Smith Chloe C410pm WATCH: Chloe Smith asked if the 3p fuel duty cut is an unfunded tax cut, a U-turn, a fiscal stimulus… or all three?

4.45pm WATCH: George Osborne scraps 3p fuel duty rise

4pm Ben Harris-Quinney on Comment: Our ex-pats must now have the full right to vote

3.15pm ToryDiary: Osborne's fuel duty news and his Treasury golden rule: never, ever allow oneself to be outsmarted by Ed Balls

2pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: A thought experiment regarding electing the Lords

Noon Luke D Coffey on Comment: On Trident the Liberal Democrats are dangerously wrong

10am John Glen MP on Comment: Forces families receive mixed signals on accommodation

Tory Diary: Cameron's welfare speech was timed to help him over Lords reform (on which the Government is in trouble).  Will the gambit work?

DavispicDavid Davis MP on Comment: The true legacy of London 2012 must be a voucher system to boost school sport

MajorityConservatism: A researched campaign against Ed Miliband's politics

LeftWatch: Ed Balls gets a thumbs-up from The Sun for backing cut in petrol duty

John Bald on Local Government: How can the Left claim to believe in equality when they oppose state schools using phonics?

The Deep End: The people, the sheeple and the money markets

WATCH: Alistair Darling speaks at launch of Better Together campaign

Government seeks to halt Lords bill revolt by refusing new upper house members a salary

"David Cameron will attempt to head off a gathering revolt in Tory ranks over reforming the House of Lords by scrapping the idea of paying members of a reformed chamber a salary." – Independent

  • "The maximum earnings level could be about £45,000 a year – down from the original proposal of about £60,000." – BBC
  • "The Lib Dem leader lacks the intellectual maturity for constitution-making. His student union-style plans would replace a chamber that  more or less works with a House full of second-rate party political hacks, costing the country half a billion a year. What a damning indictment of the priorities of a party obsessed with fiddling while Britain burns." Daily Mail leader

Ken Clarke plans for prisoners to work to support their families

"Under the new proposals being unveiled by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, inmates will be able to use the money they earn to pay maintenance towards their partners and children like other absent fathers." – Daily Mail

Varying regional benefits is dropped from David Cameron's welfare speech.  But it's claimed that it could still happen…

"Northerners could be paid lower benefits under plans being considered by ministers. But some senior Tories are already warning that the move could damage the party’s chances of a revival outside the South." – Daily Mail

  • "Is it right that we continue to pay the vast majority of welfare benefits in cash, rather than in benefits in kind, like free school meals?" he said. However, a similar scheme brought in for asylum-seekers had to be dropped after evidence emerged that it stigmatised families. – Independent
  • "Mr Cameron’s overall message is spot-on: the welfare bill is completely out of hand. The pity is that while he waffles, the bill continues to soar." – The Sun Says
  • "Mr Duncan Smith, normally polite in the Chamber, was on combative form. He snapped at his Labour shadows like a terrier biting at bluebottles." Quentin Letts Daily Mail
  • "An essential principle for Chadwick and Lloyd George – and for William Beveridge, too – was that benefits should not be set so high as to deter a low-paid worker from taking a job." Philip Johnston Daily Telegraph
  • A red mist of despair poured from children's and disability charities, stunned at yet another assault on those they try to defend." Polly Toynbee The Guardian
  • "If that's the return of the Nasty Party, there'll be an awful lot of nice people nodding along with it." – Simon Carr Independent


Cameron to oppose £80 billion increase in EU spending

"The proposal for a 10 per cent increase in actual spending is for the first time on the agenda at a meeting of the European Council in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, 28 and 29 June. Officials are hoping that member states will agree the new budget next year, ahead of it coming into force in 2014 and running until 2020." – Daily Telegraph

>Yesterday: MPsETC: Martin Callanan MEP's monthly report – Planet European Parliament, billions of miles from reality

SepelmanpicCaroline Spelman defends Government's record on flood prevention

"The Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, said prevention was "a vital area of the work of Government" and that ministers were spending £2bn on it." – Independent

John Redwood: Conservatives most want an EU referendum

"I have been speaking in other constituencies in recent weeks, meeting Conservative members and voters. The overwhelming wish they have is to hold a referendum on the EU….The questions will all be about Europe." – John Redwood's Diary

  • Germany to hold referendum on European integration – Daily Mail

Defence Select Committee attacks "unacceptable" armed forces accomodation

"A defence select committee report also said a planned three-year halt to upgrades sent the "wrong signal" to personnel and their families." – BBC
  • The army is no longer the Tory party at war – Rachel Sylester, The Times (£)

>Yesterday: Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Too many children don't know enough about the sacrifices made by the WWII generation

Better Together campaign launched opposing Scottish independence


"Former UK chancellor Alistair Darling has launched the bid to keep the Union, saying there will be no way back from Scottish independence. He compared independence to buying "a one-way ticket to send our children to a deeply uncertain destination"." – BBC

  • "First Minister Alex Salmond said.."At heart, this is a Tory-led campaign which is intent on conceding nothing to the people of Scotland and hiding behind its refusal to spell out an alternative policy before the referendum." – The Scotsman

>Yesterday: WATCH: First video of the "Keep Scotland in the UK" campaign

The Times welcomes Egypt's "first step on journey to democracy"

"Turkey’s transition from military to democratic rule offers Egypt a beacon to follow. The journey facing Egypt and Mr Morsi will be rocky. Yet however precarious it may be, it remains more promising than the reign of repression they leave behind." – Times(£) leader

Labour urge delay in fuel duty riseBBC

Michael-Gove-007Lord Leveson hits back at Michael Gove…

"What has happened is an example of an approach which seeks to convert any attempt to question the conduct of the press as an attack on free speech." Lord Leveson's statement

…as the Education Secretary keeps up attack on exam boards

"The Education Secretary will say that hundreds of thousands of pupils have been steered towards
worthless qualifications that fail to prepare them for the demands of the workplace….he will also criticise teaching unions for putting their "own interests" before those of schoolchildren and helping to create an environment of “corrosive low expectations”. – Daily Telegraph

Andrew Lansley orders takeover of troubled PFI hospitalsThe Times(£)

Queen begins Northern Ireland visitBBC

NUT boss earns £154,000 a yearThe Sun

Even now Blair won't admit the Eurosceptics were right – Dominic Lawson, The Independent

Arab spring has bred new British fanaticsDaily Telegraph

Unite amasses £25 million strike fundBBC

>Yesterday: Local Government: Unite the Union's strategy to shift Labour councils to the Left

 And finally…Coalition Government offers "divorce app" with advice on how to break up amicably Independent



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