6.15pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: That New Statesman exclusive – have the economists really turned on Osborne's strategy… or not?

5.30pm Dan Watkins on Comment: Today's employment figures show we are creating jobs for those struggling at the margins of the economy

4pm ToryDiary: Boris urges the government to "stop pussyfooting around" on infrastructure and growth

4pm WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith: The private sector is, "against the odds", and despite the recession, "still creating work"

Graph 42.30pm ToryDiary: More signs that we're now getting British workers for British jobs

1.45pm Local Government: 

12.45pm ToryDiary: We aren't nearly angry enough about Labour's failure to invest in our railways (airports, roads, energy capacity…)

12.15pm ToryDiary: David Cameron should reject a "devo-max" option in the Scottish referendum, and demand a simple in/out question

10.30am ToryDiary: More encouraging jobs news — as employment pushes back to its 2008 peak


ToryDiary: Four objectives for Cameron's reshuffle: Re-election; Radicalisation; Rebalancing and Rehabilitation

Columnist Jill Kirby: Despite the Localism Act's rhetoric, pressure is being exerted on councils to agree to housing development

Lucy Maule on Comment: "Modern slavery" does exist in Britain – and it's a lot more serious than work experience

Local Government: 

The Deep End: Drugged-up grannies unleash pharmageddon

Lib Dems will use conference to attack Tories over secret justice and Heathrow expansion…

Clegg on Marr"Senior Lib Dems will raise fears over plans to extend the use of ‘secret courts’ in civil cases, with a motion calling for them to be dropped altogether. … At their conference in Brighton, the party will also debate motions opposing the extension of airport runways in the South East, including Heathrow, and slashing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph. Members will also call for a levy on  plastic bags amid evidence that introducing a charge for them would reduce their use." – Daily Mail

…and want to re-open Vickers talks

"Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are leading a push to reopen talks on UK banking reforms in a move that could stoke coalition tensions. The Liberal Democrat deputy prime minister and business secretary want to re-examine whether banks’ retail operations should be allowed to market complex derivative products, in an effort to avoid the mis-selling scandals that have recently engulfed several lenders." – FT (£)

Michael Gove: This week's A-level results will show we’ve buried the nonsense about child-centred learning

GOVE MICHAEL NW"We must end this arid debate once and for all by modernising our exams to make them competitive with those of the best-performing nations. This will allow more young people to get into the world’s best universities and take up world-class apprenticeships. If the past two weeks have taught us anything it is that the greater our ambition, the greater our achievement." – Michael Gove for the Times (£)

  • "The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has relaxed Government regulations on the amount of minimum outdoor space schools must provide pupils for playing team games. Campaigners fear the move, which was approved just a week before the London 2012 Games, will jeopardise the Olympic legacy" - Independent
  • Universities close courses to British students, but say yes to foreigners who pay £20,000 a year tuition fees - Daily Mail
  • A blueprint for continued sporting success – James Purnell for the FT (£)

No plans to u-turn on rail fares increase, despite impact on marginal seats

Greening Justine parliament"Rail passengers face price rises of up to 20 per cent over the next three years after the Government said that it would press ahead with above-inflation increases despite warnings of a backlash from people in marginal seats around the big cities. Commuters reacted with dismay to the higher-than-expected inflation figures published yesterday, which set the scene for rises of up to 11.2 per cent next year alone." – The Times (£)

  • Virgin loses West Coast main line rail franchise – ITV

Chris Skidmore MP: Private investment in infrastructure and construction would help get us growing again

Skidmore Chris"The new-found swagger of Olympic Britain is a sign that we are not a nation doomed to irreversible decline. When ministers return from their summer break the focus must be on harnessing this energy and turning it into physical, tangible assets. This is the challenge for the next thousand days. Moreover, it is a challenge that, for the sake of Britain’s future, we cannot afford to duck." – Chris Skidmore MP for the Daily Telegraph

  • If the Games taught us anything it is that daring to be different can work. Let's take the same approach to stimulus – Sir Simon Jenkins for the Guardian
  • Hunt told: don't pretend Olympics helped tourism – Independent

> From yesterday - WATCH: Jeremy Hunt: London 2012 saw "surely the biggest and best Cultural Olympiad ever"

Andrew Haldenby: Philip Hammond is wrong about private companies – they can deliver key services as reliably as the public sector, and at a lower cost

Haldenby"Mr Hammond may be under the impression that every part of the British public sector is as committed and well-led as the Armed Forces. The facts unfortunately do not bear that out. Public sector workers work 36 minutes less per day than private sector counterparts, on average. They take more sick leave. … The private sector has a tremendous amount to teach the public sector in terms of management, especially management of people." – Andrew Haldenby for the Daily Telegraph

  • Companies to be banned from asking if potential employees are TA Reservists – Daily Telegraph

Ministers to appraise Whitehall mandarins to stop officials from hindering policies

"Mr Maude claimed there was frustration among some ministers that their policy proposals were not being taken seriously by senior officials. As a result, ministers are to be given greater powers to review the performance of their top Whitehall staff in an attempt to make them more compliant. Such appraisals can affect pay and bonuses." - Independent

  • Civil service reforms 'being driven by business bosses' - Guardian

Eric Pickles to publish all his department's spending over £250 in new transparency purge

Pickles PEB

"The Department for Communities and Local Government has been publishing details of all goods and services spent over £500 matching the level required of councils since August 2010. However it said it wanted to take “its transparency pledge to a new level by publishing all spend data over £250." - Daily Telegraph

Political correctness is preventing police from stopping child abuse by parents and church leaders who believe in witchcraft, Tom Loughton warns

"Tim Loughton, the children’s minister, said that a “wall of silence” was obscuring the full scale of cruelty in some communities where beliefs in evil spirits was common. He was speaking as the Government announced plans to introduce new training for social workers, teachers, police and church members to combat the abuse." - Daily Telegraph

Daniel Hannan's new EU book serialised by the Daily Mail

Hannan Dan DP"The real power of the EU is to be found in the wider corpus of interested parties – the businesses invested in the regulatory process; the consultants and contractors dependent on Brussels spending; the landowners receiving cheques from the Common Agricultural Policy; the local councils with their EU departments; the seconded civil servants with remuneration terms beyond anything they could hope for in their home countries; the armies of lobbyists and professional associations; the charities and the NGOs." – Daniel Hannan MEP in the Daily Mail

  • Here’s how we counter the BBC’s liberal bias… – Daniel Hannan MEP for the Daily Telegraph
  • Eurozone can only mean sleepless nights for leaders – The Times (£)

> From yesterday - Dalibor Rohac on Comment: Europe doesn't need an Alexander Hamilton – it needs leaders who will stand against bailouts

Yeo under pressure to quit climate post: Tory criticised over income from green companiesDaily Mail

Labour's Chuka Umunna says relaxing Sunday trading laws breaches undertaking to Parliament – Daily Telegraph

  • It's David Cameron's 'decent, working families' who will suffer if he relaxes Sunday trading laws – George Pitcher for the Daily Mail

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Relaxation of Sunday trading will upset churchgoers, family campaigners and a good number of Tory MPs

Scottish Affairs Select Committee says there should be no devo-max option offered on independence referendum

Salmond-alex-politics-show"The committee accused the SNP of trying to pull “an opportunistic political manoeuvre” to rescue “something from a prospective referendum defeat”. Its report states: “It is hard to avoid the conclusion that there are some in the SNP and the Scottish government looking for schemes of further devolution to be added to the referendum on separation as an insurance policy against the verdict of the electorate.”" – The Times (£)

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: Gordon Brown attacks Scottish independence as creating "a race to the bottom" to cut spending and raise taxes

Adair Turner is totally unsuitable to be the next Governor of the Bank of England - Trevor Kavanagh for the Sun

Plans to outlaw cheap alcohol will backfire, says watchdog - Daily Telegraph

Let's drop the "anaemic acronym" UK - Daily Telegraph editorial

And finally… "David Cameron's Spanish holiday wardrobe continues to underwhelm" 

"Mr Cameron proved that, like many British male holidaymakers, he struggles to work out what to wear in sunnier climes, sticking to the same black work shoes he sports while at Number 10." – Daily Telegraph


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