4.45pm International: Mitt Romney's big throw of the dice, as he picks bold reformer Paul Ryan as his running mate

Boris Hurdles4

2.30pm ToryDiary: Here's how Boris becomes Tory leader before the next election


ToryDiary: The Tory leadership needs to accept that boundary reform is dead and become much bolder as a result

Jeremy Hunt MP: London 2012 has been a magnificent success

Cllr David Pugh on Local government: Tidal, not wind power

BREAKING NEWS: Romney picks Ryan as vice presidential running mateReuters

UK to give extra £5m to opposition groups in SyriaBBC | Guardian

Danny Alexander prepares to end his silence and attack the Conservatives

Alexander Danny Jan 12"Danny Alexander, one of the Liberal Democrats’ most senior coalition linchpins, is poised to launch a stinging attack on Conservative colleagues at his party’s autumn conference in a sign of the increasing tensions between the governing partners… Mr Alexander will make an outspoken criticism of the Tories for blocking green policies and trying to make changes to employment law “without clear, robust evidence”, according to a policy paper seen by the Financial Times."

The Liberal Democrats will select their candidates to fight the next election on the basis of current Westminster constituenciesIndependent

  • "Some Tory MPs are desperate to dump the Lib Dems, but Cameron does not see that as an option. He doesn’t think he can win an election in the present circumstances, and without Lib Dem support in Parliament he won’t be able to pass any bold legislation." – Tim Montgomerie in the Daily Mail
  • "Fresh cracks appeared in the Coalition yesterday as David Cameron admitted his relationship with Nick Clegg has cooled. The Prime Minister confirmed he was “not friends” with his Lib Dem deputy following their recent spat over the decision to scrap an overhaul of the House of Lords." – Express
  • Clegg set to open the way for churches to hold gay marriages – Independent

Cameron: Every school child in the country to play competitive sportsBBC

CameronUK"Every pupil in Britain will be expected to play competitive team sports under plans to be outlined by David Cameron tomorrow. The Prime Minister is to reveal the primary school National Curriculum will be rewritten this autumn to ensure all pupils play proper sports." – Daily Mail

"Cameron will tomorrow announce a return to traditional PE lessons — in place of activities like “Indian dancing”. The PM wants competitive sports such as football and athletics to return to primary schools." – The Sun

  • The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has won political gold, but he’s gone too far with his call for daily workouts – Graeme Archer in The Telegraph

The PM has tried to take maximum advantage of every Team GB successThe Independent's Andy McSmith awards the PM a 'gold medal for political opportunism'

  • George and Dave among politicians making sure they're photographed next to David Beckham at the Olympics – Daily Mail
  • David Cameron curse continues as more Britons crash out of the Games while he watches, this time in the BMX event – Metro

The Olympics may mark the end of Britain's age of decline. We can now celebrate what we are, not what we used to be – Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian

  • "It was a great party, but it was only a party." – Matthew Parris in The Times (£) argues that the Olympics has gone well but it was still too big a risk.

“I think most people recognise that when there are 170 million people around the world suffering from malnutrition, we are right to meet our aid commitments”The Express reports David Cameron's latest defence of the development budget

The Independent looks forward to the hunger summit: "There is much to be done: more food aid, more micronutrient supplements and better healthcare for the hungry would all help, as would a boost to broader initiatives such as education programmes. But the solution is not just about aid. Soaring global prices must also be tackled globally."

Plain packaging for cigarettes would help Britain kick its smoking habit – Tory MP Dan Poulter in The Guardian

Cameron's apparance on Chris Evans' breakfast show may have broken BBC impartiality guidelines

"David Cameron's appearance on Chris Evans's Radio 2 breakfast show has caused consternation at the BBC, with senior figures within the corporation unaware that the prime minister was booked to appear. BBC insiders said there were fears that Cameron's 20-minute interview with Evans on the country's most popular breakfast show on Thursday breached BBC rules on impartiality. Cameron read out messages from listeners and told Evans about the legacy of the London Olympics, defending the government's policy on the controversial issue of the sale of school playing fields." – Guardian

John Redwood challenges Nigel Farage to stand in Corby

Farage Nigel May 2012"UKIP contributors here are always telling me that UKIP is now poised to break through. They tell me Mr Farage is a far more electable and popular a politician than the three main party leaders. Will Mr Farage contest Corby himself?  If not, why not? In a by election like this, UKIP could expect to get more publicity than in a General Election if polls showed it  likely to they would  experience any surge in support." – John Redwood

  • "As Louise Mensch waltzes off, we look at the very mixed fortunes of Dave's other A-list women MPs" – Daily Mail
  • Louise Mensch gets Richard and Judy's backing in The Express: "Good luck to Louise. Careers and politics come and go. Marriage and children, hopefully, will always be with you – but only if you put them first."

Government decides not to relax planning restrictions on anti-riot shutters for shopsBBC

The Tories are the “zombie” party of the future – Gerry Hassan in The Scotsman

And finally… What next for the man behind the greatest show on earth?

Seb Coe is the big winner of London 2012 says Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail and wonders if the Tory peer should choose to become the head of the Olympics movement.

The Express is as jubilant: "The first political laurels must go to Seb Coe, the Games organiser. He knows a thing or two about Olympic glory with two gold and two silver medals to his name but the leggy lord has excelled himself. Can you think of anything we’ve done in Britain as well as this since the Falkands War? The struggle will be to decide how best to reward St Seb."


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