8.30pm WATCH: Sir Menzies Campbell: Robin Cook "would be spinning in his grave somewhere" at the thought of Labour MPs voting against Lords reform

7pm ToryDiary: The Lib Dems may only contribute a sixth of the Coalition's MPs but they account for 100% of the Government's majority

4.30pm ToryDiary: Philip Hammond says troops were "always intended" to be part of the Olympic security operation

3.45pm WATCH: Jeremy Browne MP: Tory rebels "need to remember that the Conservatives didn't win the last election"

12.15pm Matthew Barrett on Comment: A special offer for ConHome readers on the excellent "Yes, Prime Minister"

Hunt Marr11.30am WATCH: Jeremy Hunt: I hope I still have a Cabinet career – but I am focused on the "fantastic" Olympics for the moment

10.45am LeftWatch: Before Lords rebellion, Clegg said there was no link with boundary review. Now Ming says there is.

ToryDiary: Cameron says something interesting – but is anyone paying attention?

Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: The Lib Dems aren't going to get Lords reform. We aren't going to get new boundaries

Samuel Kasumu on Comment: We must celebrate National Citizen Service

Local Government: 

David Cameron calls for an end to Coalition "division and navel-gazing"

CAMERON-SIGNING"People see riots and financial instability across Europe on the television news. They will tolerate tough choices if they see that you stand up for the right things together. But they will not tolerate division and navel-gazing. They know that the problems are big and they do not want to see politicians fall out in the process of dealing with them. That is why we must rise to the challenge, recognise the extraordinary and challenging nature of the times we live in — and serve the national interest by delivering a strong, decisive and united government." – David Cameron for the Sunday Times (£)

Cameron 'forced Lords vote to save Clegg from mutiny', claim Tory insiders – as he admits winning the next election will be "incredibly difficult"

"Tory insiders alleged the Prime Minister pressed on after being warned Mr Clegg could face a ‘no confidence’ vote at this autumn’s Lib Dem conference if the Lords shake-up was ditched. … As he walked away from his confrontation with Mr Norman, the Prime Minister was overheard saying: ‘I thought I had a plan about how to win the next Election – now I’ll have to think of another way. We can still win outright but it’s going to be incredibly difficult.’" - Mail on Sunday

  • We'll get a House of Toadies – however this fake fight ends – Peter Hitchens for the Mail on Sunday

Cameron must put Lib Dems in their place, says Liam Fox

Fox Liam October 2010"David Cameron receives a fresh blow today as Liam Fox, the former defence secretary, declares that the Government should be more “driven” and much less in hock to the Liberal Democrats. In his first newspaper interview since resigning from the Cabinet last November, Dr Fox tells The Sunday Telegraph that many Conservatives still “deeply resent” the fact the party did not win the 2010 general election outright and were forced into a coalition." – Sunday Telegraph

  • Full Sunday Telegraph interview
  • Tories versus Lib Dems: the coalition flashpoints – Observer
  • Will David Cameron be able to keep his coalition, and his own party, together? – Observer

No 11 prepares 'for life after Osborne' as Britain is given 50% chance of losing gold-plated AAA rating – and Whitehall mandarins want Hague to replace him

Osborne Large"Mandarins at the top of Whitehall believe there is a 50 per cent chance that the UK will be stripped of its vital AAA credit rating… Under these circumstances… Mr Osborne’s position would become untenable and the ‘Whitehall machine’ would exert pressure on Downing Street for him to be replaced by Foreign Secretary William Hague, with Mr Osborne heading in the opposite direction. … The view that time could be running out for Mr Osborne… [is] shared on the Tory backbenches. One Tory MP said last night: ‘I am not going to say anything publicly, but you are digging in very fertile ground there.’" - Mail on Sunday

  • William Hague tops poll of who would be best Cameron successor
  • George's friends locked me in a Portaloo and rolled me down a hill - Mail on Sunday

Another u-turn on the way? MPs unhappy with plans to end tax confidentiality

U-turn"Wives or husbands will be able to phone HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to check whether their spouses earn more than they do as part of plans to claw back child benefit from high earners. Critics fear the change will destroy the 20-year principle of tax confidentiality and could undermine relationships. George Osborne, the chancellor, was this weekend urged by MPs to rethink the plan amid fears it will be the latest part of his budget to unravel." – Sunday Times (£)

George Osborne in standoff over coalition's green energy plans

"George Osborne's Treasury has refused to co-operate with a powerful committee of MPs preparing the coalition's flagship plans for low-carbon, affordable energy in what is being seen as further evidence of the chancellor's hostility to the green agenda … In an extraordinary standoff, the Treasury has refused to send a minister to answer the concerns of the cross-party energy and climate change select committee" – Observer

James Forsyth: Downing Street is becoming frustrated with Justine Greening's refusal to proceed with a new runway at Heathrow…

Greening Justine"She was the down-to-earth female communicator the Tories needed to balance out the ex-public schoolboys at the top of the party. But since her promotion to the Cabinet last autumn, relations have soured. Her steadfast refusal to accept the case for a new runway at Heathrow is driving 10 and 11 Downing Street to distraction." – James Forsyth for the Mail on Sunday

…as Greening is set to unveil the biggest railway investment "since the Victorian era"

"The Government is set to announce a £9 billion injection of cash into the rail network as ministers seek to breathe life into the flagging economy. Transport Secretary Justine Greening will set out tomorrow details of what is being billed as the biggest programme of investment in the railways since the Victorian era." – ITV News

May 'was told 10 months ago of G4S failings'

May Theresa in black"Theresa May was last night under pressure to explain whether she could have averted the Olympics security fiasco as it emerged that the Home Office was warned 10 months ago that there were problems with the ability of G4S to provide security for the Games." - Independent on Sunday

  • Knives OK…as long as it’s not terrorism – Sun on Sunday
  • G4S fiasco could lead to longer Afghan tours for troops, officers warn - Independent on Sunday
  • Strathclyde Police cover for Olympic G4S failure at Hampden - Scotland on Sunday
  • Will Theresa May pay for choosing politics over pragmatism? - Observer

> Coverage from yesterday:

Matthew d'Ancona: Cameron needs to restore backbench order – or face worse rebellions than this week

D'ANCONA"At the 1922 Committee meeting last week, Cameron reassured his parliamentary colleagues that he would not let Lords reform destroy the Conservative Party. But those warm words need to be matched by actions. As John Major and Iain Duncan Smith discovered to their cost, the Tory parliamentary party is capable of savage independence. Cameron should not assume that this is as bad as it gets." – Matthew a'Ancona for the Sunday Telegraph

  • Cameron's problem? It's not the coalition, but his revolting MPs - John Rentoul for the Independent on Sunday

Iain Martin: Wanted – a Tory leader with Tory values 

MARTIN IAIN"Two years into Coalition, and with economic problems mounting, Mr Cameron could really do with the steadfast support of his own party. Yet just when he urgently needs unequivocal backing, he finds that – thanks to the way he has treated the party – its doubts about him are multiplying. Many Tories are asking, with renewed rigour, whether or not their leader is really one of them." – Iain Martin for the Sunday Telegraph

  • We’re not fooled by bogus promises, PM – Michael Portillo for the Sunday Times (£)
  • Andrew Rawnsley: Only Cameron can rescue the coalition. But does he want to? - Andrew Rawnsley for the Observer
  • "This is the nature of government now: deals between top political players that bear no relation whatever to the views or priorities of the electorate or of most Members of Parliament." - Janet Daley for the Sunday Telegraph

David Cameron backs Jerusalem as English national anthemSunday Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: EXCLUSIVE: As the Olympics loom, "Jerusalem" is David Cameron's choice as England's sporting national anthem

Nick Pickles: The security industry has politicians in its thrall

Pickles-300x300"Since 9/11 an entire industry has sprung up offering services for screening passengers; thousands of body scanners have been installed worldwide; and governments have called for more security staff on planes. These vested interests are not only a commercial force. Civil servants are more than ever using the fear of terrorism and the need to "secure" our borders/children/property/energy to further their own interests." Big Brother Watch's Nick Pickles for the Independent on Sunday

'Stop apologising,' says Clegg

CleggNickDeclaring"Nick Clegg has "had it with apologising" and told Liberal Democrats to stop being "sensitive violets" put off by having doors slammed in their faces. The Deputy Prime Minister said his party needed to have "self-confidence" to tell people what it has achieved… Mr Clegg said: "I have had it with apologising, with this defensive crouch. … We are sensitive violets. A few people shout at you, you get a few doors slammed in your face so we retreated; but we cannot afford to do that."" - Independent on Sunday

  • The coalition's not a happy marriage, but we must stay united – Lib Dem MP John Pugh for the Observer

Miliband denies 'cosying' up to the unions as he becomes first Labour leader since Kinnnock to address miners' gala - Mail on Sunday

> From yesterday:

BLAIR DOWNING STREET'Secret No 10 computer' reopens cash-for-honours row for BlairSunday Telegraph

Peter Hain urges wider Zimbabwe sanctions aimed at Robert Mugabe Observer

Scottish government independence consultation attracts 26,000 viewsBBC

Surge in population expected in census resultsSunday Telegraph

Politicians claim to back UK jobs in aerospace but cut key spendingIndependent on Sunday 

Revealed: Shocking truth of axed A&E wards (and where it will now take you an hour to reach casualty) - Mail on Sunday

  • Andrew Dilnot: Reform delays leave elderly "in fear" – Sunday Telegraph
  • NHS pays £1,600 a day for nurses as agency use soars – Sunday Telegraph
  • Close small maternity units and centralise care, demands leading doctor – Observer

And finally… "A Tory Minister is returning £24,000 to the taxpayer after being mistakenly paid for a Government job he was supposed to be doing for free."Mail on Sunday


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