8.15pm MPsETC: Full list of tonight's FIFTY-ONE THREE Tory rebels


6.45pm MPsETC: Seven observations about the ongoing EU budget debate

6.45pm Local government: Labour ditch Police candidate for Northamptonshire over arrest

4.15pm Dr David Green on Comment: Conservatives shouldn't dismiss Lord Heseltine’s recommendations for foreign takeovers out of hand

3.45pm JP Floru on Comment: Where do the stones come from, Lord Heseltine?

PMQs2.15pm WATCH: Today's session of PMQs in full

1.30pm ToryDiary: Miliband buries himself during a ghoulish session of PMQs

11.45am Local government: The Government should cherry pick from the Heseltine Review

11.30am WATCH: Lord Heseltine discusses his growth review: "Towns and cities need to have a bigger say in the way money is spent"

10.30am ToryDiary: John Hayes lets his rhetoric get away from Coalition policy — but does he have the blessings of the Tory leadership?

ToryDiary: Today's Commons vote is about much more than the EU budget

Columnist Jill Kirby: How to avoid further child benefit chaos

ZahawiOn Comment, Nadhim Zahawi MP says that localism can work, but only if we give it the space to do so: "This decision in Shottery is exactly the kind we've been rallying against. It's a decision taken by a Civil Servant at the centre, who will never have to live with the consequences, that has been rubber stamped by a Minister who has never even visited the area. In short it's a decision that drives a coach and horses through the Localism agenda."

Local Government:

The Deep End: Drugs damage cultures not just individuals

WATCH: Barack Obama warns that superstorm Sandy "is not over yet"

EU Vote Day: David Cameron under pressure from backbenchers…

misgivings in Labour ranks, senior party sources signalled that Ed Miliband
would instruct his MPs to back a Tory rebel motion calling for a real-terms
reduction to the budget covering 2014-20. … At least 40 Tory MPs are already
signed up to the rebel amendment demanding a cut. Eighty-one rebelled last year
in calling for an immediate referendum on Britain’s EU membership.” – The Times

  • “David
    Cameron's pro-EU charade cannot go on much longer” – Simon Jenkins, Guardian

…including David Davis…

David Davis“The EU needs to do less, and it needs to do it better. A robust
approach, more focused policies and the curbing of the EU’s sillier ambitions
could save European taxpayers a quarter of the budget. … So our stance must be
more aggressive: we must ensure that in these times of austerity, Brussels
bureaucrats shoulder at least as much of the burden as the member states during
a eurozone crisis for which they are largely responsible.” – David Davis, Daily Mail

  • …and Labour's Gisela Stuart, writing in the Times (£): We had better start thinking about what life outside the EU might look like, so that at some stage people are offered a genuine choice."….

…but the PM does have the support of Nick Clegg…

“Mr Cameron has won unlikely support from Deputy Premier Nick Clegg, who
will insist in a speech today: ‘We will not accept an increase, above
inflation, to the EU budget. That is a real terms freeze, and we will protect
the British rebate in full. … That is the toughest position of any European
Daily Mail

> Today on ToryDiary: Today's Commons vote is about much more than the EU budget

> Yesterday:

…although the Guardian reports that Mr Cameron has "confronted" Mr Clegg over constituational reforms

CURSE OF cLEGG"In a sign of the
deterioration in relations, the prime minister vented his fury at Clegg after
the Lib Dem leader authorised his peers to support a Labour move to delay plans
to reduce the size of the Commons until 2018." – Guardian

Mr Cameron's adviser on digital strategy, Jonathan Luff, has moved to the payday loan firm Wonga - Daily Mail

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about his new growth review, Lord Heseltine urges a solution on airport capacity before 2015

Lord HeseltineHere are three snippets from the article:

  • "In recommendations that are likely to surprise some of his Conservative colleagues, Lord Heseltine says that regulation, particularly from Europe, is not a major problem for British business."
  • "Mr Cameron has pledged to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU, but Lord Heseltine claims that many problems blamed on Brussels are caused by civil servants 'gold-plating' directives."
  • "He says that a review of airports should report before 2015 so work can begin on a third runway at Heathrow, or an alternative option, after the next election."

And Lord Heseltine also writes a comment article for the same paper. The BBC's summarises his recommendations here.

John Hayes: No more windfarms!

John Hayes"Insisting ‘enough is enough’, John Hayes said turbines
had been ‘peppered around the country’ with little or no regard for local
opinion. … He said existing sites and those in the pipeline would be enough to
meet green commitments with no need for more. … ‘Even if a minority of what’s
in the system is built we are going to reach our 2020 target,’ he said. ‘I’m
saying enough is enough.’ … Mr Hayes told the Mail he had commissioned research
on the impact of wind turbines on the landscape and whether they drive down
house prices." – Daily Mail

"On the face of it, this promises to be the beginning of an end to one of the greatest and most dangerous political delusions of our time." – Christopher Booker, Daily Mail

  • “Greg
    Barker accused of rowing back on David Cameron's energy tariff promise.” –
    Daily Telegraph

Continuing doubts about the child benefit cuts

“Mr Wade said: ‘It is
particularly problematic for people who are in the range or just below the
range. If they get the option of overtime and if they have got a large family
then it is a waste of time doing it because they will just lose more than
they’ll get paid. Or they will lose quite a percentage due to tax, National
Insurance and the clawback.’” – Daily Telegraph

  • The proportion of new mothers deciding to stay at home, rather than return to work, has risen by 6 percentage points in a year - Daily Mail

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Is David Cameron coming round to the idea of further universal benefit cuts?

Eric Pickles to consider plans for new council housing for "middle-class professionals"

three boroughs of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, and Hammersmith and
Fulham are proposing to borrow against their “extremely valuable” housing
assets to build the homes. … Today they will submit their plan for a pilot
scheme of 300 homes on a new ‘middle-class’ estate to the Communities
Secretary, Eric Pickles.” – Daily Telegraph

> Today on Local Government: Your chance to question Eric Pickles

Michael Gove tries to give Maths a boost

“Education Secretary Michael Gove today announced funds to create a
curriculum aimed at sixth-formers who abandon maths after their GCSEs. … Youngsters would study the
maths behind real-world scenarios such as the cost-effectiveness of washing
machine insurance, the trustworthiness of opinion polls and the odds of
lotteries being fixed.” – Daily Mail

  • Ucas head says that tougher A-levels could deter students from taking them – The Times (£)

Some of the British aid money going to Uganda wil be suspended, after worries about corruption Daily Mail 

Tory MPs call for the beer duty escalator to be scrapped, as Brits pay ten times more beer tax than other Europeans

Pint“Tory MP Andrew Griffiths told ‘The Treasury's own figures reveal that even with the escalator it'll
raise no extra revenue over the next two years, because it's hitting beer sales
and encouraging people to drink other things.’” – Daily Mail

Louise Mensch writes to Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman over Austin Mitchell's "sexist comments"

“In a letter to the pair, she wrote: ‘Mr
Mitchell has not deleted nor withdrawn his tweet. He is a sitting Labour MP and
neither of you have said a word about his behaviour. I trust you will correct
this lack of leadership at the earliest opportunity.’” – Daily Telegraph

Vince Cable's "senior moment" over meetings

Vince Cable"The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, faced embarrassment yesterday after he told MPs that a new committee set up to promote economic growth had not held any meetings – even though he attended two of them." – Independent

Mr Miliband admits that he saw a counsellor when his father died

“‘When my father died, I
did go and see a counsellor, who helped me a lot with coping with that
bereavement, so I think the availability of help for people in all kinds of
ways is very important,’ said Mr Miliband.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Mr Miliband's night of signing autographs - Daily Mail

Labour peer Lord West warns that Britain is "sleepwalking" into another Falklands WarSun

Alex Salmond dodges questions about whether he lied about an independent Scotland's status in the EUDaily Telegraph

SNP's Education Minister accused of overruling experts to include more Scottish books in the curriculumDaily Telegraph

Met Police to sell New Scotland YardFinancial Times (£)

The Commission on Living Standards warns of "two decades of stagnant living standards"

Downturn“The Commission on Living
Standards says that even if the economy recovers, around a third of the working
age population – some 11million people – will be no better off in 2020 than
they were in 2000. … Among the worst hit are mothers because the cost of
childcare is so high they cannot afford to go back to work." – Daily Mail

"Benefits for wealthy pensioners should be axed to free up money to help hard-working families, a report claims." – Sun

  • “Already the Labour leader
    is branding the 2015 showdown the ‘living standards election’." – Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph
  • “A
    blueprint for supporting the strivers – or barely scratching the surface?” –
    Larry Elliott, Guardian

> Yesterday:

Taxpayers' Alliance research finds that taxpayers stump up £113 million every year to fund the union activities of civil servants

“This amounted to £92million in paid staff time in the last year, according to research by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, along with a further £21million in direct payments to unions. … The staff figure is the equivalent of 3,000 public sector employees working full-time for trade unions, in what campaigners described as a ‘scandalous subsidy’.” – Daily Mail

> Today on Local Government: Army of state funded union officials still in place

> Yesterday on Local Government: Labour Police and Crime Commissioner candidates should come clean on UNISON funding

The end of the White Van Man? Just four per cent of under-30s are entering trades that require a vanSun

Israel postpones a strike on Iran after discussions with British spiesSun

> Yesterday, by Ross Cypher-Burley on Comment: Cameron must remain part of the "carrot and stick" club when it comes to Iran

And finally… Could Sandy postpone the US election?


“Despite no presidential election
ever being postponed, some are pointing to past precedents where voting has
been delayed. … However, what is most likely is a
compromise for those affected by the havoc caused by the storm. … Voting hours
could be extended at various locations and in places where electronic voting
machines are in use, paper ballots could be used instead.” – Daily Mail


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