6.45pm WATCH: Who cares about the weather? cries Boris, insisting a celebration without rain wouldn't be British

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6.15pm MPsETC: Photographs of David Cameron and various Tory MPs celebrating the Jubilee

Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 14.47.402.45pm WATCH: Boris Johnson tells ITN that Jubilee River Pageant is opportunity to thank "remarkable" Queen and see London – "the greatest city on earth" – at its best

11am LeftWatch: As figures reveal Lib Dem membership has shrunk by 20% we also learn that Cable speaks regularly with Ed Miliband

10am Local government: Lincolnshire Conservatives introduce presumption against wind turbines

ToryDiary: Osborne can still prosper but he must choose between being Chancellor and general busybody

Columnist Nadine Dorries MP: The Chancellor must cancel August's 3p increase in fuel duty

Baron Leach of Fairford on Comment: A Queen's Speech fit for today's economic emergency

David Cameron hosts Downing Street Jubilee party

"David Cameron will join his staff and guests today for a party in Downing Street to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The event is part of the Big Jubilee Lunch – which will see thousands of neighbourly meals being staged across the country in honour of the Queen's 60-year reign. The street outside the official London home of past prime ministers will also host charities, who have a royal patron or are supporters of the Lunch." – ITV

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"Elizabeth II comes out on top in an ICM survey for The Sunday Telegraph, with Victoria in second place, Elizabeth I in third, and Henry VIII and Henry V finishing behind the queens. The poll also reveals that 55 per cent of voters think Britain will remain a monarchy for ever. Just 28 per cent predict the country will one day become a republic." – The Sunday Telegraph

John Redwood: "She is an important source of stability and continuity in a ceaselessly changing world. She has many well wishers. She commands respect by staying above the political debate. As a constitutional monarch in a democracy she leaves her Ministers to govern as they wish.  She acts as a focus for state occasions, sounds a voice for unity and  acts as a very distinguished   and regal representative of the United Kingdom at home and abroad. She is the UK’s greatest Ambassador."

Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 08.10.45George Osborne demands massive cuts to windfarm subsidies

"The Observer has learned that George Osborne is demanding cuts of 25% in subsidies, a reduction the industry says would "kill dead" the development of wind power sites. The Treasury's stance has put the chancellor at loggerheads with the Liberal Democrat energy secretary Ed Davey, whose party strongly supports more renewable energy."

The Chancellor will rush forward a raft of spending projects amid growing pressure to go for growthThe Sun

BUT… "If Osborne were to adopt plan B — a boost to public spending and borrowing — he would concede the entire economic argument upon which this shaky government stands… No 11 is therefore adamant that no such pirouette will be performed. Stand by, though, for plan A-plus: more imaginative ways will be required to pump credit to business, encourage house-building and roll out infrastructure projects." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

Coalition loses benefit of doubt over U-turns. They are longer seen as pragmatic but as a sign of weakness, incompetence and failure to planYouGov

YouGov also finds 31% of voters blaming Osborne for the U-turns compared to 18% for Cameron. In The Sunday Telegraph Iain Martin asks: "Will George Osborne be able to restore his credibility?"

  • John Rentoul: Six U-turns in one week looks like carelessness – Not believing in anything is becoming a dangerous flaw – Independent on Sunday
  • Anxious about another U-turn, Which? consumer group urges Osborne to stand firm on banking reforms – BBC

WARSI-AND-CAMERONSayeeda Warsi twice went to Saudi Arabia in visits funded by country's London EmbassyMail on Sunday

And The Sunday Telegraph also has more questions for the Tory Chairman: "She has never registered a controlling stake in a spice manufacturing firm with the House of Lords authorities. The disclosure appears to be in breach of rules that order peers to declare their business interests, particularly if they are the principal shareholders in a company."

Ministers have been accused of "cynical spin" over claims that they are offering new tax breaks on "granny flats"Independent on Sunday | Yesterday's Local government report

LANSLEY ANDREW QTAndrew Lansley tells striking doctors to protect patientsIndependent on Sunday

YouGov can't find much sympathy for striking doctors. 92% think GPs are well-paid. Just 4% disagree.

  • "I envy the advertised pensions of family doctors. The London government wants me to be envious. Thanks to that envy they can, they hope, breach another bulwark. While we're all busy being jealous of one another, they can go on laying waste to the belief that the state should provide, and society should decide. This isn't about doctors. This is about the idea that a public service is worth protecting." – Ian Bell for The Sunday Herald

Cameron backs controversial IVF plan to create children with three parentsMail on Sunday

Education Minister Nick Gibb attacks Channel 4's 'shocking' sex education film aimed at five-year-oldsMail on Sunday

Steve Hilton will not return to Number 10 but Cameron considers appointing bright new MPs to Downing Street Policy UnitIndependent on Sunday

Cameron had to fight Black Rod in order for Aung San Suu Kyi to address both Houses of Parliament – The Sunday Telegraph

A new ICM Wisdom Index gives Labour an 8% lead over the Conservatives – Martin Boon of ICM explains how it works in The Sunday Telegraph

  • In the latest YouGov/ Sunday Times poll Labour has a 10% lead

James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday reports on the analysis of Cameron's polling maestro, Andrew Cooper: "Margaret Thatcher had far worse numbers at the equivalent moment in her first two terms and still went on to win the elections that followed. He urged the MPs to remember that the almost constant poll leads enjoyed by Tony Blair were the exception,  not the rule. He also emphasised that Cameron remains ahead of Miliband on the question of who would be the best PM."

Meanwhile, The Sunday Times (£) reports: "A Downing Street pollster, Andrew Cooper, has warned the Tories they face embarrassment in elections to the European parliament unless they make a dramatic manifesto pledge. His research suggests that UKIP could come first in the 2014 poll because of mounting public anger about issues such as human rights. Although the European Court of Human Rights is not an EU body, it is widely believed that the two are linked."

Should Cameron be talking to Tony Blair? Ted Jeory in The Sunday Express

Patel Priti Oct 2011"Ten child sex fiends are spared jail EVERY week by soft judges"

"MPs last night accused Justice Secretary Ken Clarke of putting kids at risk as he bids to slash inmate numbers. Tory Priti Patel said: “This shockingly illustrates what’s wrong with our justice system.The priority must be to protect the public from these vile criminals who harm children. “The answer is to ensure these prolific offenders are kept behind bars.”" – The Sun

Nick Clegg has refused to give unequivocal backing to Jeremy Hunt over his handling of the BSkyB takeoverObserver

Senior Liberal Democrats are holding secret talks with Labour with a view to closer co-operation between the two parties in the futureThe Sunday Telegraph

Spain is in 'total emergency’, the EU in total denial – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

How long before the people of Europe wake up to the fact that they are not living in a democracy? – Nick Cohen in The Observer

Why are the French getting an 'MP for London'?

"French citizens in the UK will for the first time be able to vote for an MP, with the creation of a Northern Europe constituency in the French parliament. What role will London play? London is home to the majority of the vibrant UK French population for whom the capital is not just a city of transit. They will soon be represented by a new French MP for the recently established Northern Europe constituency comprising the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and the Baltic states." – BBC

And finally… How do MPs relax? Nadine Dorries MP tells The Observer.


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