8.45pm MPsETC: Nick Clegg, the man who porky pied to students about tuition fees, does the same on boundary changes

8pm ToryDiary: David Cameron speaks in memory of the 1972 Olympic tragedy

6pm WATCH: George Osborne: Louise Mensch has been "an inspiring Member of Parliament"

4.15pm WATCH: Nick Clegg says goodbye to Lords reform

Curse of Clegg3.15pm ToryDiary: No more Lords reform — and dwindling hope for a Conservative majority

2.15pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: Some lessons from the Olympics

1.30pm MPsETC: When should the Corby by-election be held?

12.15pm ToryDiary: Danny Alexander’s words suggest that George Osborne’s credit rating headache is getting worse

11.45am Stephen Parkinson on Comment: The eight Conservative MPs and peers who've won Olympic medals

Mensch Louise May 20129.15am MPsETC: Louise Mensch resigns as MP for Corby

ToryDiary: Expect a nudge or two when it comes to gambling

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Harriet Sergeant’s brave book tells us that something must be done

Neil Parish MP on Comment: How to help British dairy farmers

Cameron and Farage

MajorityConservatism: 60% of Tory members think pact with UKIP will help Tories win next election

Cllr Fleur Butler on Local Government: A punitive tax on all home builds in Richmondshire is being used to fund social housing

The Deep End: Those who can ought to teach

Six out of ten grassroot members think that a pact with UKIP would be better for the Conservatives — The Times reports ConservativeHome's survey

"Grassroot members believe that Mr Cameron should try to strike a deal in which Tory and UKIP candidates avoid standing against each other in marginal seats. Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, said that his party would 'certainly consider' such an offer. 'It is obvious that Cameron’s voters and members are more closely attuned to UKIP than they are to either Cameron himself, or the Liberal Democrats,' he said. … Tim Montgomerie, editor of ConservativeHome, said the 'bottom line' was that Tory members were nervous about losing votes to UKIP." – The Times (£)

Boris welcomes the "political pressure" for more competitive sport in schools

BorisNo.15 on Boris Johnson's list of 20 more reasons to be cheerful about the Olympics: "There will now be overwhelming political pressure to encourage more competitive sport in all schools." – Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph

And from Lord Moynihan's speech yesterday: "What is absolutely important, and the focus for those in power, is to make sure the thousands of kids from Lewisham to Loughborough to Leeds, right across the country, able-bodied and disabled, are not only inspired by sport, which the outstanding performances have delivered, but that that inspiration is translated into participation. … That requires a step change in sports policy, that requires everybody who works with those in power to focus on making sure we have a stronger sports in schools policy." – Daily Mail

Olympics comment:

  • "And how wonderful, how incredible, that it has taken a three thousand-year-old event to provide the glue that is finally binding Modern Britain together." – Sun editorial
  • "A new Britain is being born out of the best of the old Britain." – The Times (£) editorial
  • This weekend should silence all the talk that only the independent sector can produce top-class athletes – John Harris, Guardian
  • Keep social engineers away from Team GB – Ed Smith, The Times (£)
  • The real lesson from the Olympics is that tourism needs to be one of London’s growth areas in the years ahead – Allister Heath, City AM

> Yesterday:

Richard Kay: Lord Coe in line for more honours

Coe"At present, the idea is to make Coe a Companion of Honour. If this were the case, he would be the first person from sport ever to be accorded that tribute. … But I understand officials are holding fire on rubber-stamping the gong because it is believed he may receive the ultimate honour of joining the Order of Merit, the personal gift of the Queen. Conveniently, there is currently a vacancy following the death of scientist Sir Andrew Huxley." – Richard Kay, Daily Mail

  • Lord Coe warns on sports funding – Financial Times (£)
  • "Far from this being a government success, or Boris's big achievement, it was a Labour idea brought to fruition by Conservatives such as Sebastian Coe, who have been notably consensual and non-partisan." – Jackie Ashley, Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Blair, Coe and Major win Gold in the Political Olympics; Boris gets Silver; Cameron and Hunt win Bronze

Andrew Pierce: Cameron might bolster his image by replacing Lord Strathclyde with Michael Howard

David Cameron is set to make a significant move to try to shed his image as a PM who is surrounded by Old Etonian cronies and other toffs. … I hear that he is planning to replace boarding school-educated hereditary peer Lord Strathclyde as Leader of the House of Lords. … Intriguingly, it has been suggested that Strathclyde’s replacement could be grammar school- educated former Tory leader Michael Howard. This would be a reward for the man who acted as Cameron’s mentor. – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail

Nick Wood: Cameron needs to reorientate our economy away from Europe and towards the wider world – Nick Wood, Daily Mail

> Yesterday on MajorityConservatism: It's the economy stupid: Tory members see recovery as the key to majority

Samantha Cameron is interviewed by Vogue magazine — and claims it was her fault that daughter Nancy was left in a pub

Samantha Cameron"David Cameron bore the brunt of the public blame when his daughter Nancy was left in a pub earlier this year, but his wife Samantha has confessed it was in fact her fault. … Mrs Cameron said: 'It was my fault. I was doing a sweep of gloves, hats, and I forgot to sweep the loos where she was.' … She collected her daughter from the pub 15 minutes later safe and well, with Number 10 attributing the incident to a 'slip'." – Daily Telegraph

The three party leaders are holidaying on the Continent — but Ken Clarke is having a true "staycation"The Times (£)

Ministers to be given a say in civil service appraisalsGuardian

Grant Shapps hits back against Labour's attack on council tax benefit cuts

"Last night, local government minister Grant Shapps said: ‘This is gross hypocrisy from Hilary Benn who has a habit of trying to rewrite history. He was a central part of the last Labour government that doubled council tax and hammered hardworking households." – Daily Mail

  • Eight Conservative-led town halls will campaign against the cuts – Independent

CasinoThe Mail urges the Coalition to cut out the "social cancer" that is gambling – Daily Mail editorial

  • British gamblers losing over £1 billion a year on "Las Vegas-style" slot machines – Daily Telegraph

Nick Clegg: The Coalition is committed to reducing carbon emissions

"Nick Clegg will try to get the coalition back on track on Monday by denying splits with the chancellor, George Osborne, over green energy. The aim is to reassure sceptical business leaders that the government is united about its long-term, renewable targets. The deputy prime minister will insist disputes over the order of investment – in this case, on green energy – are normal for any government." – Guardian

The Independent's "poll of polls" puts Labour nine points aheadIndependent

Clare Short calls for the release of Cabinet minutes from the run-up to the Iraq WarDaily Mail

A Panorama investigation finds that 29 councils have shut down pest control services to reduce costsDaily Mail

Some nurses are looking after 15 patients at a timeDaily Telegraph

Tech-savvy pensioners are behind a huge rise in online donations to good causesDaily Mail


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