PICKLES ERIC 20098pm ToryDiary: Why shouldn't Eric Pickles be the next Home Secretary?

6.30pm ToryDiary: Should Maria Miller order a judge-led inquiry into the BBC?

4.30pm ToryDiary: The Union has a 25% lead over Scottish independence on eve of historic Cameron/ Salmond summit

ToryDiary: The bully isn't Andrew Mitchell – it's the Police Federation

ToryDiary update: Following Gove's intervention, are we witnessing the beginning of a Cabinet push for David Cameron to strengthen Tory policy on Europe?

The ConHome Jury: How should Conservatives deal with UKIP?

Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: Improved sex education in schools must be one of the responses to Jimmy Savile scandals

Lord Flight: The Retail Distribution Review will leave many lower income people without good financial advice

Local government: Planning officers have a vested interest in opposing planning relaxation

MPsETC: David Cameron pays tribute to Stuart Bell MP

Cameron is warned on rising energy prices and urged to act against "greedy energy bosses"The Sun

The Sun Says: "Six million households — including many of the poorest — already plan to cut back on heating because they are worried about paying their bills. You can bet that David Cameron and his privileged pals won’t be among them. The PM must listen to those worried Tory MPs banging on his door and urging him to act."

> Yesterday's VIDEO: George Osborne: "I would urge the energy companies to look again at any price increases"

Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 08.58.13Michael Gove has told friends that Britain must be prepared to leave the EU

"Mr Gove insists the UK could thrive as a free trading nation on its own, like other non-EU nations in Europe such as Norway and Switzerland. He has changed his view partly as a result of his fury at Brussels meddling which has held up his school reforms." – Mail on Sunday

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: Michael Gove believes that Britain must threaten to leave EU in order to secure real renegotiation

Theresa May is preparing to tell MPs that the Government will exercise its opt-out from a large “block” of EU powers covering crime, justice and policing – including the controversial European arrest warrantThe Sunday Telegraph

  • "If any institution deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace, it’s the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. London and Washington have kept the peace in Europe for six decades, not Brussels" – Toby Young in The Sun

Cameron and Clegg will sign Coalition 2.0 agreement

Cameron & Clegg

"David Cameron and Nick Clegg are to sign a new coalition agreement in an attempt to heal the rift between Tories and Lib Dems over House of Lords reform and to bind the two parties together until the 2015 election, The Independent on Sunday has learned. The Coalition 2.0 document, which will be published in November or December, will contain new policies on pensions and social care, as well as a progress report on measures in the original coalition agreement of May 2010."

Cameron and Salmond will sign Scottish referendum deal tomorrowIndependent on Sunday

"There won’t be a guard of ­honour, nor any troops to ­inspect. Yet. But the red ­carpet will be rolled out for David Cameron when he turns up at ­
St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh tomorrow. Despite being described by one SNP MP as a “Westminster Eton toff”, the Prime Minister can expect an effusive welcome when his Jag rolls up at Alex Salmond’s gaff. Ever conscious of the importance of the visuals, the SNP government wants people to see, in this meeting, a glimpse of the future." – Eddie Barnes for Scotland on Sunday

Tom Gordon in The Sunday Herald declares: "The most important political fight in the UK since the Irish war of independence finally gets under way"

John Rentoul thinks Cameron had the best of the Party Conference season

"That is what the argument is going to be at the general election. The party of balancing the books, of responsibility and aspiration, on the side of taxpayers and parents who want the best for their children, against – well, what?" – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

"Miliband dominated the conference season by framing its debate. But – if that debate helps drag the Tories back to the centre ground – Cameron will be the true winner" – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Rawnsley AndrewBut in The Observer Andrew Rawnsley notes Cameron's lack of ambition for his party: "He described it as his "mission" to "show the Conservative party is for everyone: north or south, black or white, straight or gay." His own polling tells him that he is not succeeding at that. The emerging strategy for the next Tory election campaign is to concentrate on just 80 seats, their 40 most vulnerable and 40 targets. That demonstrates a narrow ambition and a lack of confidence that they can secure a majority."

  • Steve Hilton dashed back from California to put his imprint on the leader's most crucial speech for five years – Independent on Sunday

The times are grimmer than even Cameron suggested

"The Prime Minister’s conference turn was a missed opportunity to reassert, beyond “quantitative easing” and our artificially and temporarily low gilt yields, the extent of the fiscal challenge still confronting the UK… UK net public debt, which was £581bn in 2008, is set to soar to more than £1,500bn on the Treasury’s numbers by 2015/16." – Liam Halligan in The Sunday Telegraph

  • George Osborne's austerity is costing UK an extra £76bn, says IMF – Observer

Other Tory Conference reaction:

  • The Prime Minister and Mitt Romney now make similar claims: we want to extend wealth, not protect the wealthy – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph
  • Cameron has come out fighting – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday
  • The Tory Conference was all about material gain – D J Taylor in the Independent on Sunday
  • Nick Cohen decides that Tory members are actually quite nice but their policies still have wicked consequences – Nick Cohen in The Observer
  • Is scrapping workers' rights the Tories' idea of spreading privilege? – David Mitchell in The Observer

Opinion Poll graphicPost-Conference polling

  • CON 33%, LAB 43%, LD 10%, UKIP 6% – YouGov
  • Ed Miliband is closing the opinion poll gap when it comes to prime ministerial qualities – Express

Louise Mensch: Boris and Cameron are a great double act

"Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York told the Tories they were lucky to have
David Cameron. But they’ve got Boris Johnson too — one the serious leader, the other the most
fun you can have with a suit on. Compare this to vacillating Mili and
humourless Harriet Harman. It really is no contest."- The former Tory MP writing for The Sun

Labour demands to know if Cameron authorised controversial aid to RwandaSunday Express

"Ministers have been blasted for spending more on foreign aid than the
police. Taxpayers will splash out £12.6billion a year on international
development by 2014 — as the bill for our cops falls to £12.1billion."
The Sun

"Police community support officers, also known as PCSOs or “plastic policemen”, will bear the brunt of the cost-cutting because they are seen by police chiefs as less valuable than fully-fledged officers." – The Sunday Telegraph

"Schoolchildren will have to learn about 200 key figures and events in British history, from Anglo-Saxon kings to Winston Churchill, under plans being drawn up by Michael Gove, the education secretary."The Sunday Times (£)

  • Martin Ivens pays tribute to Gove's schools agenda and contrasts it with Ed Miliband's backwards-looking education policy – The Sunday Times (£)

Clarke Ken AV videoKen Clarke scorns 'bash a burglar' plan as waste of time in leaked letter to Grayling

"In a leaked letter obtained by The Mail on Sunday,  Mr Clarke says it will be ‘impossible’ for judges to decide if people who attack burglars have acted legally. And he argues it will lead to a dangerous ‘battle’ with the legal establishment and law and order experts." – Mail on Sunday

Nearly 30,000 Mail on Sunday readers have called for the Government to reverse the policy of downgrading and axeing local casualty departments across England and WalesMail on Sunday

Oliver Dowden is taking over a beefed-up role in charge of No 10's oversight of domestic affairsIndependent on Sunday

Martin Iain March 2012Iain Martin wonders if Cameron has put too much faith in the hands of Britain's most powerful civil servant, Sir Jeremy Heywood
The Sunday Telegraph

Government's chief scientist among those who dispute evidence used to justify badger killingsObserver

Top-ranking retired military officers have been secretly filmed boasting about lobbying to win multi-million-pound defence deals for arms firms in breach of official rulesThe Sunday Times (£)

The BBC's shambolic response to the Jimmy Savile saga demonstrates the unfit state of its management structure – Peter Preston in The Observer

And finally… The Mail on Sunday has a photograph of Margaret Thatcher on her 87th birthday.


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