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The Scotsman: A speech of head and heart

Cameron July 2012"In a speech that combined the modernising and traditional elements of the party, with a pitch both for head and heart, Mr Cameron laid claim to the Tories being the party that could tackle poverty and injustice. It was, he said, the party’s “moral” mission to create an “aspiration nation”, committed to controversial policies on the economy, welfare and education. With Labour leader Ed Miliband’s “One Nation” speech of a week earlier having sought to steal Conservative clothes, Mr Cameron made a clear bid to remain anchored in the centre ground, boasting of his pledges to maintain spending on the NHS and foreign aid." – Scotsman

  • IDS says it was probably Cameron's greatest speech… and even Nadine Dorries thinks it was "excellent" – Express
  • But Allister Heath at City AM wants to see more beef: "No new policies were announced. The government’s current ones remain inadequate to boost growth; the aspirational classes continue to be hammered. The PM often makes grand statements which he then fails to follow-up."
  • At the Daily Mail Nick Wood worries that Cameron still hasn't got the pro-growth policies to match the scale of Britain's challenges.

Cameron teaches Ed Miliband about tax

TAX+"The Labour leader has claimed that cutting the top rate of tax would give a ‘£40,000 cheque’ to the wealthiest. But David Cameron chided: ‘Ed let me explain how it works. When people earn money, it’s their money. Not the government’s money: their money. ‘Then the government takes some of it away in tax. So if we cut taxes, we’re not giving them money – we’re taking less of it away. OK?’" – Metro

The Sun sees clear battlelines between the two parties

"David Cameron’s Tory conference address was impressive and statesmanlike. The election battle lines are apparent. On the Conservative side, aspiration and entrepreneurial spirit. On Labour’s side, the debilitating culture of welfarism, with Mr Miliband putty in the hands of union wreckers." – The Sun

Telegraph leader: Cameron's speech had both conservative content and it had fight

Cameron CPC12 Andrew Parsons"Shorn of the traditional Tory conference tick-box issues such as crime, immigration and Europe, Mr Cameron’s message was nevertheless uncomplicated and distinctively Conservative: a belief in aspiration, hard work, decency, family and country. Last week, we questioned whether he still had the stomach for the fight and could clearly set out the direction in which he wants to take the country. We are pleased to report that the answer on both counts is: yes." – Telegraph leader

The "Resurgent nation" party

"He drew what may be the line of battle for the next election. This is not a “One Nation” prime minister – he appears to have given that one away. He wants to be the “Resurgent Nation” prime minister, leading us through suffering to come out the other side." – Matthew Engel in the FT (£)

Oborne Peter April 2012Defeat remains likely for the Conservatives but at least Mr Cameron has given his party a sense of moral purpose
– Peter Oborne in The Telegraph

  • "There is little evidence to suggest that Cameron can build an overall majority next time on the back of a Thatcherite agenda moderated by some socially liberal attitudes" – Steve Richards in The Independent
  • "This speech was a clear, intellectual explanation of how the Right is the friend of the less well-off. Mr Cameron sounded genuinely angry that Left-wing hardliners are wrecking chances for the poor." – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail
  • "When Mr Cameron defended his party’s compassionate credentials, he did so in a hard-headed way. He argued that strict standards in education help the poor. He championed work over redistribution as an anti-poverty strategy. It was a distinctively centre-right take on social justice." – FT leader (£)
  • But Decca Aitkenhead at The Guardian disagrees: "Very little is left now of the Cameroon modernisation project except gay rights; even the party's logo, once an eco-friendly green tree, has been rebranded in red, white and blue to resemble a union flag."

The latest YouGov poll (PDF) has Labour on 41%, Conservatives on 34% and the LibDems on 8%.

Yesterday's ConHome Conference coverage…

Max Hastings: Every Tory in the country can quickly compile a list of things that Cameron has done to offend them…

Appointing a tax-avoider (retail tycoon Sir Philip Green) to study public spending. Recklessly cutting the Army… Over-promoting incompetent woman ministers… Waffling about the Big Society… Failure to tackle immigration… Failure to redefine Britain’s role in Europe… Screwing up the West Coast Main Line franchise deal…" – Daily Mail

EU-FLAGMartin Kettle: Cameron still fears telling his party the truth about Europe

  • "The Cameron-Hague plan for a new relationship with the EU forgets only one thing — all the other members" – David Aaronovitch for The Times (£)

Cameron ready to give 16 year-olds right to vote in Scottish referendum deal with SalmondDaily Mail | BBC

  • The Herald reports Lord (Michael) Forsyth's misgivings about this extension of the franchise, without full consultation.

"David Cameron is set to reveal plans to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War I. The PM will use a talk in London to underline why young people should be more aware of the sacrifices made by past generations."BBC

MILLER-MARIAEqualities minister Maria Miller loudly cheered over support for gay marriage

Stephen Glover: Forget Plebgate. It's for handing £16m of our money to an African despot that 'Thrasher' Mitchell should finally resignDaily Mail

  • "Downing Street approved the controversial decision last month by the then international development secretary Andrew Mitchell to restore British aid to Rwanda in spite of fears about the human rights record of the president, Paul Kagame." – Guardian
  • Tory MPs ordered not to talk to The Sun abour Mr Mitchell's future.

Crosby LyntonConservatives in renewed talks with Lynton Crosby to run election operation

Justin Byworth: Overseas aid is easier to sell when it is seen as only part of the answerHuff Post

Jeremy Warner: The IMF seems to be getting cold feet on austerityTelegraph

Angela Merkel blamed for collapse of proposed £28bn EADS/BAE mergerTimes (£)

BBC to rethink its coverage of EU, migration and Christianity after accusations programmes were unbalancedDaily Mail


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