Reeves Rachel7.45pm WATCH: Rachel Reeves MP: "There is not a clear link between the credit rating agencies' verdict and the cost of borrowing"

5pm ThinkTankCentral: The IEA criticises the Coalition for failing to reduce the size of government and calls for tax cuts

4.15pm WATCH: David Cameron defends overseas aid budget as "a moral obligation" during tense radio interview

1.45pm LeftWatch: Guardian journalism disqualified for foul play

JohnsonBorisDaybreak1pm WATCH: Boris Johnson calls himself a "prat on a zip wire"

10.30am Local Government: Cllr Geoff Gollop chosen as Conservative candidate for directly elected Mayor of Bristol

ToryDiary: Cameron and Clegg to hold a "mid-term review", but will not have a second Coalition Agreement

Columnist Jill Kirby: Bringing care closer to home would give families the ability to challenge bad care when they see it

Alistair Thompson on Comment: Get the reshuffle right, and Cameron may still win in 2015. Get it wrong and Miliband will win.

Local Government: Local authority spending – is the party finally over?

The Deep End: What would change your mind about climate change?

David Cameron vows to push on with boundary changes

Cameron David DCLG"David Cameron said on Tuesday that he will press ahead with a vote next year on constituency boundary changes… Cameron said: "I am going to say to every MP: 'Look, the House of Commons ought to be smaller, less expensive and we ought to have seats which are exactly the same size'. I think everyone should come forward and vote for that proposal because it is a very sensible proposal and it will be put forward."" – Guardian


  • "The present system hands Labour a significant unfair advantage and the boundary review is designed to remove that advantage, not to create one for the Tories. But Mr Clegg apparently doesn’t give a fig for fairness." – Daily Telegraph editorial
  • "Many thought a successful Olympics would give the government a much-needed bounce. Instead, our leaders seem on the brink of war." – John Harris for the Guardian
  • "Defeat over Lords reform gives the the Lib Dems a chance to impact on coalition policy where it most matters: the economy" – Sir Simon Jenkins for the Guardian
  • Lacklustre Lib Dems are made for treachery – Trevor Kavanagh for the Sun

> From yesterday:

Clegg will look "petulant" unless he backs down, warns Lord Steel

Clegg with LD bird"Speaking yesterday, Lord Steel said… "I think it is a mistake to walk away from House of Lords reform altogether because of the failure to ensure an elected second chamber. It appears to be sending the message that if I can't get my own way I won't do anything. That is not credible and makes you look petulant. I don't think Nick Clegg is petulant and I hope that he will consider what we can do now, short of elections, to tidy up the mess of the existing system."" – Independent

  • Forget "big bang" Lords reform. We could still push ahead with modest changes that the public would applaud - Lord Steel for the Times (£)

> From yesterday - Joe Armitage on Comment: There is a better and conservative approach to Lords reform — a Local Authority Lords

Cameron and Clegg to hold "mid-term review"…

"David Cameron and Nick Clegg will attempt to dust themselves off after a tumultuous few months when MPs come back in the autumn, launching what they call a “midterm review” of the coalition. One adviser to Mr Clegg said: “This will be a midterm review. Everyone agrees there needs to be a new drive on the economy, jobs and growth.” Lib Dems are pushing for further banking reform, implementation of the Dilnot proposals on social care for the elderly and an expansion of the programme to get young people into work." – FT (£)

> From yesterday:

…and Tories push for planning de-regulation

"…an Economic Regeneration Bill is being drawn up… that will be introduced in place of Lords reform to take advantage of the time now available in the parliamentary timetable. It is likely to include a new attempt to relax planning laws, which is already causing Cabinet strains, and will act as a push for major infrastructure projects and deregulation." – Benedict Brogan for the Daily Telegraph

  • Bank of England expected to cut UK growth forecasts – BBC
  • The Prime Minister must outline a vision of a global Britain that trades with the world – Allister Heath for the Daily Telegraph

David Cameron: "golden summer" for Team GB thanks to Sir John Major

MAJOR john"Speaking outside Downing Street, Mr Cameron said hosting the Games in London had shown the world “the best face of Britain”. “This really has turned into a golden summer for Team GB, and for the whole of the United Kingdom," he said. "I think out athletes, both individually, and as a team, can be incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved. Actually I think the whole country can be very proud of putting on such an incredible set of Games and such a great show for the whole world I think that is going to leave people with some very, very happy memories of things they’ve seen and experience and done together this great summer for our country.”" – Daily Telegraph

  • Team GB is greater than the sum of its parts – Alice Thomson for the Times (£)

Cameron vows to keep ploughing cash into sport after Team GB success (so why are compulsory PE lessons being scrapped, Prime Minister?)

"The Prime Minister promised to keep ploughing money into British sport yesterday as he hailed ‘a golden summer’ of achievement by the Olympic team. But he faced criticism after the Department for Education confirmed schools will no longer be forced to provide two hours of physical education and sport every week – a requirement brought in under Labour." – Daily Mail

  • "Ministers have approved proposals to sell off a London school's playing fields, including six tennis courts and a football pitch, despite mounting criticism of the coalition's planning for an Olympic legacy." – Guardian
  • "Tony Blair won the Olympics for Britain in 2005 on the promise to put sport at the heart of health and education policy. If we do not take that pledge seriously, then we won the Olympics on a false prospectus." – Anthony Seldon for the Daily Telegraph
  • Moderation is fine for every day, but for one-off moments like the Olympics, adopt an uncompromising, Steve Jobs approach – Daniel Finkelstein for the Times (£)

David Cameron: Welsh assembly election reform on trackBBC

Lord Tebbit condemns Mensch resignation decision

Tebbit Norman Politics Show"The former chick lit author has sparked a by-election in Corby after announcing she is moving with her kids to New York to be with her rock manager husband Peter. Former Tory chairman Lord Tebbit said: “It appears she has put her newly-acquired husband above the constituents her website still says she was ‘honoured to have been elected to represent’ only two years ago.”" – The Sun

> From yesterday - LISTEN: Edwina Currie: I don't think Louise Mensch's resignation had to happen

Boris Johnson orders London bus drivers to accept Scottish banknotesDaily Telegraph

DfID finds extra £10m for Syrian refugees

Mitchell Thoughtful"Britain is to give an extra £10m to help more than 45,000 refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria, the International Development Secretary has announced. Andrew Mitchell made the pledge as he visited the Za'atri tented refugee camp in Jordan, on the Syrian border. The money represents a fourfold increase in British aid for refugees." - Independent

Treasury urged to reassess Green Bank

"The Green Investment Bank will fail to live up to its billing unless the Treasury changes course and gives it the power to borrow from capital markets, David Cameron has been warned in a highly critical letter from environmental groups. … In their letter to the prime minister, the groups warn that there is no certainty the GIB will ever be a real bank, and that this seriously undermines its potential to accelerate investment into the sector." – FT (£)

Labour MP John Mann demands Iran banking inquiry free of American bias, as he accuses U.S. of trying to damage the City - The Times (£) | FT (£)

  • "Britain needs to treat white collar crime as harshly as it treats other kinds of criminal actions. But there does seem to be an attempt in some US circles to use recent scandals as an excuse to try and engage in neo-protectionist economic warfare." – Allister Heath for City AM
  • Financial watchdog chief had ethics role at £160bn 'terror scandal' bank – Daily Mail

May and PoliceMen to dominate police commissioner electionsGuardian

  • 'Have-a-go hero training' urged for public to tackle antisocial behaviour - Guardian
  • Foreign prisoners cost Britain £456million a year – The Sun

Just 76 babies were adopted in Britain last year despite Government promises to speed up the processDaily Mail

  • But… "The number of toddlers and young children being adopted has risen to its highest level for 35 years amid a Government drive to move more children in care to stable families." – Daily Telegraph

Terror plot uncovered: al-Qaeda planned 'to fly kamikaze plane into Brits watching Olympics on big screen in Gibraltar'Daily Mirror

My dog collar stays off until Zimbabwe is free – Dr John Sentamu for the Times (£)

Egypt launches Sinai air strikesGuardian


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