Noon MPsETC: Asked to make a statement on his Departmental responsibilities, Michael Gove replies: "Today is the birthday of Britain's greatest living poet"

ToryDiary: How many Conservatives in the Cabinet line up with Boris in opposing fiscal union?

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 07.37.11Marina Yannakoudakis MEP on Comment: What price the pro-bailout victory in Greece?

Local Government: Labour councillor quits saying Ed Miliband is a "wet flannel"

The Deep End: The real problem with the banking system

WATCH: Aung San Suu Kyi returns to Britain

Cameron at the G20: The Prime Minister pleads for the Eurozone solution that he can't deliver…

"David Cameron on Monday put Britain on standby for a protracted eurozone crisis, using a speech at the G20 summit to plead with Greek politicians and European leaders to seize a chance to stabilise the single currency. Mr Cameron has taken a business delegation with him to the Mexico summit as part of a drive to forge better links with emerging economies, conceding that Britain’s main European export markets could face years of stagnation." – Financial Times (£)

…As he says refugees from Hollande's high taxes will be welcome in Britain…

"Britain would “roll out the red carpet” to welcome French businesses if President Hollande imposed a 75 per cent wealth tax, David Cameron said yesterday. It was an attack on Paris’s economic policies, including lowering the retirement age, and a push for a stronger euro. By contrast, he attempted to build bridges with Germany." – The Times (£)

  • "Labour has accused David Cameron of using Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi as a 'political shield' during her visit to the UK this week. " – Daily Mail
  • Journalists at the News of the World allegedly hacked the emails of a key witness in a libel trial the newspaper fought when Andy Coulson was editor – Daily Telegraph

…And looks beyond Europe to the wider world…

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 07.49.48"The Prime Minister said the situation was so grave that Britain would now have to look beyond Europe and forge economic links with more successful parts of the world. Spanish borrowing costs soared beyond the 7 per cent level at which Greece, Ireland and Portugal had to beg for a bailout…Mr Cameron said eurozone leaders might be able to do enough only to 'keep the show on the road' for a few more months." – Daily Mail

(…Including Argentina, whose Government he slams)

"Mr Cameron…savaged embargoes imposed by Argentina on the British territory. [He] gave examples of how export revenues from oil, gas and mining had to be exchanged in local banks and that limits had been imposed on investment in farm land. He finished with the barbed remark: “And that is just from one G20 member.” Mr Cameron declined to name Argentina, but his reference to the harassment left his audience in little doubt exactly to whom he was referring." – Daily Express

  • Our only hope is to look beyond the EU – Daily Mail Editorial
  • Greek businessmen tell Sun of dreams that are stymied by the Euro – Sun Editorial
  • Greek election result won't rescue the Euro – Iain Martin, Daily Express
  • All politicians can do now is hold our hands – Rachel Sylvester, The Times (£)
  • Greece has won Europe a respite – now it must use it – Gideon Rachman, Financial Times (£)
  • Muddling through may be our salvation – Steve Richards, The Independent
  • Europe's on the brink of probably the gravest and most frightening tumult of our lifetime – Max Hastings, Daily Mail
  • Another bad day for the Euro – John Redwood's Blog
  • My solution? Tax, tax, tax the rich – Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

> Yesterday: WATCH –

Cable calls for Plan A+ in speech which makes no fewer than 20 references to the 1930s as well as references to economic 'slump' and 'depression'…

Cable & Red Box II
Vince Cable yesterday called for the Coalition to move to a 'Plan A+' to help drag Britain out of an economic 'slump' . The Liberal Democrat Business Secretary urged ministers to accelerate plans for kick-starting growth, including a multi-billion scheme that could pave the way for the construction of tens of thousands of new homes. Mr Cable also hinted that the Bank of England should do more to make it clear that interest rates will remain at rock bottom rates until Britain is decisively back on the path to recovery." – Daily Mail

Tory MPs urge George Osborne not to yield to Liberal Democrats over scrapping national pay bargaining

PPC Aidan Burley"Conservative MPs urged Mr Osborne should push through the changes. Aidan Burley MP said: “The Chancellor needs to hold firm. The principle of regional pay is long established from London weighting for policemen to special allowances for MPs. “Rather than increase the north-south divide, it will perpetuate it. This needs to be a private sector led recovery"…Andrea Leadsom MP added: “I worry that the national pay bargaining in the public sector has the effect of squeezing out the private sector in certain areas." – Daily Telegraph

  • Creative industry tax plan launched – The Independent
  • TUC claims youth unemployment has soared by nearly 900% in just over a decade. Grayling claims Labour hid the problem when it was in power – The Sun
  • The Times (£) campaigns for everyone to pay a "fair share" of tax – Editorial

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Why regional public sector pay won't happen

Cameron signals childcare shake-up today

"School days could be extended until 8pm and red tape on childcare provision slashed under Government reforms. David Cameron will today launch a commission on childcare to draw up measures to reduce costs for parents and ease bureaucratic restrictions on providers. It will investigate whether there is red tape that could be abolished or rules – such as adult-to-child ratios for organisations offering childcare – that could be relaxed." – Daily Mail

  • Elizabeth Truss MP pushes for childminder boost – The Guardian

Lord Fink accused of breaking House of Lords hospitality rulesThe Independent

Boris: I want new airport capacity.  And supreme power: "but for God's sake don't quote me saying that." And as for those city women…cor…wow…gosh

"Mr Johnson – a firm advocate of an island airport on the Thames – told New York Magazine: ‘London is the most commercially important city in Europe, and it’s the most populous city…We have to have a new airport.One of the only reasons I want to assume supreme power in England is to make sure that happens.’  He then added: ‘For God’s sake, don’t quote me saying that.’ " – Daily Mail

  • Political timidity stops airports plans taking off – Daily Telegraph Editorial
  • Fraudsters swindled £42,000 from London 'Boris Bike' hire scheme by diverting fine refunds to friends – Daily Mail
  • Boris: men flock to cities like London because “There are a greater range of girls at the bar, of reproductive choice.” – The Sun

Nadine Dorries denies wrongdoing over student daughter who works in her office as long war with Telegraph continuesDaily Telegraph

Anne Milton launches review of the free nursery milk scheme amid evidence taxpayers are being ripped off by more than £10million a year

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 08.14.20"Ministers claim that milk being supplied via 'middle men' has seen the Government billed up to £1 a pint – while it can be bought in shops for an average of 36p. They have warned that the cost of the scheme has doubled in four years to £53million, which could soar to £76million by 2016 unless costs are curbed. Public Health Minister Anne Milton said the Government would then face being overcharged £20million a year." – Daily Mail

Now Lord Maginnis claims that UUP can't expel him over gay remark because he's a crossbencherNewsletter

"Snake" and "windsock" Sir Jeremy Heywood under attack

"Sir Jeremy’s ascent to his current role as the most powerful civil servant in the country is based on two assets, his friends say: an incredible work ethic and intellectual rigour. “He never stopped working, and didn’t seem to have much of a life outside,” says one. His willingness to get involved in Downing Street operations has seen him forge a closer relationship with the current prime minister since he became cabinet secretary in January than his predecessor, Sir Gus O’Donnell, did." – Financial Times (£)

  • Maude takes axe to free holidays and clothing allowances for civil servants – Daily Telegraph
  • Number of political special advisers rises despite pledge to cut back – The Guardian

Prescott heads queue of former Labour ministers seeking to serve as directly elected police commissionersThe Times (£)

Darling warns on SNP plan for sterling

"The SNP’S flagship plans for a “sterling zone” currency union after independence are likely to be rejected by the remaining UK countries, former Chancellor Alistair Darling will argue today…Mr Darling, who will lead the pro-union campaign in the referendum campaign, says the fear of a eurozone-style meltdown will thwart any hopes of a currency union with London built around the pound after Scottish independence. The alternative of Scotland simply using the pound would be more like “serfdom, than freedom”, Mr Darling will say." – Scotsman

  • Alex Salmond orders SNP MSPs: 'Ssshhh! Don't mention independence' – Daily Telegraph
  • To take a brave stand on independence, be honest – Andrew Mckie, Herald Scotland

Battle of Slimming World vs WeightWatchers as MPs strive to stave off fatThe Times (£)

Graeme Archer: We should vote for the Director General of the BBC

ARCHER Graeme"Every other club I elect to join, from the Tory party to the Royal Statistical Society, from my building society to – well that's it, actually; I'm not very "clubbable" – all these bodies take my membership fee, in some form or other, and then offer me a vote in the organisation's leadership. Why is the national broadcaster immune to this process? I don't propose a free-for-all; I'm too Tory to be entirely allergic to the concept of a role for the Establishment. Let the BBC Board pick a shortlist of three names, the initial application for which should be open to any UK citizen. Then submit those names to every licence fee payer, along with detailed biographies, and ask them to vote." – Graeme Archer, Daily Telegraph

Defence 1: Armed Forces must wait five years longer for pensionDaily Telegraph

Defence 2: Plan to split Army into two forcesThe Independent

Defence 3: The Harrier graveyardDaily Express

Politics Home Awards

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – The PoliticsHome Political Blogger of the Year is Paul Goodman

Now Rain Goddess Spelman plans Royal Ascot downpour and Wimbledon washoutDaily Mail


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