3.30pm ToryDiary: "If you're a new bloke, you don't get made a Minister unless you're a mate of George's, a mate of Eric's, or a doctor". Discuss

2pm LeftWatch: How Balls and Miliband are wooing LibDem MPs while stealing their voters

Noon Local Government: Brandon Lewis replaces Bob Neill as DCLG Minister

11.15am Nick Pickles on Comment: The Prime Minister has the right policy on internet safety – and should stick with it

ToryDiary: Cameron: Man or mouse? Man – and butcher!

Also on ToryDiary: What's your verdict on the reshuffle?

Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 08.04.16MPsETC: Lord Ashcroft becomes PM's "Special Representative for Veterans’ Transition"

Columnist Andrew Lilico: Why some new customs union or single market arrangement would be better for the UK, post EU, than universal free trade

Matthew Barrett on Comment: Britain should never have abandoned capital punishment – but it's now too late to return to it

Also on Comment: Lord Ashcroft – Why today’s auction of medals will help us to save Bentley Priory for the nation

Local Government: Nick Boles – planning can't work: the video

The Deep End: Bailing-out the Greeks – the Eurozone’s magic roundabout

WATCH: Clinton tells Democrats: "We're all in this together." Where have you heard that one before?

Housing push follows Reshuffle Day Two – and it's Osborne v Pickles on affordable homes…

"Coalition ministers were split last night over plans to kick-start the housing market by freeing property developers from their legal duty to build affordable homes. On the eve of David Cameron’s announcement of a package designed to boost the economy, the Government was divided over whether to drop the rules that require between 25 and 40 per cent of new homes to be within the reach of lower earners…The leading option being considered by the Government would give housebuilders a three-year holiday from the quota rules." – The Times (£)

  • New Cabinet "Growth Committee" set up – The Independent
  • Chancellor says Barclays was treated fairly over tax avoidance – The Guardian

…As Cameron and Clegg announce home extensions free-for-all

"A planning “holiday” will allow home owners to carry out improvements like house extensions and conservatories without council permits. The PM’s unprecedented move is designed to boost business for builders. It will unclog the planning backlog — nearly halving the current 400,000 applications processed a year. That will free officials to push through big projects. But the risk is it could spark disputes with neighbours who object to the work proposed." – The Sun

  • Nick BolesBoo! Hiss! New planning Minister Nick Boles is Daily Mail villain already: Day Two of attack on him – Daily Mail
  • House builders sitting on 400,000 undeveloped plots of land with planning permission – Daily Telegraph
  • Lift the threat to our precious green belt – Daily Mail Editorial
  • To head off a crisis and to help the economy back to growth the Government needs to help the housing market – The Times (£)

> Today: Local Government – Boles – planning can't work: the video

> Yesterday: Local GovernmentBoles, the new Planning Minister attacked Simon Jenkins as "latterday Luddite"

Spelman argues, Greening shouts, Warsi flounces out…Cameron battered during Cabinet sackings (And Bob Neill is reported to have wept)

"When Mr Cameron suggested that the botched sell-off of State-owned forests was the driving factor, Mrs Spelman turned the tables on him, blaming him for agreeing the sale in the first place and then unexpectedly announcing the U-turn at the dispatch box…Justine Greening, who was Transport Secretary until Tuesday, is understood to have shouted at the Prime Minister when he told her that he wanted her move to the International Development Department….Baroness Warsi was so dismayed that she left London for Yorkshire early on Tuesday, only for negotiations to continue over the phone." – The Times (£)

  • Gillan's tears – The Sun
  • Lansley hurled himself to the floor and threw his arms around Cameron's knees – The Times (£)*
  • Dominic Raab, Ben Wallace and Rob Wilson turned down Whips Office jobs – The Times (£)
  • Jo Johnson, Boris's brother, goes to Whips Office (Are the business managers trying to build him up to knock Boris down?) – The Guardian
  • Ex-Defence Minister Peter Luff to leave Parliament at next election – The Independent

> Yesterday: MPsETC – Peter Luff MP to stand down at the next election

Lord Ashcroft is Prime Minister's new Special Representative for Veterans' Transition

Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 08.12.39
"David Cameron yesterday appointed a Forces Tsar to champion war-weary troops going to Civvy Street. Lord Ashcroft took up the brand new post with immediate effect as the PM reshuffled his cabinet. Lord Ashcroft will work across Government departments to ensure Our Boys and Girls that are leaving military service get proper advice and support. His official title will be Special Representative for Veterans’ Transition, and he will report directly back to the PM and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond." – The Sun

> Today: MPsETC – Lord Ashcroft becomes PM's "Special Representative for Veterans’ Transition"

Gove seethes over Laws appointment and braces himself for Liz Truss

"Michael Gove was deeply irritated by the decision to move the senior Liberal Democrat David Laws into his department and fears that it might jeopardise his overhaul of the education system. The Education Secretary has spent years reforming a department — seen as instinctively sympathetic to Labour — with the help of a loyal ministerial team mostly forged in Opposition. Now Mr Gove’s team has been swept away, and replaced by more feisty, independent-minded figures such as the free marketeer Liz Truss." – The Times (£)

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Why Laws's appointment could threaten the success of Gove's Tory Flagship Department

  • McLoughlin insists no easy answer to rising fares in first new job Commons appearance – Daily Express
  • THIRTY-TWO Ministers can now attend Cabinet meetings – Daily Telegraph
  • James Purnell has helped produce a ten-point guide for new Cabinet Ministers – Sue Cameron, Daily Telegraph
  • LibDems fret about Hunt, Paterson, Grayling – Daily Mail
  • Tory modernisers fret about Paterson, Grayling, Hayes – Financial Times (£)
  • LibDems fret about Yellow absence from Foreign Affairs and Defence – Financial Times (£)

Left-wing lobby groups are ready to attack Maria Miller

Maria Miller"David Cameron’s decision to hand responsibility for women and gay
rights policy to his new Culture Secretary Maria Miller today raised
eyebrows among campaigners concerned at her voting record on equality
issues…on the touch stone issues of abortion and gay marriage
she appears to have personal views that are to the right of the
Conservative mainstream." – The Independent

> Yesterday: Columnist Jill Kirby – David Cameron missed the opportunity to make the best of women round the Cabinet table

Reshuffle Comment:

  • Hunt should have sacked, not promoted – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • A gold for women like Justine Greening – Sarah Crompton, Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron: a leader with no direction – Andrew Gimson, The Guardian
  • My friend McLoughlin will make a fine Transport Secretary – Matthew Parris, The Times (£)
  • A reshuffle that means business – Janan Ganesh, Financial Times (£)

> Today: ToryDiary – Cameron: Man or mouse? Man – and butcher!

> Yesterday:

Salmond reshuffle 1) He pitches Sturgeon into independence fightHerald Scotland

Salmond reshuffle two 2) His new facesScotsman

"Fudgearama!" – Boris rages over Cameron Heathrow review

"David Cameron was accused of presiding over a damaging 'fudge-a-rama' on Heathrow last night – as it emerged that an independent review of airport capacity will not report back for three years. The Prime Minister told MPs that he would be announcing an independent commission in the coming days in a bid to settle the vexed question on where new airport capacity in the South East should be put." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday:

Cameron and Miliband clash over reshuffle at PMQs

"Cameron was forced to defend his ministerial reshuffle at PMQs in the Commons today, ahead of his new-look Cabinet's first meeting. Facing an onslaught of questions, Cameron insisted the controversial new Cabinet is looking to the future and that it has resulted in a "strong and unified government." He had said the reshuffled Cabinet would "cut through the dither that holds this country back". However, Ed Miliband hit back at the Prime Minister, saying: "If he really wants to cut through the dither, there's no place like home." – Daily Express

  • Cameron "butch" jibe: "Assertive and butch? Get him! Have the Cams been reading 50 Shades of Grey after a fish and chip supper on their Polzeath holiday tent?" – Michael White, The Guardian
  • "Mr Mitchell could be a prefect in the film If" – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Miliband says paralympics crowds booed Ministers for Britain – Daily Mail

Prime Minister won't be presenting more paralympics medals

"Aides said Mr Cameron would not shy away from fulfilling the visits he has planned to the Olympic Stadium, where Mr Osborne was jeered by the 80,000-strong crowd as he presented medals to the winners of the men’s T38 400m race. However, Mr Cameron will not be risking the wrath of the crowd by presenting any more medals. Aides said he had not opted for a seat on the side lines because of the hostile reception received by the Chancellor. They said he had simply completed all the medal ceremonies he had been scheduled to conduct." – The Times (£)

  • Theresa May latest Cabinet Minister to be booed – Daily Mail

Soames and Field will call on immigration to be slashed to 50,000 a year in e-petition debate

Soames and Field
"They will urge the Government to slash net migration – the difference between those arriving and those leaving – to 50,000 a year. The debate was called after more than 143,000 people signed a Downing Street e-petition last year urging Mr Cameron to prevent the UK’s population, currently 62.3million, hitting 70million. Official forecasts say that, at current rates, that level will be reached in 15 years." – Daily Mail

  • Foreign student migration rules attacked – Financial Times (£)
  • "It's vital to get it right" – Nicholas Soames and Frank Field in The Sun

Balls moves to peel LibDems off from Tories with wealth tax manoevre

"A future Labour government could bring in a wealth tax on high-value properties to safeguard the NHS and invest in the economy, the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls reveals today. In an interview with The Independent, Mr Balls rejected the temporary wealth tax floated by Nick Clegg last week but offered immediate talks with Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, on a new Lib-Lab consensus including his idea of a permanent mansion tax on homes worth more than £2m." – The Independent

Chris Skidmore MP: "The new Jerusalem should look like Palo Alto". The Daily Telegraph continues its serialisation of "Britannia Unchained"

Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 08.35.18"Some judicious use of public funds, carefully constrained along the model of Israel’s Yozma programme, might perhaps be desirable, but only private capital can genuinely reward the innovators. The reason that Israel’s state-backed venture capital programme managed to make a huge return on its investment is that the government did not pick winners – it was the private investors that called the shots. Yozma was eventually privatised in 1997, having served its purpose: between 1991 and 2000 the number of companies launched from venture funds increased from 100 to 800." – Daily Telegraph

Police Commissioner elections 1) Nine out of ten people know nothing about police commissioner electionsThe Times (£)

Police Commissioner elections 2) Pressure on Mates to step down growsMichael Crick's blog

Bill Clinton praises Obama at Democrat convention after Michelle Obama tells America her love storyThe Guardian

Prescott took wife's wedding dress to tipDaily Mail

*No, we made that one up.


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