8.45pm WATCH: Douglas Alexander: Cameron's referendum comments are more to do with internal difficulties "than the interests of the country" 

8.15pm ToryDiary: Seven reasons why the Eurosceptic movement faces an uphill battle to win any referendum

Strathclyde5.30pm WATCH: Lord Strathclyde: A Lords referendum would simply be asking the people "to agree something the political parties have already agreed"

2.30pm MPsETC: John Baron MP – author of letter calling for referendum legislation – expresses "sadness" at lack of solid action

1.15pm WATCH: Chuka Umunna MP: "This isn't just a few rogue traders or bad apples, this is something that is cultural"

11.45am Local Government: Council byelection results from Thursday

ToryDiary: Liam Fox's referendum intervention makes life difficult for Cameron

EU and BRITAINColumnist Nadine Dorries MP: Fine words on Europe aren't enough. To stop UKIP taking 25% of the vote, and to destroy the Liberal Democrats, we need an EU referendum commitment on the statute book now

Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Why can't we be told who went with the Prime Minister to America?

Local Government: 

WATCH: Mark Hoban MP: "The regulatory system that Ed Balls designed meant that Libor was not regulated"

U-turn: David Cameron is now prepared to consider an EU referendum

Cameron in Russia"As we get closer to the end point, we will need to consider how best to get the full-hearted support of the British people whether it is in a general election or in a referendum. As I have said, for me the two words “Europe” and “referendum” can go together, particularly if we really are proposing a change in how our country is governed, but let us get the people a real choice first." – David Cameron, for the Sunday Telegraph

  • "David Cameron has told Tory eurosceptics that he will call a referendum on Britain's relationship with the European Union if the country is threatened by further loss of sovereignty to Brussels." - Observer
  • "Cameron's European policy is so contradictory he doesn't even agree with himself." – John Rentoul, for the Independent on Sunday
  • "If Mr Cameron and his party seem to be changing (or reverting) to a more robust, hard-edged social and political stand, that is not because they have been coerced or bullied into it. It is because they have gathered that that is what the people want." – Janet Daley for the Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: 

Liam Fox: No more waiting – we must renegotiate our position now

Fox at NATO"I would like to see Britain negotiate a new relationship on the basis that, if we achieved it and our future relationship was economic rather than political, we would advocate acceptance in a referendum of this new dynamic. If, on the other hand, others would not accede to our requests for a rebalancing in the light of the response to the euro crisis, then we would recommend rejection and potential departure from the EU" – Liam Fox for the Sunday Telegraph

Tories round on 'bastard' Osborne after petrol fiasco

Osborne NewX"Conservative cabinet ministers have rounded on George Osborne for his catalogue of Budget U-turns, with one branding the Chancellor a "bastard" for humiliating his colleagues. Last week's partial reversal on fuel duty was intended to garner positive headlines for having helped hard-pressed motorists. Instead, Mr Osborne attracted the opprobrium of his fellow ministers for leaving them in the dark after they had publicly rejected the idea just days before." – Independent on Sunday

  • Cameron crony knew 'for a week' about petrol U-turn (but Transport Secretary was kept in the dark) – Mail on Sunday

Boris to join the Cabinet… for the duration of the Olympics

Johnson Boris Newsnight"The IoS understands that Boris Johnson is to join the Cabinet – at least for the duration of the sporting spectacular. Each morning, Mr Cameron will chair an Olympics cabinet."It will be interesting to see how Cameron deals with Boris," said one prospective attendee. "They will be fighting for the glory, and trying to dodge the blame."" – Independent on Sunday

Theresa May plans tougher citizenship tests for migrants 

May Theresa Home Office

"A draft of the handbook, to be published this autumn, profiles characters from the Beatles to Byron, the Duke of Wellington and Alexander Fleming. … Would-be citizens will also be tested on their knowledge of British inventions and discoveries, from television and radar to the structure of DNA and the internet. Battles, including Trafalgar, are covered, as are cultural landmarks such as the publication of the King James Bible." – Sunday Times (£)

  • Bring on the Bard and Isambard to test migrants – Sunday Times (£) editorial

Gove to double number of free schools

"Michael Gove is expected to sign off on a further 80-100 schools in the next 10 days under the Tory policy to let parents, teachers, charities and other groups set up state schools. They will add to the 92 free schools so far approved, of which 24 are already open." – Sunday Times (£)

1922 Committee taken aback by Cameron's casual attitude

10-downing-street"When the newly elected executive of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers trooped in to Downing Street to see David Cameron last Tuesday, they were taken aback by two things. First, the Prime Minister wasn’t in a suit. Instead, he met them tieless and in his shirt sleeves, which some of the new members thought was a bit casual. Second, he was emphatic that Lords reform was Coalition business and had to get through." – James Forsyth for the Mail on Sunday

Greg Clark to unveil 'unprecedented' devolution of power to England's cities

Clark-Greg-And-Big-Ben"Greg Clark… is expected to reveal details of the deals he has struck to give extra powers to eight of England's largest cities. The move is also an attempt to rescue the coalition's drive for more localism, dismissed by some as incoherent, after the disappointment of the mayoral referendums, when nine cities voted against the proposals. Powers will include control over the welfare system, minor crime, youth unemployment and local transport." – Observer

Neil O'Brien: The contributory principle needs to be at the heart of the welfare system

"In general, “much more needs to be done” summarises where we have got to with welfare reform. The Coalition has made a good start in ensuring that all claimants are doing all they can to get back to work. To really tackle the problems with the welfare state it needs to ensure the something-for-something approach rewards the right behaviour, as well as punishes the wrong behaviour, and that people in need get personalised help to find work." – Neil O'Brien for the Sunday Telegraph

  • David Cameron's back-to-work firms want benefits cut more often – Observer

Iain Martin: Please, spare us the phoney outrage over bankers’ misdeeds

MARTIN IAIN"Throughout the boom years the political class of this country bowed at the altar of the megabanks, even appearing on stage at Davos, that annual gathering of the self-regarding global elite held half-way up a Swiss mountain. Mr Osborne and David Cameron made the pilgrimage in opposition and appeared to enjoy greatly being anointed as trainee world leaders." – Iain Martin for the Sunday Telegraph

  • Vince Cable tells shareholders: throw out bank cheats - Observer
  • Banksters will keep on escaping justice until the politicians act – Andrew Rawnsley for the Observer
  • Budget cuts killed off Libor inquiry – Independent on Sunday

> From yesterday:

New Conservative plot to oust the Speaker?

BERCOW SPEAKER"[Tory MPs] are furious he let a Labour MP brand Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt a liar during a recent debate. … Mr Bercow’s opponents want it discussed in the chamber so other MPs can voice their anger. They hope enough allies can be found to trigger a “no confidence” debate — forcing the controversial Speaker to stand down. One said: “This showed yet again why he is unfit to be in the chair.”" – Sun on Sunday

Meet the pro-green "Turquoise Tories"

"A group of pro-green Conservative MPs… are urging Downing Street to realise that support for the renewables sector is "not about tree-hugging but about jobs, growth and keeping the lights on"." – Independent on Sunday

'Brief encounter' at festival for Cameron and ex-spin doctor Andy Coulson

Coulson Andy at DCMS"David Cameron was yesterday seen in public with Andy Coulson for the first time since the former spin doctor’s arrest. Mr Coulson… chatted to the Prime Minister at the Cornbury Music Festival in Oxfordshire… The encounter at the site at Great Tew, close to Chipping Norton, was described by onlookers as ‘brief’." – Mail on Sunday

"Tories tell rich backers how to dodge tax"

"The Conservative Party Foundation, which is run by City figures including the hedge fund manager and Tory treasurer Lord Fink… has a website urging people to give generously to help secure the party’s financial future. “Any gift to the foundation will not only live on to make a difference, but could reduce the inheritance tax burden on your estate,” it suggests." – Sunday Times (£)

Overhauling the Lords would bring a plague on both Houses – Gerald Warner for Scotland on Sunday

  • My leader Nick Clegg's third rate plan to trash the Lords will weaken Parliament… and diminish us all – Lord Carlile for the Mail on Sunday

BLAIR TONY seriousTony Blair earned £20m in just one year advising business bosses and foreign governmentsMail on Sunday

  • I'm not one of the super-rich, says Tony Blair despite being worth £20m a year and owning six homes - Sunday Telegraph
  • "A co-ordinated media blitz meant the ex-PM was inescapable this past week" – Independent on Sunday
  • Tony Blair insists that he does not avoid paying tax – Observer
  • Assad close to being knighted under Blair – Sunday Times (£)

Labour whip calls for break with trade unions

"Phil Wilson, a Labour whip, writes in a pamphlet published tomorrow that a "healthy Labour movement cannot be the preserve only of the public sector and remain the people's party" while "ignoring the 85 per cent of private sector employees not in a union"." – Independent on Sunday

  • Labour backs plans to return railway network to public control – Observer

I smoked dope, says clean-cut Labour star Chuka UmunnaSunday Times (£)

Parliament to consider dropping Friday sittingsMail on Sunday

Britain's private schools 'have lost their moral purpose'Observer

Top brass 'considering U-turn' to save Duke of Wellington's battalion from defence cutsMail on Sunday

  • Army’s most senior female officer quits amid cuts anger – Sunday Telegraph

> From yesterday - Tobias Ellwood MP on Comment: The modern soldier is also an aid worker, a classroom builder, a fireman – as well as a fighter.  As the transformation now sweeping the army will help prove. 

Israel's former prime minister Yitzhak Shamir dies aged 96Sunday Telegraph




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