BoJoMobot8.30pm WATCH: Boris does the Mobot

7.15pm Mark Pawsey MP on Comment: It’s not just a sporting legacy that Britain has to build

Boris Batman6.45pm The Fabians' Marcus A. Roberts on Comment: Why Batman belongs to the Night, err, I mean, Right

5.15pm LeftWatch: By 48% to 19%, Lib Dem members prefer coalition with Labour

4pm WATCH: Boris and Arnie take a cable car across the Thames

2pm David Burrowes MP on Comment: The best legacy of the Olympics will be to inspire us all to be more physically active

Noon ToryDiary: The scale of the Conservatives’ boundary problem

10.15am WATCH: David Cameron and Boris Johnson dancing to the Spice Girls at the Olympic closing ceremony

ToryDiary: Does the Big Society belong in David Cameron’s new narrative?

Columnist Bruce Anderson: It’s time David Cameron took charge and forged a serious narrative for his government

Damian Green MP on Comment: Olympic lessons for the Trade Unions

A Local Government EXCLUSIVE: Many councils oppose housing policies that reward work, volunteering, and service in the armed forces

The Deep End: Why are London’s schools beating the rest of the country?

David Cameron and Boris Johnson dance as the Olympic Games come to a close

Olympic dancing

"Many comedy sketches in the closing ceremony were meant to get a giggle from the crowd, but one of the funniest moments was completely unrehearsed – with Boris Johnson and David Cameron leaving viewers on stitches with their 'dad dancing' to the Spice Girls." – Daily Mail

"Well, folks, this is no time for triumphalism. This is not the moment for pointless displays of irritating flag-waving jingo. Is it? OK, just a little bit, perhaps." – Boris Johnson in his Daily Telegraph column

  • Lord Coe proclaims to the world: "We did it right" – The Sun
  • Boris's flag-waving skills have improved, as he hands the Games over to Rio – Daily Mail

A selection of Olympic comment:

  • "This has been the greatest fortnight in many people’s lives." – Sun editorial
  • Trevor Kavanagh says that Mr Cameron should tap into the Olympic spirit and call an EU referendum – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun
  • "The London Olympics will be remembered as perhaps the most successful of all time" – Matthew Engel, Financial Times (£)
  • Give John Major the credit he's due – Geoffrey Wheatcroft, Guardian
  • "Seeing the mixed-race and black competitors fighting fiercely for their personal bests and for their country has been the moment when history turned a page." – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Daily Mail
  • These remarkable Games have filled my heart with pride. It is as if the golden age of my youth had never gone away – Sir Roger Bannister, Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Boris's appeal stretches beyond London and the core Tory vote

After Mr Cameron says that "Britain delivered" — and will continue to deliver

Mo Farah"David Cameron declared the Olympics a boost for the Union and economic regeneration as he promised millions more for sport in the run-up to the 2016 Games in Brazil." – Daily Mail

"Speaking on the last day of the Olympic Games, Mr Cameron said the entire ethos of British schools must change to show pupils that 'winning and losing is an important part of growing up'." – Daily Telegraph

  • Mr Cameron gives the thumbs-up, Mo Farah does the Mobot, on the steps of No.10 – Daily Mail
  • Capital warned of two-decade legacy wait – Financial Times (£)

> Yesterday:

The Prime Minister will also announce extra "Olympic medals" for police and troops

"All volunteers who gave up their time to help the Olympic effort are already getting souvenir batons. However, troops and police will get additional presents, after many had to step in at the last moment to bolster the Olympic security team." – Daily Telegraph

And then he'll head off to Spain for a holiday

Suitcase"Sources said the Prime Minister is heading to Spain for about two weeks today – the same destination as Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. … He is likely to come back for two days in the middle of his break, before returning to London for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics. … Asked why he decided to go to the Mediterranean, Mr Cameron yesterday said politicians are human beings who 'need to have holidays'." – Daily Telegraph

  • William Hague will be running the country while Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg are away – The Sun

Nick Hurd, the Minister for Civil Society, wants a volunteering legacy from the Games

"In an interview with The Times, Mr Hurd said he had been delighted that the role of the volunteers had been recognised, but added that the unique 'Olympic afterglow' must be used to create a 'volunteering legacy'. … “You start with the afterglow of the Olympics and a big database of people who have wanted to get involved with that. Then you structure an invitation for them to join in to do something useful every year. That would be quite a prize.'" – The Times (£)

  • The Olympics should inspire the PM to be bold – and to return to the themes of the Big Society – Ian Birrell, Independent
  • Volunteers alone will not guarantee a 2012 Games legacy – David Hellier, City AM

Michael Howard: Our new approach to aid is a worthy legacy

Michael Howard"I do not accept that these things are unworthy of British investment and that we should give up our work to make the statistics even better. I do not want to live in a world where there are still 1.4 billion people living in absolute poverty. That is not acceptable in the 21st century. Nor is it in our interests as a country whose economy relies on global markets and whose security depends on stability far beyond our shores." – Michael Howard, Daily Telegraph

  • Mo Farah: "there are kids out there who need our help" – Guardian

Numeracy charity criticises Michael Gove's plans for mathsThe Times (£)

Only 16 per cent of voters expect the Coaltion to last until 2015Guardian

Conservative MPs urge new measures for growth

"Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, spoke for many on Sunday when he urged the government to press on with 'supply-side reforms' such as slashing red tape, as well as a new London airport and more housebuilding and infrastructure. … Nadhim Zahawi, a former businessman who is close to George Osborne, the chancellor, told the Financial Times that he wanted a more flexible labour market to unlock business growth. … Elizabeth Truss, a leading member of the Conservative party Free Enterprise Group, called for an aviation bill to allow a new four-runway hub airport in the south-east and employment reforms to exempt small companies from unfair dismissal claims." – Financial Times (£)

Mark Pritchard MP warns that relaxing Sunday trading regulations will "damage relations between the Church and Government"

PritchardMr Pritchard, formerly a leading figure on the influential 1922 committee of backbenchers, said he would oppose any attempts to extend the eight-week relaxation of the rules. … 'This is a major breach of trust between the Government and the many Conservative MPs who only supported the measure because the Government promised the change would be temporary only. … A permanent change would harm small traders, workers' rights, and further damage relations between the Church and the Government. I will not support the move'." – Daily Telegraph

Google chiefs could face MPs over tax avoidance schemesIndependent

Former Tory donor Jon Moulton says that Boris is more pro-business than David CameronThe Times (£)

Labour's David Lammy criticises the long prison sentences handed down to some of the riotersGuardian

School-leavers are increasingly opting for work to avoid £9,000 tuition feesDaily Mail

Tim Montgomerie: Paul Ryan must back social protections if Romney is to win

Paul Ryan"The biggest enemy of the safety net isn’t the politician who says that you can’t spend money you don’t have. The enemies of social justice are those who let debts run out of control and who oppose necessary reform. If Paul Ryan can convince people that he believes in state help, partly because of his personal experience, then people may trust him with the scalpel." – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)


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