7pm WATCH: David Cameron tells ITV News that Prince Charles's speech was the Jubilee weekend's "Diamond moment"

6pm MPsETC: More photographs of Tory MPs celebrating the Jubilee (featuring a lot of cake and rain)

2.30pm WATCH: Thank you, Mummy, You make us proud to be British – Was this the moment Charles connected with the whole nation?

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 10.49.44

11.30am WATCH: David Cameron reads first lesson at Diamond Jubilee Service at St Paul's Cathedral

10.45am MPsETC: Tory MPs George Eustice and Andrea Leadsom welcome Open Europe's suggestion of £33bn cut in EU budget

ToryDiary: Telegraph and Louise Mensch come to embattled Sayeeda Warsi's defence

Sam Smith on Comment: Five ways of reforming Employment Law


Martin Callanan MEP on MPsETC: Europe seems destined to hold jobs summit after jobs summit, growth debate after growth debate, dinner after dinner – but delivering little more than words

CAMPBELL AlastairLeftWatch:

"In a good mood, Alastair Campbell was fun; in a bad mood, he was Ivan the Terrible, Freddy Krueger and Chopper Harris all rolled into one…"

The BBC's Jeremy Vine lifts the veil on New Labour's media manipulation

The Deep End: Should conservatives care about fairness?

WATCH: Celebrating the Jubilee, Cameron tells CNN that Britain is a great country to visit

David and Samantha Cameron watch the Jubilee ConcertITV photograph

…but the BBC's coverage of the celebrations faces continuing criticism…

  • The BBC got the pageant so wrong because it holds those who love the royals in contempt – Bel Mooney in the Daily Mail
  • The Sun Says: "In 1953, legendary BBC commentator Richard Dimbleby majestically intoned at the Queen’s Coronation: “She has entered and taken possession of her kingdom. She sits anointed, crowned and enthroned.” It was magnificent. On Sunday, as history unfolded on the Thames, we had Sophie Raworth burbling “I’ve just spotted my dad out there” while another BBC clown told us Nelson had been at the battle of Waterloo. No wonder patriotic viewers want their licence fee back."
  • "Dimbleby made his reputation in 1953 with his marathon BBC television commentary on the coronation from 10am to 11.30pm. He became the voice of royal marriages, Queen’s speeches, state occasions and funerals – “Gold Microphone-in-Waiting”, the journalist Malcolm Muggeridge christened him. The BBC, then fighting a losing battle to fend off commercial television, was keen to show what it could do. Perhaps it needs a new incentive." – Brian Groom in the FT (£)
  • "Celebrity-obsessed and clueless reporting" – The BBC’s reputation is sunk in the Thames – Stephen Pollard in The Telegraph

Cameron has ordered an official investigation into whether Baroness Warsi broke ministerial rules by taking a business associate on an official trip overseasTelegraph


"Lady Warsi has apologised to Prime Minister David Cameron over a ministerial trip to Pakistan with her business partner. Lady Warsi was alleged by a Sunday newspaper to have failed to declare she and Abid Hussain, who was on the trip in 2010, had stakes in the same firm." – BBC

Full text of Lady Warsi's letter of apology to David Cameron – and the PM's reply – Guardian

Sayeeda Warsi faces an inquiry. Jeremy Hunt does not. Is that fair? – James Kirkup in The Telegraph

  • The Independent pursues the same theme: Fresh calls for Hunt inquiry as Warsi faces watchdog

Tory council leads battle against new wind–farm developmentsScotsman

George Osborne's proposal to cut wind farm subsidies is welcome and necessary – Telegraph leader

"Tim Yeo, the chairman of the Commons energy and climate change committee, said that the best way to win public acceptance of new wind farms was direct financial incentives. He also warned George Osborne, the Chancellor, not to cut the subsidies for onshore turbines. Wind farms are the subject of increasing debate within the Coalition, not least because of widespread Conservative hostility." – Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Tory movement against wind farms and HS2 is gathering momentum

CLARKE KEN ON ITNTrade unions warn Ken Clarke that his plan for cheap prison work 'may cost thousands of jobs' in neighbouring areasIndependent

The Independent disagrees: "If the work is paid, even at a relatively low rate, that creates additional motivation and fosters a sense of near-normality. The greater scandal in Britain's prisons at present is not low-paid work, but the fact that so little is provided in the way of education, training and occupation. This means that prisoners may see little alternative than to return to their bad old ways on their release."

Schools that thought academy status would bring in extra cash are now getting a terrible shockGuardian

Sylvester-RachelRachel Sylvester: Lack of wisdom not lack of work-rate is Cameron's problem

"It’s certainly true that the coalition’s greatest mistakes have been caused by a failure of wisdom, not by a lack of work. The Treasury had spent months slaving away on detailed and costed policies ahead of the Budget. But what was missing was common sense. Had Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron paused and reflected for a moment about whether it was a good idea to fiddle around with taxes on pasties, grannies, charities and caravans, they might not have ended up with a shambolic series of U-turns. It was political misjudgment, not too much Angry Birds, that led them to scrap the 50p top rate of tax." – Rachel Sylvester in The Times (no paywall for the Jubilee weekend)

Toynbee PollyPolly Toynbee urges Vince Cable to lead a rebellion against austerity and save the Liberal Dewmocrats and the country

"Lib Dems following Cable out of government risk Cameron calling an immediate election before they elect a new leader and regroup. But Cameron is in a weakened state, waiting for economic upturn before testing the electorate. He could sail on with a minority government until the next budget, since his major state-dismantling bills are through already." – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

> Lord Adonis on Radio 4 yesterday: "A lot of people around Vice Cable don't like the way things are going"

The Financial Times looks at the relationship between Ed Balls and Ed Miliband, arguing that the Shadow Chancellor's position has strengthened because of his opposition to austerity

Balls Ed 470 May 2012

"When Ed Miliband became the Labour party leader almost two years ago, he was determined to block one man from becoming shadow chancellor: Ed Balls. Fast-forward to today, and Mr Balls has now cemented his authority over Labour’s economic policy and, crucially, appears to have won the internal debate within the party over whether to lean towards austerity or growth." – FT (£)

  • History shows that slashing budgets always leads to recession – Ha-Joon Chang for The Guardian

Euro-meltdownGeorge Soros has warned that European leaders have just three months to save the euro

"The tycoon, an expert on international money markets, fears that failure to deal with the crisis could destroy the European Union and lead to a “lost decade” of economic stagnation across Europe." – Express

The Independent disagrees with Mr Soros and identifies three sources of hope for the Eurozone

The campaign for Scottish independence must revive the spirit of the poll tax battles of the 1980s says Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) leader Colin Fox, believing that disaffected Labour voters could swing the referendum result in favour of leaving the UKScotsman

The hunting and shooting aristocracy is back in charge, destroying Britain's wildlife – George Monbiot in The Guardian

…And Mark Avery in The Independent is interested in the same topic: David Cameron's closeness to the shooting community

Britain has lost the art of political rhetoric as messages are reduced to “soundbites and tweets”, according to philosopher AC GraylingTelegraph

And finally…

Cameron PM green

Supermodel Erin O’Connor tells The Telegraph that 'David Cameron is so handsome – and his skin is outstanding’


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