6.30pm On Comment, Lord Bates insists that the economic recovery IS underway and "thou shalt not spot recovery by GDP data alone"

1pm ToryDiary: Economic growth and Ed Miliband will save David Cameron's leadership… but they won't be enough for victory

Noon ToryDiary: Another Tory assault on the poor

ToryDiary: Michael Fallon has arrived and he's gunning against Britain's red tape

Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: It's time to defend the green belt

Luke Bozier on Comment: Boris should fight for London to be open on Sundays

Ed Balls and Vince Cable

LeftWatch: If Vince Cable wants to remain in Cabinet he must denounce Labour's economic policies in clear and unambiguous terms (updated at 10am with Vince Cable's remarks about being on Left of British politics)

Local government: NSPCC pushing to keep children in care

WATCH: Michael Crick asks questions about Michael Mates' suitability to be a police commissioner

Families of Hillsborough victims will receive an apology from David Cameron this week for years of officials blunders over Britain's worst sporting disasterMail on Sunday

Over seventy organisations, including Local Government Association, warn that Universal Credit will be very difficult to deliverBBC

The Sun reports that the Universal Credit programme is becoming too expensive to introduce but Work and Pensions sources insist the programme is on time and on budget.

Zac Goldsmith ready to give up seat to allow Boris Johnson to become MP again

Mailonsunday-1-2-329x437"Multi-millionaire rebel Zac Goldsmith has told Mr Johnson that if the Prime Minister goes ahead with a third runway at Heathrow he will resign his safe seat in Richmond, South-West London, and let the  London Mayor contest it in a by-election." – Mail on Sunday

  • The Independent on Sunday, meanwhile, speculates that Boris will return as MP for the much safer seat of Henley in 2016.
  • Colonel Bob Stewart MP has said he was asked to mount a leadership bid against Prime Minister David Cameron – BBC | Sky News

Michael Fallon calls for end of "politics of envy" and urges Britain to champion the wealth creators

In his interview with The Sunday Telegraph Mr Fallon promises further changes to employment law, scrapping of burdensome regulations and a new round of privatisations.

In a leader, The Sunday Telegraph wishes him every success: "If Mr Fallon cannot persuade the Business Secretary to change his attitude, he may not succeed in ameliorating the anti-business culture. He will also need the firm backing of George Osborne, the Chancellor. But if he gets what he wants, it could be the beginning of a revolution."

  • Team Cameron dare to hope that Britain is pulling out of recession and the worst is behind us – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 08.23.17The real product of the reshuffle is that "Karla Clegg" has placed moles in all of the key Whitehall departments
– Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Martin Ivens warns that Cameron's team remains exclusive, despite the reshuffle: "Dave’s coterie is part of his problem. He is too reliant on the same tight group of advisers, favourite ministers and — yes — journalists. Blair included everyone, or at least made them feel included. Cameron, perhaps as a result of his background and also choice, shuts too many out." – The Sunday Times (£)

John Gummer warns against dumping green agendaObserver

New Environment Minister Owen Paterson can call the shots on shale gas policy – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

SPELMAN CAROLINE NWWhy did sacked male ministers get knighthoods but there was nothing for Caroline Spelman and Cheryl Gillan?
Independent on Sunday

"Despite his promise to increase the number of women in government, the proportion remains a lowly one in six – half the number of the previous Labour government. Cabinet women were far more likely than their male colleagues to be sacked. Departing junior men were rewarded with knighthoods and honours; departing senior women were ignored." – Yvette Cooper in the Independent on Sunday

  • A third of women ministers are single or divorced – The Sunday Times (£)
  • The PM's latest cabinet reshuffle confirms his contempt for female talent. It's time for quotas – Catherine Bennett in The Observer
  • "The original Tory modernising project has evaporated. Gay marriage is left – and that's about it" – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer claims Cameron failed ten tests for effective reshuffles.
  • Cameron losing claim to be a moderniser – Observer editorial

Cheryl Gillan comes out fighting gagainst HS2, saying it "flies in the face of Conservative values" – The former Welsh Secretary is writing in The Sunday Telegraph

The Sunday Times (£) reports that Nick Herbert is also ready to speak his mind: "Nick Herbert, the policing minister who resigned after being overlooked for a cabinet job, has also said he will focus on “protecting the countryside”, while Crispin Blunt, who was sacked as prisons minister, this weekend branded a government drive to encourage councils to swap around areas of green belt to encourage development as “preposterous”. “Now I have got the opportunity to publicly shove my nose in on all the stuff that is important to me,” he said."

Pritchard Mark April 2012Mark Pritchard MP warns of "an almighty parliamentary row" if laws on assisted suicide were re-examined

The new Health Minister Anna Soubry MP should care for sick not allow them to end their lives – Nadine Dorries MP in the Mail on Sunday: "The call to legalise assisted suicide from the occasional patient, despite the media hype surrounding it, cannot be used to threaten the security of the vulnerable majority."

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The new Health Minister, Anna Soubry, certainly gets off to controversial start by backing a right-to-die

Nick Cohen attacks Tories who deny hunger caused by part-time working, inadequate wages and a 40% rise in British food prices since 2005Observer

Janet Daley on the nonsense of Right/ Left language

DALEY JANEY BLOG"[IDS] wants to slash benefit dependency (Right-wing?) but is determined to cushion people who are trying to get off welfare into employment (Left-wing?) And what about his Cabinet colleague Michael Gove? He is wading into the education establishment with all guns blazing (Right-wing?) but is offering incentives to academies and free schools to open in the most deprived neighbourhoods in order to give underprivileged children a chance for decent education (Left-wing?)" – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Grant Shapps takes fight to Labour in article for The Sun

"Don’t forget that Ed Miliband and Ed Balls were Gordon Brown’s right-hand men. They haven’t learnt a thing from their mistakes in government. They still want to borrow more, create more debt and pass the problem to our children and grandchildren." – The new Tory Chairman writing in The Sun

John Rentoul: If Miliband and Balls cannot stop pulling in opposite directions and agree a united front, Cameron is going to be the next election victor

"The "Ed to Ed feud" is a story now, however, because everyone at the top of the Labour Party knows that it is true, although they disagree about its intensity; and journalists, who had been aware of it as a grumbling noise in the background, are beginning to realise that it is important." – Independent on Sunday

77% of MPs believe the UK's current policies are ineffective in tackling the problems caused by illegal drugsObserver

Long-term unemployment has shot up over the past year by a shocking 279%

"This is not a problem of the coalition’s making; long-term
jobless figures rocketed under New Labour, with a lost generation let
down by declining school standards and expensive misfi re employment
programmes such as the New Deal. The consequences are there for all to
see, from the disenchanted youngsters wasting their lives away on
benefits to the fury which fired last year’s riots." – Sunday Express

Six out of 10 demand vote on staying in EUThe Sun

Christians are being persecuted for simply weearing a Cross – Neil Hamilton in The Sunday Express

HEATON-HARRIS-CHRISAnd finally… Who gets gold for accepting Olympic hospitality?

"The former Euro MP [Chris Heaton-Harris] and three family members attended swimming, diving and gymnastics events as well as the Closing Ceremony courtesy of Coca-Cola, which met the bill in full. In second place was John Stevenson, the Tory MP for Carlisle, who received two tickets to unspecified events, plus hospitality, worth £5,500, from Nestle. The bronze medal was shared between Labour MPs Sir Stuart Bell and former minister Hugh Bayley, who both declared tickets and hospitality worth £4,500." – Mail on Sunday


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