6.30pm A trio of Labour conference videos:

BALLOT BOX 14.15pm MPsETC: The Coalition should not give in to votes for 16 year olds in a secret deal with Alex Salmond

2.30pm WATCH: Ed Miliband: "If I was in government tomorrow", I would put the top rate of tax back up to 50p

12.30pm WATCH: Ed Miliband insists union leaders are not pulling the Labour Party's strings

11.45am ToryDiary: Ruth Davidson attacks SNP for trying to "buy" independence with handouts – and announces Tory plans for a tax cut 

DUNCAN ALAN ON DPToryDiary: Tory backbenchers – and Alan Duncan – push for Cameron to claw back aid money from the European Union

Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: Ed Miliband is still a mystery opponent – to underestimate him would be foolish

Francis Davis on Comment: Gavin Barwell MP's mental health bill is a brilliant start. But the Conservative Party must now go further.

Local Government: 

WATCH: Ed Miliband holds pre-conference question and answer session

"Ed will crash and burn": David Miliband's feud with Ed revealed

MILIBAND DAVID RED"The elder Miliband is said to view members of ‘Team Ed’ with disdain and has been known to ‘blank them’ in the corridors of Westminster. ‘He thinks we’re all useless,’ says one of Ed’s most senior advisers. In July, David was invited to guest-edit the New Statesman, which backed his brother, not him, for the Labour leadership in 2010. Asked whether Ed would be contributing to his issue, David shrugged and said: ‘I’ll text the guy.’ … ‘When David does this stuff,’ grumbles an aide to Ed, ‘I’m not sure how he thinks he’s “helping” us.’ Towards the end of last year, David was overheard telling a member of his inner circle: ‘Ed will crash and burn.’" – Mail on Sunday

Ed continues last year's pro-consumer messages, threatening to break up banks

Miliband E bankers"Miliband said that, if elected, he would cap the charges and fees of pension firms and force energy suppliers to pass on price cuts in an effort to ease household costs for families and the elderly. However, echoing shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, he told a public meeting in Manchester that an incoming Labour government in 2015 would not promise to reverse cuts made by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, saying “hard decisions” on spending would have to be made." – Scotland on Sunday

  • Pollwatch: Miliband still lagging behind his party – Sunday Times (£)
  • Ed Miliband tells British banks: change now or be broken up – Observer
  • Ed Miliband: tuition fees could be cut further under Labour - Sunday Telegraph
  • Miliband's big test is to make voters see him as prime minister – Observer
  • Labour must target rip-off Britain – Jon Cruddas MP for the Sun on Sunday
  • Ed's new film shows off 'tough' comp education of the self-confessed geek – Mail on Sunday

> From today - Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: Ed Miliband is still a mystery opponent – to underestimate him would be foolish

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: How to read the Labour Conference

Matthew d'Ancona: What’s the point of Labour when the coffers are empty?

D'ANCONA"New Labour offered “prudence” as proof of its readiness for power – and we know how that particular movie ended. A convincing poll lead, the declaration of a national emergency, the promise to be fiscally well-behaved… all these are necessary punctuation marks for a party on its way back. But the much bigger and crueller question that must be answered in Manchester is the one that Miliband asks himself in private. What is the point of a Left-of-centre Labour leader with an empty wallet? His response will determine the success of this conference – and much else besides." – Matthew d'Ancona for the Sunday Telegraph

  • Ed Miliband can't afford to rest on his party's poll lead – Iain Martin for the Sunday Telegraph
  • Ed's set to bare his soul… and his inner geek – James Forsyth for the Mail on Sunday
  • Stay vague, Ed — too red and you’re dead – Martin Ivens for the Sunday Times (£)
  • Wonkish? Yes, but Miliband could be PM in 2015 – John Rentoul for the Independent on Sunday
  • Miliband is right to threaten the banks – Obsever editorial

Oh no! Not wall-to-wall conference interviews (part 2)…

  • Ed Miliband on the banks, gurus, coalitions… and being human - Observer
  • Union leader Len McCluskey "vowed this weekend to purge remaining supporters of Tony Blair from the party." – Sunday Times (£)
  • Meet the woman who believes her party's best days lie ahead with a female leader – Rachel Reeves interview with the Independent on Sunday
  • "I didn't have a nervous breakdown, but I was close to one" – Jack Straw interview with the Observer
  • The British Obama? No, Labour high-flyer Chuka's the black Blair – Chuka Umunna interview with the Mail on Sunday
  • An assault on ‘inherited poverty’ will help poorer parents raise aspirational children – Jim Murphy interview with the Sunday Times (£)

We can work with Labour but Ed Balls must go say Lib Dems…

Balls Ed School small"Ed Balls's personality would be a serious obstacle to any future Lib-Lab coalition, according to senior members of the Liberal Democrats, who describe the prospect of working with him as intolerable. The shadow chancellor may have to accept a lesser role in any future coalition as a price for the Liberal Democrats partnering Labour after the next general election." - Observer

  • Ed Balls: Stamp duty holiday will kick-start economy – Sunday Telegraph
  • Labour must make its peace with enterprise – Sunday Telegraph editorial

.. as Lib Dems draw up plans to stay in coalition with Tories even if Labour win the election - Independent on Sunday

  • Danny Alexander in secret plot for leadership? - Sunday Times (£)
  • Is this the death knell for the Lib Dems? – Nick Cohen for the Observer
  • An era of coalitions could be upon us – Peter Hain MP for the Independent on Sunday

Claw back £4billion from the European Union, Tory MPs tell Cameron

Cameron Rajoy presser"Britain is contributing around £33billion to structural funds to cover the period from 2007 to 2013. The taxpayer-funded payments are entirely separate from the UK’s international aid budget. Conservative backbenchers are now urging the Prime Minister to be more aggressive and demand the “repatriation” around £4.2billion of structural funding for the period between 2014 and 2020 which could then be spent on poorer regions in Britain rather than in other EU countries." – Sunday Telegraph

  • Senior Tory accuses EU of "squandering" Britain's aid budget – Sunday Telegraph

> Today on ToryDiaryTory backbenchers – and Alan Duncan – push for Cameron to claw back aid money from the European Union

> From yesterday:

Steve Hilton is back, helping with Cameron's conference speech

Hilton Large "Tory aides are said to be nervous that Hilton’s involvement signifies a return to ideas and slogans that have failed to ignite public support. One source said advisers in Downing Street were worried that Hilton would spend his time “waffling on about the big society”." – Sunday Times (£)

  • 'Likeability’ is the bane of modern politics – Janet Daley for the Sunday Telegraph

George Osborne's CO2 tax will double UK electricity bills – Christopher Booker for the Sunday Telegraph

Boris annoyed at Strasbourg decision to open door for new militant strikes

Johnson Boris Pointing"The European Court of Human Rights has given its initial approval to a submission claiming that UK laws unfairly restrict the power of unions to take industrial action. The decision brought an angry response from Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London, who last night condemned the intervention by the Strasbourg court as “totally unacceptable”." – Sunday Telegraph

  • Boris is due to have lunch at Chequers today… - ITV News

Cabinet split over plan to raise council tax on big homes

Cameron Cabinet"Tories fear George Osborne is preparing to bow to Liberal Democrat demands by unveiling proposals for new council tax “bands” for homes worth £1million or more. … The Sunday Telegraph understands [a group of Cabinet members who oppose the plans] includes Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, Grant Shapps, the Conservative Chairman, Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, and Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary." – Sunday Telegraph

Mitchell Andrew Feb 2011No proof he said 'plebs': CCTV footage fails to show if Mitchell verbally abused police - Mail on Sunday

  • Plebs? No, but I wish they'd remember we are their bosses – Peter Hitchens for the Mail on Sunday
  • Freedom of Information to include ministers' private texts - BBC

Drivers who only make short journeys should pay less motoring tax than long-distance road users, says Andrea Leadsom MPMail on Sunday

Cameron in crony row over Brazil factory

"David Cameron was embroiled in a fresh party funding row last night after he opened a factory in Brazil belonging to one of the Conservatives' largest donors. The Prime Minister is to face questions in Parliament over the decision to put Sir Anthony Bamford's JCB factory in Sao Paulo at the centre of his trip to the South American country." – Independent on Sunday

Scottish Tories would cut handouts to deliver a 1p income tax cut

Davidson Ruth"Party leader Ruth Davidson today launches her own attack on free prescriptions, tuition fees, bus passes and the council tax freeze, 
accusing the SNP government of ring-fencing them to “buy support for independence”. If in government, Davidson says the Tories would aim to cut spending on such policies and use the savings to cut income tax to below levels in the rest of the UK." – Scotland on Sunday

  • Westminster agrees to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in referendum on independence? – Independent on Sunday

ARMED FORCESNew year lay-offs: Army to fire 8,000 soldiers in 'fast-track' redundancies and sackings of over-45s (although the MoD deny plan)Mail on Sunday

  • Former MI6 chief linked to 'dodgy dossier' has key role in controversial BAE deal – Mail on Sunday

Labour MP Malcolm Wicks dies aged 65 - Observer

  • Cross-party tributes to the former Minister - BBC

> From yesterday on MPsETC: Labour MP and former Minister Malcolm Wicks dies

30,000 join Belfast Ulster covenant marchScotland on Sunday

> From yesterday - WATCH: Today's Ulster Covenant march and sectarian tensions

High speed rail link may be revised because of HeathrowSunday Times (£)

Hunt for next Archbishop reaches deadlock after 'snubbing' frontrunner SentamuMail on Sunday

"Axing the British Antarctic Survey would mean the end of Scott's legacy"  Observer


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