6.30pm Local government: Now Conservative police commissioner candidates chosen for Suffolk and Nottinghamshire

5.45pm ToryDiary: Conservatives must champion "the consumer, the taxpayer and the entrepreneur"

12.15pm ToryDiary: Where's the Coalition's forward gear?

ANDREW STUART11am MPsETC BREAKING: Cameron gives a job to one of the EU rebels in first sign of a forgiving attitude

ToryDiary: What do you think of these 23 ideas to win the next election?

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Can we make any sense of the Batman shootings?

"Our appeal is at its broadest when we’re the party of emancipation"; On Comment, Garvan Walshe offers A lesson from Israel's first Prime Minister for today's Conservative Party

MPsETC: The 143 Tory MPs who have rebelled against the Coalition Government

Local government: Conservative police commissioner candidates chosen for Surrey, Hertfordshire and Staffordshire

The Deep End: America – indeed the free world – is in desperate need of what Jon Huntsman stands for…

WATCH: Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt discusses situation in Syria, reiterating support for Kofi Annan's plan

Crackdown on tax avoidance firms proposed by government

David_gauke_low"The government could force finance companies to hand over the details of wealthy individuals who take advantage of aggressive tax avoidance schemes. The proposal is part of a consultation on curbing tax avoidance. Treasury minister David Gauke will tell the Policy Exchange think tank that scheme operators will be "named and shamed" for not sticking to the rules." – BBC

"Tax-dodging celebrities and the super-rich face exposure if they try to avoid paying their share under a crackdown being unveiled today. The Treasury will publish plans to ensure the taxman knows exactly which celebrities, sports stars and millionaires benefit from tax-avoidance schemes, following the furore over comedian Jimmy Carr’s tax affairs. Treasury officials insisted the Chancellor will not name and shame the rich and famous and that personal tax confidentiality will be preserved." Daily Mail | Guardian

We’re coming after cowboy advisers on tax avoidance – David Gauke MP in The Times (£)

  • World's wealthiest have 'deprived the taxman of up to £20TRILLION by hiding cash in tax havens overseas' – Daily Mail

George Osborne wrecking green plans to placate MPs, claims Tim YeoBBC

Yeo-Tim"The Treasury has been accused of undermining government attempts to secure the future energy requirements for the country and improve the green electricity supply, by meddling in its energy bill, which MPs now say is "unworkable". Tim Yeo, the Tory chair of the Commons energy and climate change select committee and an ex-minister, told the Guardian that George Osborne is sacrificing the green energy plans in order to placate Conservative backbenchers." – Guardian

"Tim Yeo, the chairman of the committee, said that the Government was in danger of “botching its plans to boost clean energy, because the Treasury is refusing to back new contracts" – Telegraph

"George Osborne has offered to drop his demands for tougher cuts to onshore wind subsidies if the Liberal Democrats back down over “inflexible” targets for Britain’s shift away from fossil fuels." – FT (£)

Pensions minister announces clampdown on excessive feesTelegraph

SPELMAN Caroline NEWHow to stop our milk industry turning sour – Writing in The Telegraph Caroline Spelman sets out Government thinking on the dairy industry

John Redwood warns that Network Rail is losing money on the derivatives market and shouldn't be managing extra rail investments – Andrew Pierce in the Daily Mail

Stop overdoing the economic gloom, Boris tells Coalition in outspoken attackDaily Mail

"The London mayor welcomed Mr Osborne’s planned investment in road, rail and infrastructure, but added: “I’d like to see a very aggressive campaign for more infrastructure investment. “There are sovereign wealth funds around the world only too happy to invest in this country. It needs the political will to get on and do those projects.” – The Sun | Telegraph

"Whitehall departments spent £6 billion less than expected this year, with three ministries responsible for pushing growth unable to spend about half a billion pounds each of the money they were allocated, according to the latest Treasury accounts. Money put aside for infrastructure was also left unused, with Whitehall spending £2.34 billion less on capital projects in 2011-12 than the £44.5 billion sum that was allocated." – Times (£)

  • David Blanchflower: Panic has set in at the Treasury as growth goes negative again – "About bloddy time" – Independent
  • George Osborne should introduce a 2p cut in
 National Insurance, borrow more and abandon his austerity strategy, says IPPR – Scotsman

Britain-unleashed_2284601aThe Telegraph launches a series dedicated to the health of the free enterprise system: Britain Unleashed

Charles Moore asks why the spirit of Adam Smith has given way to a culture of monopoly and over-regulation that stifles innovation: "Most business innovation starts very small – in a garage or, with more power to women, at the kitchen table. In Britain, this has got much harder. Taxes, unhelpful banks, employment laws, health and safety, forms, planning, and the terrifying fact that bureaucrats have all the time in the world whereas, for the small trader, time is money; all these raise the price of entry. They therefore crush innovation." – Telegraph

Peter McKay: Cameron is losing the Olympics Games effect to Boris and othersDaily Mail

StrikeJeremy Hunt says Coalition has discussing sacking striking border force workersDaily Mail

"Ministers have discussed introducing Ronald Reagan-style employment laws which would allow them to sack UK Border Agency staff who plan to strike the day before the start of the Olympics, the culture, media and sport secretary said on Sunday. Jeremy Hunt said that the option had not been ruled out as thousands of staff at the Home Office, including the UKBA workers, prepare for a 24-hour strike on Thursday in a row over jobs, pay and other issues." – Guardian

Brian Monteith: UKIP could benefit from Cameron's avoidance of EU debateScotsman

> Yesterday's MPsETC: Tory Party could be devastated without a UKIP deal, warns Dan Hannan MEP

Home Affairs Select Committee: The UK Border Agency faces a backlog of more than 275,000 failed migrants who need to be removed from the countryBBC

PHILLIPS-MELANIEReflecting on Vince Cable's leadership ambitions, Melanie Phillips writes: Being governed by callow and posturing politicians is the price we pay for society's fixation with youthDaily Mail

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: The LibDem leadership race has started

Clegg revealed yesterday that he would be happy to join Labour in a coalition with Ed Miliband as Prime MinisterExpress | Telegraph

Andy Grice: Ed Miliband's stock rises as he picks the right issues

"Political opponents, Labour "Edsceptics" and commentators are revising their early opinions of Mr Miliband – upwards. "He is good at picking issues – phone-hacking, the banks, the 'predators' of capitalism," one Tory Cabinet minister admitted. A Liberal Democrat minister added: "We thought we could rely on him to cock it up. Now we can't."" – Andrew Grice in The Independent]

Today's politicians are not worth impersonating because they all conform to the same boring image, Rory Bremner has saidTelegraph

Allister Heath: Let's have shops open all Sunday, all the timeCity AM

And finally… Cameron's statement on Bradley Wiggins

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 07.51.52

"Like everyone in the country, I'm absolutely delighted. Bradley Wiggins has scaled one of the great heights of British sporting achievement. It's an immense feat of physical and mental ability and aptitude. I think the whole country wants to say 'well done, brilliant', the perfect backdrop and start to the Olympics. It will put the country in the right mood. It's going to be an incredible festival of sport we're going to see. Bradley and the whole team's great success in the Tour de France – I watched Mark Cavendish's great sprint finish as well – that whole team performance will lift the spirits of the country." – Quoted by Sporting Life

If we learn from the efforts of the great Olympians, prosperity will surely follow, says Boris Johnson in The Telegraph


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