6.15pm J P Floru on Comment: Bienvenue aux réfugiés Français du socialisme!

4.15pm Sean Worth on Comment:Spending restraint makes public service reform even more important

2.45pm Chris Skidmore MP on Comment: A letter to Ed Miliband – will he condemn tomorrow's doctor's strike?

2.30pm WATCH:

1.00pm ToryDiary: Hague navigates around Bone's booby trap

11.00am MPsETC: Ministers will not attend any Euro 2012 match unless Ukraine changes justice policy

10.00am Matthew Hancock MP on Comment: Insurance that works – a solution to the pressing problem of social care

ToryDiary: A message from a former Downing Street aide. Too much civil service. Not enough political vision

Columnist Jill Kirby: The real divide in the West today is not between the young and the old, but between those paying for the state and those paid by the state


PiccklesnewpicLocal Government:  Harry Phibbs interviews Eric Pickles: "The Party activists are vital. I remember that I wouldn't be here without them"

The Deep End: George W Bush, humanitarian hero

WATCH David Cameron: I made Falklands point "with some vigour"

David Cameron confronts Argentine President over the Falklands

"The Prime Minister “sought out” Cristina Kirchner on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, to warn her to respect the “self-determination of the Falklands”. Argentina has become increasingly aggressive in its remarks about the islands following the 30th anniversary of the Falklands. Mrs Kirchner attempted to force a package marked UN-Malvinas, the Argentine name for the Falklands, into Mr Cameron’s hands. He refused to accept it and walked off." – Daily Telegraph

  • "This was what Churchill called jaw jaw not war war but it was diplomatic posturing designed for domestic consumption when the memory of invasion and of deaths on both sides are still fresh." – Nick Robinson BBC

Spain and Italy to be bailed out in £600 billion dealDaily Telegraph

Socialists close to agreeing coalition deal in GreeceDaily Mail

‘Pathetic’ Rio summit risks producing more hot airThe Times (£)

>Yesterday: Marina Yannakoudakis MEP on Comment – What price the pro-bailout victory in Greece?

Francis Maude announces shake-up of the civil service

"Plans to make it easier to sack under-performing staff members were "not an attack on civil servants", Francis Maude has told MPs. The bottom 10% of staff face being fired after a year if they fail to
improve and ministers will be given the power to choose who runs departments. The PCS union said reversing job cuts was the best way to boost performance." – BBC

  • "Tory MPs exhorted him to go further. Edward Leigh demanded: “Are you really going to achieve where everybody else has failed and get fewer permanent secretaries who have got an Oxbridge degree in Latin, who can write a beautiful minute and are charming and actually get people who can run a project?” "- The Times (£)
  • "Mr Maude, wearing half-moon spectacles which from time to time he lowered to emphasise his gravity (pure Anne Robinson), was telling the House about his plan to ‘reform’ the civil service. The old ’uns are always the best." – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail
  • "Our plans will meet the needs of the future" – Francis Maude and Sir Bob Kerslake, Daily Telegraph

Conservative MPs plan revolt on Lords reform to punish Lib Dems for abstention on Hunt

"Senior Conservative backbenchers are threatening to mount their biggest rebellion since the general election in protest against the Government's plans to reform the House of Lords. The revolt has spread to all sections of the party, provoking a fresh crisis for Coalition unity." – The Independent

Cross-party support for Theresa May in row over deportations with European Court of Human Rights

"MPs from all parties have accepted a government motion designed to send a clear message to judges that the right to a family life is not "absolute". The government is introducing new rules spelling out how judges should apply the European Convention on Human Rights. It is concerned too many people are using Article 8 – the right to a family life – to avoid deportation." – BBC

  • "For all Theresa May’s strident talk on booting out foreign convicts, it boils down to whether our bleeding-heart judges take her seriously. The Home Secretary says she’ll write tough new laws if they don’t. She could save us some time by drawing them up right now." – The Sun Says

MailfrontpageHealth Secretary Andrew Lansley urges BMA to reconsider doctors' strike as poll shows support slipping

"A growing number of GPs last night signalled they are ready to put their patients first by defying the call to strike tomorrow…findings of two separate polls appear to show that support for the protest over modest changes to doctors’ pensions is weakening." – Daily Mail

  • "How tragic if the sacred bond of trust between GPs and patients is
    destroyed by naked selfishness" – Daily Mail leader
  • "Luckily most doctors are seeing sense and only about a fifth of surgeries intend to close. The rest must think hard before downing their stethoscopes. A £68,000-a-year pension should be ample for anyone." – The Sun Says
  • "The NHS cash squeeze is now so serious that almost half of the health service's chief executives expect the quality of patient care to decline in the next year, with treatments rationed and waiting times rising" – The Guardian
  • "The striking doctor won't see you now" – Ann Widdecombe, Daily Express

John Whittingdale says the BBC Director General must not be political

"Ofcom boss Ed Richards’s bid to become director general of the BBC has been dealt a blow after a  senior Tory said nobody with overt political affiliations should get the job. The comments by John Whittingdale, the chairman of the Commons select committee for culture, media and sport, are clearly aimed at Mr Richards – a former senior adviser in Tony Blair’s government." – Daily Mail

OwenJames Delingpole asks if the Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson is "the soundest politician in Britain"

"Paterson is doing a great job (as you can tell from the near-absence of Northern Ireland stories in the media, despite ongoing campaigns by the paramilitaries – kneecappings, pipe-bombings etc). But the price he is paying for his competence and quiet success is to end up completely off most journalists’ radar. Mark my words, though. His time will come." – James Delingpole

Fall in inflation puts Bank of England under pressure to cut interest rates…

"Interest rates could be cut to just 0.25 per cent as soon as next month in a desperate bid to revive Britain's ailing economy. The Bank of England is under mounting pressure to kick-start growth having seen the UK crash back into recession and the debt storm in the eurozone intensify." – Daily Mail

  • "Since November 2009, just 31 months ago, prices are up 9.6 per cent – the pound in your pocket has lost a tenth of its value, a true scandal. Sure, inflation is finally slowing – but that won’t reverse the cumulative effect of the failure of the past two and half years. Price stability – what price stability?" – Alister Heath City AM

…Meanwhile, Osborne fights plan to ditch 3p rise in fuel duty as Treasury resists demands from Cameron

"Sources in Whitehall say intense efforts are being made to find £1.5billion to plug the income gap if the fuel duty rise is pulled. Ideas under consideration include cutting the 3p rise to 1p or 2p, or deferring part or all of the rise until next spring. But Chancellor George Osborne has told colleagues not to expect him to find enough cash." – Daily Mail

Tougher A-level grading proposed by Ofqual

"Sweeping reforms to school exams could lead to elite A-levels with a tougher grading scale so universities can identify the brightest pupils." Daily Mail

>Yesterday MPsETC: Asked to make a statement on his Departmental responsibilities, Michael Gove replies: "Today is the birthday of Britain's greatest living poet"

French leaders furious at David Cameron's plan to attract tax exiles

"Claude Bartolone, a senior figure in President Hollande’s Socialist Party, implied that Mr Cameron must have been affected by the G20 festivities when he said that Britain was ready to welcome French people fleeing the planned 75 per cent income tax rate. “I hope that it was an after-dinner remark and that he didn’t have all his wits about him when he said these things,” said Mr Bartolone." – The Times (£)

  • Cable to set out pay reforms – BBC

The Government must go further and faster on reforming public services says former Downing Street adviser Sean Worth

"The Conservatives are in danger of becoming permanently associated with slashing spending on schools, hospitals and other services instead of reforming them, according to the man who was, up until a fortnight ago, the prime minister's most senior special adviser on public sector reform." – The Guardian

David Miliband says "Labour can win next election"BBC

MenschLouise Mensch launches rival to TwitterThe Guardian

"Mubarak is dead chaos" – The Sun

Lord Plumb "did not declare lobbying interest"The Independent

Day of sunshine brings Spelman Rain Goddess agonyDaily Telegraph

And finally…Tax avoiding comedian Jimmy Carr performed a sketch lampooning Barclays

"Playing a female bank clerk, he joked: ‘Why don’t you apply for the Barclays 1 per cent tax scam? ‘You will need the world’s biggest, most aggressive team of blood-hungry amoral tax lawyers. If you meet the criteria, you’ll pay 1 per cent tax, like Barclays do.’ "- Daily Mail


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