8pm WATCH: David Cameron doubles overseas family planning aid – "absolutely fundamental to any hope of tackling poverty"

6.30pm ToryDiary: Tories must deliver at least "tiny" elected element to Lords or lose boundary changes, Cameron tells 1922 meeting

4.30pm ToryDiary: Social Care White Paper published – rebuffing localism and dodging the cap

Lansley3.30pm WATCH: Andrew Lansley: We need to establish a consensus about how elderly care is going to be funded

3pm Neil Carmichael MP on Comment: School governors must be well managed, or key education reforms may not achieve full potential

1.15pm WATCH: Anne Marie Morris MP's frenetic fight to be heard at PMQs

1.15pm ToryDiary: PMQs: Miliband enjoys good performance against an easy target

11.15am WATCH: Nick Clegg: For the first time ever MPs voted in favour of an elected Lords by a huge majority

80vs1009.45am MPsETC: 80 Tory backbenchers voted for Lords reform last night. 110 did not.

ToryDiary: Can the Coalition be rebooted?

Columnist Jill Kirby: It's time for the Government to admit that Sure Start has been an expensive failure

MANNING JULIAJulia Manning on Comment: Pills and power: why access to contraception isn’t enough


Nick King on Local Government: I won't accept the policing status quo

The Deep End: Elinor Ostrom – everything an economist should be

WATCH: Conor Burns MP: "I couldn't look myself in the eye if I voted for this Bill at Second Reading"

91 Tory rebels on Lords reform - David Cameron suffers his biggest Commons rebellion

Cameron Rajoy presser"At the end of a two day debate, 91 of his own MPs voted against the second reading of the Lords Reform Bill, comfortably outstripping the only other major rebellion… when 81 Conservatives defied the Government over Europe. … The Lords Reform Bill Bill was approved by 462 votes to 124, a majority of 338. MPs from all three major parties voted in favour. But the rebels included at least two ministerial aides: Conor Burns and Angie Bray. Mr Burns resigned before the vote and Ms Bray was sacked." – Daily Telegraph

Senior Lib Dems plan revenge on boundaries legislation

Clegg curse 2"How the Lib Dems will react if, as expected, their Lords reform dream finally dies in the autumn is not yet clear. More excitable members of the party talk darkly about walking out of the Coalition.  While this is not a serious prospect, it seems likely Mr Clegg will be unable to stop his MPs and peers taking revenge on the Tories by blocking proposed changes to constituency boundaries." – Daily Mail

  • As soon as Clegg learnt the whips had failed, he knew he had to accept the inevitable – Independent

Cameron has firms words with rebel leader Jesse Norman

NORMAN-JESSE"Rebel sources said that an angry prime minister confronted Jesse Norman just outside the House of Commons division lobbies as it became clear that scores of Tory MPs would defy a three line whip. … One rebel source said of Cameron, who raised his voice in front of other Tories: "The behaviour of the prime minister was disgraceful. There were a number of colleagues around Jesse. The prime minister expressed his displeasure which really shocked colleagues. All Jesse has done is be a Conservative."" - Guardian


  • "Just two years ago, on a tide of public goodwill, the Coalition was formed with a real sense of common purpose to rescue Britain from the brink. How tragic that it appears to be dissolving so soon, in a fatuous fight over an irrelevance." – Daily Mail editorial
  • "There IS an affront to British democracy that daily affects every man, woman and child in the UK. You won’t find the culprits on the plush red seats in the Lords. They are the unelected Human Rights judges in Strasbourg. The EU bureaucrats in Brussels." – The Sun
  • Massive revolt by Tory MPs is beginning of end for coalition – Allister Heath for City AM
  • Nick Clegg’s foolish fantasy comes crashing down – Daily Telegraph editorial
  • "If Mr Clegg doesn’t get Lords reform in the end, and sees through his threat, what does he think voters will make of his claim to be a responsible centre party of government?" – Daniel Finkelstein, the Times (£)

> Yesterday:

Lansley unveils new care loans scheme to allow the elderly to keep their homes

  • LANSLEY ANDREW NEW"In a long-awaited White Paper, ministers will pledge their support in principle for a cap on the amount people would pay for care during their lifetime. But they will disappoint campaign groups for the elderly by delaying a decision on when this might take effect and how the state would fund it." – Independent
  • "Councils will lend money to nursing home residents and recover it after death from the proceeds of the person’s house being sold. The “pay when you die” scheme, to be introduced in 2015, is intended to stop up to 40,000 people each year being forced to sell their homes to pay for care." – Daily Telegraph
  • "Health Secretary Andrew Lansley hopes the scheme will protect the elderly from the heartache of having to sell their homes during their lifetime." – Daily Mail
  • Robbing the elderly won't pay the Government's rising care bills – Jeremy Warner for the Daily Telegraph
  • "[M]any of the… proposals will deserve a warm welcome." – Daily Mail editorial

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Nick Boles is right to put universal benefits on notice

Ministers under fire as they confirm plans to axe 1,400 jobs for the disabled by closing factories - Daily Mail

  • Benefit reforms will penalise thousands of disabled people, analysis shows - Guardian

Damian Green plans fast-track airport queues for western tourists

GREEN DAMIAN"Fast-track lanes for visitors from wealthy westernised countries are to be set up at Heathrow to reduce queues at Britain's biggest airport, the Immigration Minister said yesterday. … "If it works, there will be a group of people who will have better experiences at Heathrow. That's beneficial in itself…." Mr Green said." – Independent

  • All of Heathrow's immigration desks will be manned during Olympics to smooth access for low-risk visitors, promises minister – Daily Mail

Ministers ground aviation expansion plans until autumn

Greening Justine BBC"Ministers are to delay further the search for more airport capacity in the South East despite their insistence that improving international air links is vital to Britain’s economic growth. Justine Greening, the Transport Secretary, will confound expectations by saying that the Government will delay until later this year a consultation on how to maintain a global hub." – The Times (£)

  • Delaying even the submission of evidence on the need for airport expansion is not in Britain’s interests – Times (£) editorial

Andrew Mitchell pledges to spend £1.4bn on contraceptives for third world

Mitchell Andrew Feb 2011"In a bid to help 24 million girls and women in the world's poorest countries, British aid will be doubled for eight years, International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell will announce later. Aid for family planning will increase from £90 million each year to £180 million – more than £1.4 billion over eight years. The Department for International Development (DFID) said the increase in aid will save a woman's life every two hours." – Daily Telegraph

> From yesterday - Stephen Crabb MP on Comment: A growing number of Conservatives are dedicated to development work in Sierra Leone – a true reflection of Conservative values

Ministers' plans to tax five-a-side teams cause row with the Sports Minister

"Moves to levy VAT on five-a-side football teams playing on artificial pitches have provoked an angry row within the Government, a leaked letter obtained by The Independent has disclosed. Hugh Robertson, the Sports Minister, has protested to colleagues that the levy could hit efforts to use the London Olympics to inspire more people to take regular physical exercise." – Independent

Diamond accused of misleading MPs ‘calculatedly and deliberately’ The Times (£)

  • Anti-business anger is threat to UK prosperity – Allister Heath for the Daily Telegraph

> From yesterday:

Coulson's last job at Downing St was to line up his replacement - Independent

Hollande hits out at PM's call for French firms to come to UK during first Downing Street summit

EU and BRITAIN"Mr Hollande… pointedly added: ‘The top rate in Britain is 45 per cent, in France it is 41 per cent. That does not induce British people to move to France – except for holiday homes.’ Mr Hollande could also not resist taking a dig at the banking scandal which has engulfed Barclays. He said: ‘There’s been indeed a few revelations in Britain which means we have to be wary in our respective countries and repressive even in some cases when faced with some behaviours from the banks.’" – Daily Mail

Mats Persson: Britain should pick-and-mix over Europe instead of apeing Norway

"To avoid the pitfalls of the Norwegian model, Britain must not only maintain access to the internal market for goods and services, but also a vote on making the rules, and therefore remain an EU member. But it could take a pick and mix approach in other areas, including retaining its opt-in arrangement on EU policing laws, while participating in a better-targeted EU budget and some environmental measures." – Mats Persson for the Daily Telegraph

> From yesterday - Andrea Leadsom MP, Chris Heaton-Harris MP and George Eustice MP on Comment: Regional policy, employment law, energy policy…We want a fundamental renegotiation of the UK's relationship with the EU

In Frances O'Grady, the TUC brothers have a sister to reckon with – Dan Hodges for the Daily Telegraph

Poverty target will not be met by 2020, says MilburnBBC

Flood protection to cost UK at least £860m by 2015, ministers warnedGuardian

Britain and Germany are most likely to be legislative enemies in Brussels - EU Observer

Egypt court overturns President Mursi parliament orderBBC


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