8pm WATCH: Vince Cable: If Lords proposals fail, "we're not talking about walking away from the Coalition"

5pm WATCH: Ed Balls MP: We should "go faster on breaking up banks and having more diversity, more choice for consumers"

Cameron Wimbledon3.15pm WATCH: David Cameron at Wimbledon: "Like everyone in the country, I'm just… C'mon!"

2.30pm Julian Mann on Comment: Following Louise Mensch MP's example, anyone accepting an honour should affirm the criminalisation of drugs

1pm ToryDiary: Lords reform Minister Mark Harper says "very Conservative proposals" will strengthen Parliament

ToryDiary: Do Tory Lords rebels have 100 votes or 80?

Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: November's police commissioner elections will be a disaster – thanks to the Liberal Democrats

Richard Robinson on Comment: Three reasons why Jeremy Hunt should be promoted

Local Government: Are reformists missing out in police commissioner selections?

Lords Reform vote week looms: Tory grandees turn on David Cameron

LAMONT-NORMAN"The joint move by Tory grandees – including two former chancellors, Geoffrey Howe and Norman Lamont – in a letter to MPs represents a direct challenge to the prime minister's authority from some of the most senior figures in the party, in advance of a crucial Commons vote on Tuesday. … Pointing to what they say would be the serious consequences from the reforms, they insist that the election of members of the upper house would blur the age-old distinction between Lords and Commons" – Observer

Rebels are confident they have the numbers to defeat Coalition motion…

COMMONS-sitting"Conservative whips have stepped up their attempts to win over wavering MPs. One rebel was offered a week-long trip abroad in exchange for voting with the government. Another was invited to lunch with Cameron after he had reluctantly agreed to toe the party line. More than 80 Conservative backbenchers, however, are still threatening to join Labour MPs and vote against a motion to limit the time allowed for the bill’s debate to 10 days." – Sunday Times (£)

…but the number of rebels appears to have decreased

"Sources across Westminster agree that Tuesday’s vote on House of Lords reform is on a “knife edge”. It is understood the number of Conservative rebels has fallen from almost 100 to around 80 in recent days as the whips have set to work shoring up support for the Government." – Sunday Telegraph

  • The Tories must resist reckless House of Lords reform – Sunday Telegraph editorial

James Forsyth: The Coalition could enter a confidence and supply relationship if the Lords vote is defeated

10-downing-street"The Lib Dems will want either retribution or for the Government to plough on with the Bill, which would threaten the rest of its legislative programme and damage the relationship between Cameron and his MPs. If they opt for the former, things could quickly spiral out of control. … This  would see the Tories governing as a minority party, with limited support from the Lib Dems." – James Forsyth for the Mail on Sunday

Iain Martin: Number 10 (or 11) acknowledges the possibility of an early election

"There are signs that some in Tory high command have started to realise that they at least have to consider the possibility of the Coalition collapsing. George Osborne’s inflammatory and highly partisan attacks on Ed Balls last week, for which the Chancellor faced widespread criticism, may have been partly motivated by a need to prepare a robust campaign against Labour." – Iain Martin for the Sunday Telegraph

> WATCH: Michael Thrasher – Ballots, boundaries and bias. An explanation of why Labour are doing better than the Conservatives under the present voting system

Cameron wants immigration u-turn to allow foreign students to escape limits

Cameron Thoughtful One Show"Cameron is considering removing foreign students from official immigration figures amid mounting fears that government policy is costing the economy billions of pounds. The prime minister is concerned that visa restrictions designed to help meet a pledge to bring net migration below 100,000 a year are deterring wealthy foreigners from outside the European Union from studying at British universities." – Sunday Times (£)

  • Reopen the doors to foreign students - Nadhim Zahawi MP and Paul Blomfield MP for the Sunday Times (£)
  • And yet… "Thousands of foreign students will be barred from Britain in a new crackdown on visas to be unveiled this week." – Sun on Sunday

Free Enterprise Group call for third – and fourth – Heathrow runway

Heathrow"A group of influential Conservative MPs says that creating a new aviation hub in west London is the cheapest and fastest solution to an impending “capacity crunch” that threatens Britain’s economic future. … Building two new runways at the west London airport is one of seven policies to boost economic growth that will be unveiled in a report tomorrow by the Free Enterprise Group, a panel of 39 Conservative MPs, many of whom are close to George Osborne" – Sunday Telegraph

Boris: bank-bashing could cost Britain one million jobs

Johnson Boris Red Background"London’s Mayor claims the “orgy” of attacks is causing untold damage to our financial services industry. He fears the livelihoods of decent staff on modest incomes could be threatened if the onslaught continues and they end up paying the price for rate-fixing and mis-selling by a criminal minority. And he warned that bashing the banks amounts to beating ourselves up as it will have a knock-on effect on our schools, hospitals and roads." – Sun on Sunday

Matthew d'Ancona: Mr Osborne, public anger at the latest banking scandal will not be assuaged by party political conflict

Osborne Large"[T]he fury aimed at the men of finance is unselective, sprawling, metastasising: it is directed at the elites that failed and at a politico-economic system, trusted to spread opportunity, which no longer seems to function. If 20th-century history has one reliable lesson, it is that fury of this sort can mutate into collective behaviour of the most appalling and unpredictable sort." – Matthew d'Ancona for the Sunday Telegraph

  • The Chancellor is not stupid. He cynically turned a scandal about City boys into a reminder that his Shadow looks like a bully – John Rentoul for the Independent on Sunday
  • RBS fights to keep its Libor records secret - Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: George Osborne should be backed, not briefed against, for chaining Balls to his record

Government departments cutting faster than planned as £6.7bn extra is stripped from budgets of NHS and climate change office - Mail on Sunday

Coalition to build 6,000 new homes for the elderly under Andrew Lansley's £200m plan

LANSLEY ANDREW NW"Ministers will this week step  up their battle for pensioners’  votes by pledging to spend £200million to create thousands of homes for the elderly. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley will unveil the plans, which will see 6,000 homes specially designed  for older people built over five years. … The announcement is part of the Coalition’s long-awaited ‘Care and Support’ social care white paper, which is due to be published this week." – Mail on Sunday

Andrew Rawnsley: How do the Tories seriously imagine they can get a majority by 2015?

"It is fairly easy to see circumstances in which [the Tories] will attract roughly the same level of support in 2015 as they did in 2010. It is much, much harder to see where they are going to get the extra six points or so necessary for them to win a parliamentary majority. The fashion among many Tory MPs is to wail and gnash about being in coalition with the Lib Dems. It would be more realistic for them to assume that sharing power is as good as it is going to get." – Andrew Rawnsley for the Observer

I marched for the teenagers hanged for being gay, the millions living in fear… and for me: Nigel Evans MP on the change of heart that led him to join gay rallyMail on Sunday

Lord Ashdown: 'On streets worldwide they're pleading for democracy. We can't sit in our golden chamber resisting it'

Ashdownea"[I]n a nation proud of its democracy we should be ashamed that a part of our Parliament remains an undemocratic leftover from a bygone age. I came into the Lords to see it become a chamber created by the will of the people, not the patronage of the politicians. This week the Commons will get its chance to do this. They should take it. This is the people’s business which has been delayed too long." – Lord Ashdown for the Mail on Sunday

Ed Miliband urges banking sell-off

Miliband E Bradford West"Mr Miliband told the Mail on Sunday that the biggest High Street banks should be forced to sell off hundreds of branches. He said this would allow for two new "challenger banks" to offer extra competition and reduce bank charges. The government has already promised to create one such bank and Lloyds is selling more than 600 branches." – BBC

WILLIAMS ROWANArchbishop of Canterbury: Government has no right to introduce gay marriageSunday Telegraph

  • Church of England votes to ban clergy from discriminatory political parties - Observer

Longer prison terms really do cut crime, study showsObserver

TA can't recruit enough 'quality troops' for plansSunday Telegraph

Government accused of double standards on SudanIndependent on Sunday

"EU chiefs are splashing out £350million on a new HQ – even though their currency is in meltdown" - Sun on Sunday

Jubilant Libyans flock to first free polls in 40 years wearing green, black and red of post-Gaddafi countryMail on Sunday


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