3pm ToryDiary: What Ministers should do about appointments

2pm Local Government: Council byelection results from yesterday

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 13.27.411.30pm Emma Gray: What Francis Urquart's creator told me about political fiction

12.15pm Local Government: Brighton and Hove Council propose abolition of "Mr" and "Mrs"

11.30 Nick Faith on Comment: How the new Police Commissioners should spend their first 100 days

ToryDiary: In the last year five times more Labour people were appointed to public bodies than Tories

Columnist Bruce Anderson: We cannot simply rid ourselves of Europe, as the Britons were rid of Julius Caesar

Chris Skidmore on Comment: "Most people will not be talking about who is commissioning their NHS treatment. They will be asking why their local hospital is making £4 million a year from car parking"

MPsETC: Who are Conservative Friends of Israel? A profile of the Conservative Party's most populous grouping

LeftWatch: The man pictured in this article is "a human hand grenade"

Local Government: Labour's u-turn on Boris Bikes

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 07.32.22
The Deep End: Heresy of the week: If we want our politicians to be normal we should be nicer to them

The Mail reports that IDS has floated plans to cut benefits for workless families for more than two children…

"Jobless couples with more than two children should have benefit payments limited, Iain Duncan Smith suggested yesterday. The Work and Pensions Secretary said there were ‘large numbers’ of couples on welfare having big families – unlike middle-income parents who had to weigh up if they could afford to have another child. Mr Duncan Smith condemned the ‘madness’ of the state subsidising large workless families – saying it would be fairer to the ‘vast majority’ of responsible taxpayers if benefits were limited to the first two children in future." – Daily Mail

…But the Independent suggests that he believes child benefit should be cut for all families with more than two children

"Families would receive child benefit and other state handouts only for their first two children under a controversial change proposed yesterday by the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith…The Work and Pensions Secretary, under Treasury pressure to find another £10bn of cuts to the welfare budget, said it would be fairer to the vast majority of taxpayers if benefits were limited to the first two children, so that all families had to "cut their cloth" – The Independent

  • IDS:The welfare warrior with a hotline to the Tory Right – The Independent

Record one in four newborns has mum from overseasThe Sun

Sadiq Khan: immigrants know more than Britons about UK – Daily Mail

The Times reports Grieve moving to heal his rift with Cameron over the ECHR…

"Parliament is free to ignore a European Court ruling that the blanket ban in prisoners voting is unlawful — and need not pull out of its jurisdiction, the Attorney-General said last night. Nor is the UK subservient to the Strasbourg Court, Dominic Grieve, the Government’s chief law officer, said. But to ignore its ruling would leave the Government liable to criticism and sanctions FOR (not or) being in breach of its international obligations, he insisted." – The Times (£)

…But the Independent says the Attorney General has widened it

"But last night…Mr Grieve said that although the ultimate decision lay with Parliament, which was not subservient to the Strasbourg court, "observing its judgments is an international legal obligation… It is possible for Parliament to take no action on the judgment, although that would leave the Government in breach of the Treaty and liable to criticism and sanctions from the Council of Europe by its fellow signatories and to damages awarded by the Court." – The Independent

> Yesterday: MPsETC – Prisoner votes, the Twittering MPs revolt – and an unwhippable Parliamentary Party?

Cough up or lose rebate: Van Rompuy tells Cameron over budget

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 07.44.47"European Council President Herman Van Rompuy yesterday threatened David Cameron with the removal of Britain’s EU budget rebate if he vetoes an inflation-busting rise in the Brussels budget. Mr Van Rompuy warned that other countries will seek to abolish the deal which Margaret Thatcher negotiated in the 1980s when he visited Downing Street yesterday." – Daily Mail

  • Did Clegg hold Van Rompuy meeting in Dutch to out-fox Cameron? – Daily Telegraph

> Today: Columnist Bruce Anderson – We cannot simply rid ourselves of Europe, as the Britons were rid of Julius Caesar

> Yesterday:

Prime Minister moves to sort payout to daughter of soldier killed in AfghanistanDaily Express

MPs inflict defeat on Government over badger cull

Owen Paterson 2010"Just 28 MPs voted in favour of the Government’s cull yesterday, with 147 opposing it. Ministers will not be forced to ditch the policy. However, the result will heap pressure on them to find an alternative to the termination of badgers in two pilot areas in the South West. The Government has been pilloried after being forced to delay the cull for a year, a decision taken in the wake of the botched forest sell-off." – The Times (£)

  • "The environment secretary was assailed by all sides over this U-turn. He coped by shouting very
    loud. We had to "bear down on wildlife". He meant "bear down on the
    disease in wildlife," but that's not what he said." – Simon Hoggart, The Guardian
  • "As a boy Mr Paterson may have had two pet badgers (Baz and Bessie) but he has been studying the issue for years and is a fervent believer that a cull will reduce TB in cattle." – Ann Treneman, The Times (£)
  • "As if losing patience with a hard-of-hearing elderly relation, he gave the same answers repeatedly, louder each time (“There was a 28 PER CENT REDUCTION in disease after NINE YEARS in the CULL AREA, so THAT’S why we’re going ahead next YEAR!”)." – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

Tim Montgomerie: Owen Paterson – Cameron's Cabinet's most conservative member

"Owen Paterson, the recently appointed Environment Secretary, is a total conservative. He's Eurosceptic. Hawkish against foreign threats and tough on domestic ones. Deregulatory on the economy. In favour of small government. Socially traditionalist — opposing, for example, gay marriage. Environmentally a conservationist: in love with Britain's countryside but sceptical about grand designs to change the global climate. He's undoubtedly the most conservative member of David Cameron's Cabinet." – Standpoint

Savile 1) BBC engulfed in "tsunami of filth" over Savile, says PattenThe Times (£)

Savile 2) BBC Chairman apologises to Shapps over Savile briefingDaily Express

Laws says that teachers are 'to blame' for lack of ambition among pupils

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 07.52.36"David Laws attacked the “depressingly low expectations” that he said are holding back children in many parts of the country and preventing them from getting ahead in life. Even in relatively affluent parts of the country, schools and careers advisers are failing to encourage children to “reach for the stars,” instead pushing them to settle for middling exam results and careers with “medium-ranked” local employers, he said." – Daily Telegraph

  • You destroyed my dreams, Fiona Phillips tells her old school – Daily Mail
  • Labour slam 'chaos and confusion' in Government's higher education policy – The Independent

Ministers' last-ditch council tax giveaway 'dangerous', warns IFSThe Guardian

ONS figures confirm that Britain is out of recession

"The one per
cent growth in the economy between July and September exceeded City
expectations and triggered optimism among business leaders. Olympic
ticket sales and a surge in the manufacturing and service sectors of the
economy fuelled the biggest quarterly growth for five years, according
to official figures yesterday from the Office for National Statistics.
David Cameron said the figures showed Britain was “on the right track
and our economy is healing”. But, sounding a note of caution, he added:
“There is still much to do." – Daily Express


  • "Yesterday
    marks a significant moment in the long climb out of the worst economic
    downturn in memory. Most important, it vindicates the Coalition’s fiscal
    strategy." – Daily Telegraph Editorial
  • "In
    fact, the Games contributed only one fifth of the increase in GDP,
    which was largely fuelled by an impressive performance by the service
    sector" – Daily Mail Editorial
  • "The
    hard working and enterprising people of Britain can now go from
    strength to strength but it is profoundly to be hoped that they keep one
    thing at the forefront of their minds as they build the new economy:
    never allow Ed Balls to get his hands on the levers of power again" –
    Daily Express Editorial
  • "Analysts’
    understanding of what is happening in the economy now, let alone in the
    future, is imperfect. It is bizarre to release an estimate only three
    weeks after the end of the quarter it relates to." – Times Editorial (£)
  • Cheer we grow – Sun Editorial

> Yesterday:

Boris and Whittingdale warn against statutory press regulation as Leveson report looms

WHITTINGDALE JOHN"Senior Tories last night warned David Cameron of the dangers of state regulation of Britain’s free Press ahead of the publication of the Leveson report on media standards next month. London Mayor Boris Johnson said that Britain’s international reputation was due, in part, to a vibrant Press exposing corruption and incompetence. And John Whittingdale, Tory chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee, warned he would not support any statutory restrictions on newspapers and websites." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday: Boris – we must fight to keep the press free

Admiralty Arch to be transformed into a luxury hotelDaily Telegraph

Further blow to Salmond over EU independence advice

"Alex Salmond yesterday referred himself for investigation into whether he breached the ministerial code about what he said concerning legal advice over an independent Scotland’s future in Europe. The panel of advisers on the code will look into claims that the First Minister misled the country by wrongly indicating the SNP had sought advice to back up its case that the country would remain in the EU." – Scotsman

  • Businesses face 'climate of fear' for opposing independence – Herald Scotland

Fraser Nelson: Labour may have lost the election, but the Left  still controls the charities, the quangos – and patronage

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 08.10.25
"The ideas of Trotsky and Lenin may have failed in Britain, but Gramsci’s notion of a long march through the institutions of power has succeeded. This goes wider than the well-known Left-wing bias in universities and the judiciary. The Institute for Economic Affairs has calculated that there are 27,000 charities dependent on the state for at least three quarters of their income. By and large, any organisation dependent on tax money will argue for more of it. On a practical level, from shale gas to school dinners, reform is being thwarted by quangos." – Daily Telegraph

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 08.13.50Ianucci says that the present series of The Thick Of It is the lastThe Guardian

Government promises a top-up for HS2 compensation payoutsThe Independent

MPs attack Government road safety responseBBC

Labour member of Climate Change Committee describes sceptical new member, Peter Lilley, as a "human hand grenade" – The Times (£)

> Today: LeftWatch – The man pictured in this article is "a human hand grenade"

Hospitals bribed to put patients on pathway to deathDaily Mail

Government rejects U.S plea to use British bases in Iran standoffThe Guardian

Cameron purchased IPAD gift, but turned down sportswear from Lord LamontDaily Mail

Prime Minister buys poppy a day earlyDaily Express

And finally…

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 08.22.34


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