Clegg reshuffle29pm WATCH: Nick Clegg: Third runway at Heathrow "will not happen during this Parliament"

8.45pm RESHUFFLE UPDATEDavid Cameron's new PPS will be Sam Gyimah MP – and a list of outgoing Ministers awarded honours

8.30pm RESHUFFLE UPDATE: Full list of Ministers who have left government

8.15pm MPsETC: Full post-reshuffle list of Ministers

2pm ToryDiary: Why Laws's appointment could threaten the success of Gove's Tory Flagship Department

1pm ToryDiary: PMQs: Cameron unable to defend Miliband attacks on Coalition growth strategy, but leaves door open for third runway

Luff peter10.30am MPsETC: Peter Luff MP to stand down at the next election

10am Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Crimestoppers launches new fugitives’ campaign in Cyprus 

9.45am RESHUFFLE UPDATE: Desmond Swayne and Greg Knight are made Whips

ToryDiary: A shift to the Right or a shift to ooooomph?

Also on ToryDiary: The tentacles of the Octopus Chancellor are all over this reshuffle

Columnist Jill Kirby: David Cameron missed the opportunity to make the best of women round the Cabinet table

Shelbrooke AlecAlec Shelbrooke MP on Comment: Why we should all fear war in Iran

Local Government:

The Deep End: Big finance: too big to fail or just too big for its boots?

Cameron completes the bulk of his first reshuffle

"David Cameron's cabinet is to meet for the first time since the prime minister carried out a major reshuffle. … Altogether, there are six new figures in Mr Cameron's cabinet: Mr Grayling, Mr McLoughlin, Conservative chairman Grant Shapps, Culture Secretary Maria Miller, Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers and Welsh Secretary David Jones." – BBC

> From yesterday:

Boris turns guns on Cameron over Heathrow expansion plans

JOHNSON BORIS 2006"Boris Johnson demands that David Cameron comes clean about his plans for a third runway at Heathrow after the Prime Minister’s first reshuffle cleared the way for an about-turn on airport expansion. Mr Cameron removed Justine Greening from her post as Transport Secretary… The move led Mr Johnson, the Mayor of London, to make his strongest attack yet on his party leader, accusing the Prime Minister of a covert attempt to back the “mad” expansion of the airport." – Daily Telegraph

  • Reshuffle seen to pave way for Heathrow U-turn – FT (£)
  • Greening's departure leaves Tories at war over Heathrow – Independent

Newspapers say reshuffle was… a shift to the right…

  • "David Cameron shifted the balance of his Government to the right yesterday in his first major reshuffle as he promoted Tory traditionalists and moved to weaken the influence of the Liberal Democrats inside the Coalition." – Independent
  • "David Cameron shifted the political gravity of his government firmly to the right in a substantial government reshuffle that left Nick Clegg weakened and raised the prospect of a series of fresh coalition disputes over crime, the environment and business-friendly policies." – Guardian
  • "David Cameron has cleared the way for a U-turn on the expansion of Heathrow airport the expansion of Heathrow airport, in a pro-business ministerial reshuffle that tilts the Conservatives firmly to the right and threatens big new coalition tensions." – FT (£)
  • "Chris Grayling has replaced Ken Clarke as Justice secretary, in a move calculated by Prime Minister David Cameron to delight the right of the Conservative party." – Daily Telegraph

…and bad for women

  • Gillan Cheryl profile"David Cameron has been accused of sidelining women in his cabinet reshuffle, despite pledging to have women in a third of government positions by the end of this parliament." – FT (£)
  • "The Prime Minister's pre-election pledge that a third of his Government would be women looked a long way off as he sacked Caroline Spelman and Cheryl Gillan and ousted Baroness Warsi as Tory chairman against her wishes." – Independent
  • Number of women in Cabinet falls – Daily Telegraph
  • Shapps denies Cameron's Cabinet has too few women – ITV News

Reshuffle headline roundup

  • Jeremy Hunt is controversial appointment as Health Secretary – Daily Telegraph
  • Grant Shapps made Tory party co-chairman to revive party's grassroots - Daily Telegraph
  • Free-market Tories arrive to reel in Vince Cable - Daily Telegraph
  • Key tasks in the in-trays of new ministers – Guardian
  • Lord Lawson hails Owen Paterson for his environmental views – Times (£)
  • New green belt minister who called countryside campaigners "hysterical, scare- mongering latter-day Luddites" to be appointed - Daily Mail
  • Olympics chief wins government job – Times (£)
  • How does Cameron's reshuffle change the composition of the cabinet? - Guardian

> From yesterday:

> From today:

Tim Montgomerie: Cameron's reshuffle was clever, but will it be enough to revive his premiership?

Cameron David DCLG"[T]his reshuffle was not particularly exciting but it was clever. Cameron has put the brightest and best Conservatives in all of the right places. The most exciting moves didn’t happen at the top level of government but with the appointment of junior ministers. … Cameron’s hope is that if there is some sign of even quite modest economic growth by 2014/2015, then the British people may decide that the pain of these few years was worth it. Without signs of such progress, however, his premiership is sunk." – Tim Montgomerie for the Daily Mail

Reshuffle comment roundup

  • "[A]fter two and a half years of dither and compromise, David Cameron’s first exercise in ministerial musical chairs offers at least some hope that the Government may discover a sense of direction and purpose in the areas where policy has been allowed to drift." – Daily Mail editorial
  • An underwhelming reshuffle which did not go far enough – Allister Heath for City AM
  • The neutering of Ken Clarke is a monstrous error that will retoxify the Tories – Matthew Norman for the Independent
  • What if the real roadblock to recovery is the man at the top? – Benedict Brogan for the Daily Telegraph
  • 'Man or mouse' reshuffle has not magically created a Tory majority – Andrew Grice for the Independent
  • What a reshuffle. It's the return of Brown and Blair – Sir Simon Jenkins for the Guardian
  • By moving a few big beasts and tweaking the lower ranks, Cameron has created a team more in his own image – Danny Finkelstein for the Times (£)
  • Why reshuffles are a bad idea – John Redwood's Diary
  • This is not a reshuffle that changes a great deal. It is the Government’s policies that matter – Daily Telegraph editorial

> From yesterday:

Daily Telegraph continues series of "leading young Tory MPs" setting out their ideas for growth

Raab Dominic Parliament

The third entry is by Dominic Raab: "In the 21st century, we face new and more intense global competition, spanning the ambitious and industrious economies from Latin America to Asia. To meet the challenge, Britain must rediscover and reward the lost virtue of hard work – a tried and tested route to individual success, national prosperity and a fairer society." – Dominic Raab MP for the Daily Telegraph

2,000 new building projects approved every month since planning shake-up

"The actual number of extra homes being approved is likely to be far higher because a significant proportion of the approved projects – around three in 10 – is likely to contain tens or even hundreds of new homes. The statistics are likely to lead to questions about the urgent need from Chancellor George Osborne to rip apart the delicate consensus on the new planning rules at the end of March." - Daily Telegraph

Salmond quickens pace on independence vote to avoid conflict and further delay

Salmond-alex-politics-show"All the evidence is that Salmond has already dropped any thought of a two-question referendum, where he would offer sceptical voters a fall-back option of greater devolution on the voting form alongside his carefully calibrated, soft-edged "lite" version of independence. That point may have been reached some months ago." - Guardian

  • Pro-Union campaign gains 45,000 supporters - Scotsman

Christians 'must choose between job or their faith': Government lawyers claim at European court

Faith_and_community"Christians may have to sacrifice their jobs if they want to express their religion at work, government lawyers declared yesterday. They urged human rights judges in Strasbourg to reject a landmark case brought by four Christians who said they suffered faith-based discrimination. The state lawyers insisted workers are not entitled to wear a crucifix at work against the wishes of their employers – and if that is incompatible with their faith they ‘are free to resign’." - Daily Mail

  • For God's sake, let them wear their crosses - Christina Patterson for the Independent

> From yesterday - Columnist Andrew Lilico: No discrimination without monopsony power!

EU-FLAGMoody's threatens to slash EU's AAA credit rating unless UK and other top members get their act together - Daily Mail

Drought in credit to small businesses 'is worsening' Guardian

Eurozone demands six-day week for GreeceGuardian

Missiles thrown at police during north Belfast troubleBBC

Save the Children launches campaign to help UK families in povertyGuardian

And finally… Wake up, Ken, we've just given you a new job: Tory big beast relaxes at The Oval after being demoted - Daily Mail


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