4pm LeftWatch: Don't let Miliband gain a monopoly in the struggle against crony capitalism

1pm Edward Wild on Comment: Does membership of political parties matter?

11am MPsETC: ComRes finds seven out of ten MPs refusing to back calls to legalise assisted suicide

ToryDiary: Lord Marland pulls out of a trade trip to Libya as the Mohammed film protests rage. But note how quiet Britain has been (fingers crossed)

Sir Andrew Green on Comment: Immigration control should not impede economic growth

Local Government: TUC decides to campaign against Right to Buy

WATCH: British and German embassies attacked in Sudan over Mohammed film 

Cameron will borrow from Obama in conference speech – and buy loyalty from Tory MPs with reshuffles hint…

"David Cameron will borrow from President Obama next month when he concedes that Britain’s struggle to emerge from recession has grown tougher. But the Prime Minister will use his biggest speech of the autumn to urge the public to keep faith in the Government’s deficit cutting, insisting that it will deliver eventual prosperity. Mr Cameron is also using the run-up to a potentially restive Conservative party conference to signal to MPs who missed out on jobs in this month’s reshuffle that they may have two more chances to make it into the Government before the next election." – The Times (£)

…In the wake of his appeal for party loyalty as Boris psychodrama continues…

Boris and Cameron
"David Cameron has issued an appeal for party unity – as a poll revealed his rival Boris Johnson would make a far more popular leader. The Prime Minister used a speech to a private Tory fundraising dinner to warn that voters always punished divided parties. A source at the annual Carlton Club dinner on Thursday night said the Prime Minister told senior Tories that the party ‘must not go back to the bad old days’." – Daily Mail

  • Is Cameron watching Gove with fear? Could Brady stand – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph

…With a poll showing that he is the most respected politician in Britain (P.S: more so than Margaret Thatcher)

"The YouGov poll, showing the London mayor is respected by 58% of voters compared with 46% for Thatcher, will be welcomed by Johnson because it appears to answer one of the main criticisms voiced in private in No 10: that he is a showman who cannot command respect as a heavyweight politician. Johnson's emphatic lead over Thatcher will be of symbolic significance, even though she retired 22 years ago, because Britain's first woman prime minister is still revered by Tory activists who have the final say in any leadership contest." – The Guardian

> Yesterday Lord Ashcroft on Comment: After the reshuffle soap opera it's time to focus on voters again 

You read it here first: CCHQ and Downing Street give up on boundary review

SHAPPS NEW"The Tory party will begin picking election candidates in November on the basis of existing constituency boundaries, a step that will be seen as the party abandoning its hope of changes to the political map. The Conservatives would have gained from the boundary changes but the plan was killed by the Liberal Democrats after the collapse of their cherished plans for reform of the House of Lords. Grant Shapps, Tory chairman, has confirmed that the party will start choosing candidates for 2015 within weeks according to the old system." – Financial Times (£)

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Grant Shapps announces that Tories will select candidates on basis of EXISTING boundaries

Cable bids to make it easier to sack staff…

"Moves to encourage firms to hire more staff by making it easier and cheaper to sack workers if things go wrong were unveiled yesterday by business Secretary Vince Cable. The Lib Dem Cabinet Minister said he was “trying to strike a balance” between protecting workers and helping employers. Controversial proposals to let firms “fire at will” through compulsory “no-fault dismissal” have been rejected by Mr Cable." – Daily Express

> Yesterday: WATCH –Vince Cable reforms employment tribunal law but insists there'll be no hiring-and-firing

…As Clegg U-turns on airport growth

Screen shot 2012-09-15 at 08.50.22"Nick
Clegg is moving towards support for a new hub airport in the South East
but only if other runways are closed. The Liberal Democrats will make a
significant shift in aviation policy next week as they open the door to
building new runways. A motion to be debated at the party’s annual
conference in Brighton states that “a single hub airport would be better
for the environment and better for the economy”. – The Times (£)

  • LibDem activists warn their leader not to back Tories on welfare cuts – The Independent
  • I will veto Tory moves to endanger civil liberties, says new Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne – The Independent

John Major: Britain should seize this chance to strike a new deal with Europe

John Major 2010"We must be clear about our objectives. No mainstream political party wishes to
leave the EU. In a world that is becoming more integrated, it would be
quixotic: a romantic folly. But British electors do not wish to join the
euro. A large majority is opposed for the foreseeable future, although the
prudent would not close the door for all time – but, even for pragmatists,
the circumstances may never be right. It will not happen in my lifetime." – Sir John Major, Daily Telegraph

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse! Chris Skidmore MP calls for state funeral if Leicester remains are Richard III's

Screen shot 2012-09-15 at 08.52.12"Chris Skidmore, MP for Kingswood, whose book on the king’s last
battle is due to be published next year, said: “If it is found to be the
body of Richard III then it would probably be one of the most
significant archaeological finds of the century, arguably of the last 50
years.” He added that it would be fitting to hold a state funeral
despite the monarch’s villainous reputation. The cost of a state funeral
could be offset by an expected increase in tourism, Mr Skidmore
claimed." – Financial Times (£)

Business Minister Marland cancels trade trip to Libya

"Lord Marland, who chairs the Business Ambassadors Group, was set to lead a UK Trade & Investment delegation to Tripoli early next week as part of a visit to north Africa. But the Libyan leg of the tour was postponed after the Foreign Office warned against all travel to Benghazi and “all but essential travel” to towns including Misrata and Tripoli.  Officials said on Friday the government remained committed to “delivering prosperity for UK business in Libya”. They hope that the Libyan government will start to hand out contracts later this year." – Financial Times (£)

  • Californian behind Mohammed movie that has Middle East in flames
    is a meth-making federal informer who avoided jail time by snitching on
    his fellow criminals – Daily Mail
  • U.K embassy in Sudan attacked by raging mob over Mohammed film – Daily Express
  • Religious faith cannot be allowed to make us unequal before the law – Graeme Archer, Daily Telegraph

> Today: ToryDiary – Lord
Marland pulls out of a trade trip to Libya as the Mohammed film
protests rage. But note how quiet Britain has been (fingers crossed)

Maria Miller lobbies BBC over coverage of women's sports

Maria Miller"Broadcasters including the BBC must to do more to improve their
"woefully under-represented" coverage of women's sport in the aftermath
of the successful London Olympics, the Government's new Culture
Secretary has warned. In one of her first moves since being promoted to
the Cabinet in last week's reshuffle, Maria Miller has written to all
the national broadcasters telling them to reassess their coverage of
women's sport." – The Independent 

Jenkin concern over BAE-EADS tie-up

"Senior figures on the rightwing of the Conservative party are
expressing mounting concern about the effect of the BAE-EADS merger on
relations between Britain and the US. Bernard Jenkin, a former
Conservative defence spokesman, said he did not want the Americans to
“call the shots” over the British defence industry but they ought to be
its “partner of choice”…Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former defence secretary,
struck a more supportive note by saying that Britain would retain
considerable sway in the merged company – whereas a US takeover of BAE
could see it absorbed without trace." – Financial Times (£)

OFSTED crackdown on failing schools as Gove raises the bar

"The proportion of schools judged as failing has doubled under a new back-to-basics Ofsted regime, it was revealed yesterday. Dozens more are now being branded 'inadequate' amid a crackdown on sustained underperformance across the country…Michael Gove believes the framework allows inspectors to concentrate on what matters as they can spend more time in classrooms observing teaching and learning, with a focus on reading and behaviour." – Daily Mail

Former Chief Whip Lord Blencathra to sue over phone hacking

David Maclean"A former Conservative minister with multiple sclerosis who was allegedly hacked by the News of the World because they mistook his condition for excessive drinking is suing the Murdoch-owned newspaper group. David Maclean, created a life peer in 2010 as Lord Blencathra, is among the latest tranche high-profile figures to launch civil actions against News International (NI)…Lord Blencathra announced in 2003 that he had been suffering from multiple sclerosis since 1996. The neurological condition can lead to mobility and balance problems, and muscle weakness." – The Independent  

Commons votes to allow mentally ill people to become MPs, serve on juries and be company directorsDaily Telegraph

Soubry latest: We "screwed up" on health reforms

"Miss Soubry, a junior health minister, made the frank remark in a private discussion with health service managers about reforms that will give GPs control of £80 billion of health spending. It is the second outspoken statement Miss Soubry has made since her appointment ten days ago. Last weekend, she angered some Conservative MPs by suggesting that euthanasia laws are “ridiculous” and should be changed to make it easier for the sick to end their own lives." – Daily Telegraph

Blair installs 18th century portraiture, Regency and William IV antique
furniture, a fountain complete with cherubs, a tromp l'oeil and hens to
provide daily fresh eggs, at Chilterns home
Daily Mail

Paterson: I'm a climate change sceptic

Owen Paterson 2010"In his first interview in the job, Mr Paterson has admitted being “sceptical”
about climate change policies, such as wind farms that need large subsidies. The Conservative right-winger, who took over the role last week, acknowledged
global warming exists but stopped short of saying it is an entirely man-made
problem. His comments are likely to alarm green groups as part of his new department’s
official role is to help prepare Britain for climate change" – Daily Telegraph

  • It takes five minutes for Tim Yeo to declare interests in full during Commons debate Daily Mail

Thatcher letter of love to Denis and family found inside biography in Germany Daily Express

Miliband's wealth message for Telegraph readers

"In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Labour leader paid tribute to Baroness Thatcher for creating an era of aspiration in the 1980s. Mr Miliband said he would not “pass moral judgment” on those who accrued significant personal wealth but insisted they had a responsibility to play by the rules. His comments represent a moderation of Lord Mandelson’s now infamous boast that New Labour was “intensely relaxed” about people becoming “filthy rich”." – Daily Telegraph

We reveal spot where long-lens photo of topless Kate Middleton was taken Daily Mail 

Two U.S marines killed at Afghanistan base where Prince Harry is postedThe Times (£)


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