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9.30pm ToryDiary: Blair, Coe and Major win Gold in the Political Olympics; Boris gets Silver; Cameron and Hunt win Bronze

8pm MPsETC: Scottish Tories Murdo Fraser and Struan Stevenson taunt Alex Salmond after Andy Murray embraces Union flag

6pm MajorityConservatism: It's the economy stupid: Tory members see recovery as the key to majority

1pm WATCH: Channel 4 News ask Boris Johnson why he invited Rupert Murdoch to the Olympics

Screen Shot 2012-08-05 at 09.04.33ToryDiary: Put Sir John Major in charge of a review of sports policy

Tim Ambler on Comment: Reform the regulators before reforming the banks

Local government: Which Conservative candidates will be elected as Police and Crime Commissioners in November?

LISTEN: Radio 4 profiles Boris Johnson

David Cameron warned that premature Afghanistan pullout could allow al-Qaeda to returnSunday Telegraph

Former Tory transport ministers attack Coalition over Heathrow and HS2

NORRIS-Steve"Lord Parkinson, Steve Norris and Christopher Chope believe the Government’s delay over its airport policy is damaging Britain’s economic interests. They fear plans for a new super airport in the Thames estuary would come at an unacceptable cost to the taxpayer. The Tory grandees, who served as ministers in the Thatcher or Major governments, also have a range of concerns about the proposed high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. One said the project was based on “ludicrous” assumptions." – The Sunday Telegraph

In his bid to prevent a repeat of last year’s riots, Eric Pickles is talking tough – and the law will be tougher – The Communities Secretary talks to The Sunday Telegraph

  • A year on we still face same issues, says Tottenham MP David Lammy – The Sun

Is Rupert Murdoch supporting Boris Johnson? ConservativeHome reported yesterday that he was. A spokesman for the Mayor denies it this morning in the Independent on Sunday: "It's complete and utter nonsense. There wasn't, nor has there ever been, a discussion of that nature." Meanwhile, in The Observer, Peter Preston is appalled at any politician getting close to Murdoch.

Cameron supporters brief against Boris Johnson

Screen Shot 2012-08-05 at 08.46.55

"Friends of David Cameron say Boris Johnson can never be Prime Minister because of his colourful private life and buffoonery. They say the London Mayor’s reputation as a ladies’ man will come back to haunt him and cause a huge public backlash if he ever stands for the leadership of the Conservative Party." – Mail on Sunday

"If the Euro­zone ­implodes in the coming months, and Britain’s relationship with the continent becomes the biggest question in the land, a maverick popular leader who stands up for a newly invigorated Britain may be just the tonic the country wants." – Scotland on Sunday

Lazy, untrustworthy and disloyal – Sonia Purnell on Boris Johnson's less than glorious track record, in The Observer

Party donors back Boris

"Tory party donors have thrown their support behind Boris Johnson to be a possible future party leader as the London mayor enjoys a surge in popularity during the Olympic Games." – The Sunday Times (£)

Nadine Dorries becomes first Tory MP to publicly back Boris Johnson

DORRIES ON QT"'Boris has the right policy instincts on key issues such as the EU and  tax. His latest decision to use the Olympics to launch a worldwide tour to drum up business for London is shrewd. If he brings home the bacon and delivers jobs for London, it will be hard to stop his path to No 10, should anyone want to. He embodies those rare qualities that Cameron and Osborne can  only dream of – he wins elections and the voters love him.'" – Nadine Dorries MP in the Mail on Sunday

Number 10 considers ending Coalition in 2014

"Downing Street has begun informal discussions with senior Tories about breaking up the coalition early, allowing the party to distance itself from the Liberal Democrats before the next election. The proposed deal would see the Lib Dems leave the government, but agree not to bring down a minority Tory administration in the final year before the election." – The Sunday Times (£)

Nick Clegg may demand mansion tax or reform of party funding in return for failure of Lords reformThe Sun

Philip Davies says Cameron should be focused on hitting 40%, not boundary changesSunday Express

  • Without the boundary changes, a Tory majority is impossible – New Statesman

Gerald Warner in Scotland on Sunday claims nothing can save Cameron or the Tories: "The ­Tories allowed a bunch of “modernising” charlatans to hijack their party and there is now no road back to electability. Dave is the mediocrity who has killed Conservatism stone dead."

  • But Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph disagrees: David Cameron's retreat shows there is life left in the PM
  • In the Mail on Sunday James Forsyth reports that the PM is focusing everything on the economy.

Janet Daley: Cameron must show that there is room for "conscientious dissidents within his own circle"

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun"[Jesse] Norman is as talented as any Tory backbencher is ever likely to be – and his experience of real life in the financial sector would be invaluable to the Treasury. Will he find a place on the front bench, or be sent into internal exile for his principled defiance of the leadership? The answer will tell us a great deal about Mr Cameron’s private sensitivity and his acceptance of disputation within the party." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Bright male Tory MPs have done the sums and see they have little chance of preferment in the reshuffleJohn Redwood

We have to prepare for the coming European storm – Dom Raab MP in The Sunday Telegraph

Charities warn against Serco's bid to run David Cameron's programme for teenagers, the National Citizen ServiceObserver

Essex, the engine room of the Thatcher revolution, has put on a fake tan and become cult TV. Where do its politics now lie? – Tanya Gold in The Sunday Times magazine (£)

Give state schools a chance and they will produce top athletes – Alastair Campbell in The Independent on Sunday

Nick Ferrari doubts the patriotism of politicians who support foreign aidThe Sunday Express


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