim Montgomerie for the Times (£)

  • "I believe we need to reinforce our negotiating leverage with an early “mandate” referendum, backed up by a “decision” referendum to persuade Brussels that the threat of departure is real." – David Davis MP for the FT (£)
  • David Cameron knows the value of working with the EU, but his hands are tied by Tory Europhobes and Ukip – Jackie Ashley for the Guardian

> From yesterday:

Leveson 1: Err on the side of a free Press, Hague urges Cameron

Hague Sky Long"William Hague urged David Cameron to ‘err on the side of  freedom’ of the Press yesterday as the Government prepared to receive Lord Justice Leveson’s report into media standards. The Foreign Secretary joined senior ministers in telling the Prime Minister that backing up a new system of Press regulation in law was unthinkable." – Daily Mail

> Today on ToryDiaryIf anyone believes that it can be business as usual in Fleet Street, there's shurely shome mishtake

> Yesterday on ToryDiaryCameron will not agree to statutory regulation of the press when Leveson reports next week

Leveson 2: Maria Miller fighting for "tough" Leveson rules

"Maria Miller, the Media Secretary, wants state regulation of the press to “stay on the table” as an option and is fighting within the Cabinet for “tough” new rules to come out of the Leveson Inquiry. Mrs Miller is understood to be pushing for a “credible” independent system for regulating the press when Lord Justice Leveson's report on media ethics is published on Thursday." – Daily Telegraph

Leveson 3: 45 Conservative MPs (and seven Labour MPs) write letter warning against statutory regulation

Blair Heckler Leveson"At least 45 Conservative MPs and around seven Labour MPs are planning to warn that new press laws should be resisted ahead of Lord Justice Leveson’s report on the media due on Thursday. The MPs decided to act after another group of 42 Conservative MPs… came out in favour of laws governing newspapers. Conor Burns, who organised the new letter in favour of press self-regulation, said the issue has “divided” the Conservative party." – Daily Telegraph

  • The Leveson report could leave David Cameron in a corner – Guardian

Leveson 4: Implement Leveson proposals on press, Ed Miliband tells Cameron

Miliband Tele iv"Ed Miliband has urged the prime minister to show confidence in Lord Justice Leveson's report into the future of press regulation and says David Cameron should agree a swift timetable for its implementation so long as its findings are proportionate and reasonable. Writing in the Guardian, the Labour leader says: "Parliament set up this inquiry with the power to examine all the evidence and reach conclusions. We need to show confidence in this process, not try and invent a new one."" – Guardian

  • When Leveson reports, parliament must act swiftly – Ed Miliband for the Guardian
  • I've suffered at the hands of the media, but I still believe Press freedom is vital for democracy – David Blunkett for the Daily Mail

IFS: Osborne may have to raise taxes to balance the budget 

Osborne NewX"Weak economic growth and lower than expected tax payments have left a hole in the Chancellor’s plans that may need to be filled by higher taxes or further cuts to public spending, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said. Even under the most “optimistic” forecast, the Chancellor will miss his target for debt to fall between 2015 and 2016 and should abandon the goal, the IFS said." - Daily Telegraph

  • Manufacturers warn economy too weak for more austerity - Guardian
  • Britain's poorest families 'facing 30% cut to their annual income by 2017' as Government slashes spending - Daily Mail
  • Six more years of austerity - Scotsman
  • OBR's supply pessimism could be the ruin of this government – Roger Bootle for the Daily Telegraph

Cabinet split over plans for levy on alcohol

"Moves to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol face a backlash from the drinks industry, economists and even Cabinet ministers. … [T]he Prime Minister has run into Cabinet opposition, with Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, and Andrew Lansley, the Commons leader, understood to have argued that responsible low-income drinkers would be penalised." – Independent

> Today - Christopher Snowdon on Comment: The science behind minimum alcohol pricing is based on suspect computer models

Coalition "shambles" over John Hayes anti wind farm 'prejudice'

HayesInParliament"Ed Davey, a senior Liberal Democrat, revealed he took legal advice after one of his junior Tory ministers, John Hayes, called an end to wind farms “peppering” the countryside. In a newspaper interview, Mr Davey said he had written to the Prime Minister pointing out the energy minister had spoken out against Coalition policy. He also said there was a “question mark” over whether Mr Hayes should continue to be responsible for green energy." – Daily Telegraph

Charlotte Leslie MP: Ignore the EU, copy the Germans and make doctors pass a language test

Leslie charlotte"[W]aiting for agreement on the working time directive is like waiting for Godot. So… we should simply stop applying elements of EU law that harm patients. We can always remind critics that health systems were not supposed to be touched by the EU at all — so in applying the spirit of the law, we are simply being good Europeans." Charlotte Leslie MP for the Times (£)

Michael Heseltine: "I would have liked to be prime minister"

""Oh I think it would have to be not being prime minister, of course," he admits softly. I almost think I must have misheard. "Yes," he repeats, "life's been very kind to me, so I don't have many disappointments. But I would have liked to have been prime minister."" – Guardian interview with Lord Heseltine

Nick Clegg to lobby PM to back Palestinian statehood

Clegg garden city"Mr Cameron and William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, have publicly urged the Palestinians to drop the bid, arguing that it could wreck chances of a return to peace talks. … But Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, is supportive, as is Ed Miliband, the Labour leader. It is understood that Mr Clegg will lobby the Prime Minister and Mr Hague to vote yes, in the belief that the moderate PA need British support more than ever after the recent violence." – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday - WATCH: William Hague: "It is time for a huge effort on the Middle East peace process"

Lib Dem Housing Minister announces plan to refurbish empty homesGuardian

Expenses fraud MP Margaret Moran out and aboutDaily Telegraph

We’re not backing the Union – or independence – say trade union leaders

Scottish-flag1"A report by the STUC today warns that it will be wrong to come down one side or the other for the “foreseeable future”, amid concerns over current Labour policies and figures used by the Better Together pro-Union campaign. The report, prepared by STUC official Dave Moxham, says there was “concern and, on occasion, outright anger at some of the economic, social and international policies which have been pursued at Scottish and UK levels” by Labour." – Scotsman

  • Legal aid cuts will not affect people’s right to a fair trial, insists Justice Secretary – Scotsman

> Yesterday on ToryDiaryScottish Conservatives launch new logo and website at National Convention

Faith_and_communitySchools struggling to teach about Christianity in RE - Daily Telegraph

  • "Schoolchildren need to be taught Christianity so they can understand British history and culture, a poll of parents has revealed. Almost two-thirds believe Christianity is key to our history and over half think it is important to help children understand British culture." – Daily Express
  • Women bishops rejection has damaged Church, traditionalist bishop admits – Daily Telegraph

Plans to move some NHS services online criticised by charities - Independent

Storm front expected to move northBBC


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