7.15pm WATCH: Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg MP: "Of course" Labour would not close down Coalition free schools

5.15pm ToryDiary: Michael Gove to make grammar and spelling more rigorous in new English curriculum

2.30pm WATCH: Zac Goldsmith MP: "I wouldn't stand as a Conservative" if the manifesto includes a third runway at Heathrow

May Marr June 201211.15am ToryDiary: Theresa May to target migration loophole and tell judges foreign criminals do not have absolute right to family life

ToryDiary: It's counter-attack Sunday. Tory ministers promise action on the school curriculum, foreign prisoners, immigration and troubled families.

ToryDiary: A firm prediction… HS2 will never happen

Mary Macleod MP on Comment: Independent broadcasters deserve a level playing field in the television market

Local government:

Hancock Riding 2

MPsETC: Tory MP Matthew Hancock learns to be a jockey in charity bid

Osborne NewXGeorge Osborne: We will not stand in way of more integrated €urozone

"The Government is clear that it is strongly in Britain’s interests for our biggest export market to succeed; the risks for us of a disorderly outcome are huge. We will also not stand in the way of further political integration among the eurozone countries that any successful solution will require, including a banking union. At the same time it’s entirely reasonable for us to seek safeguards that protect British taxpayers and preserve the single market for all EU members." – George Osborne in The Sunday Telegraph

  • "The danger for the Tory leadership is that they end up identified with a policy which their party doesn’t like but which then fails anyway" – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph 
  • "I can see that it would not be polite for Cameron to lecture the eurozone on why it needs to dismantle its currency. But it does seem remarkable that he and Osborne pretend to be so enthusiastic about creating a core European superstate on our doorstep." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday
  • "Spain paved the way for a €100bn (£81bn) bail-out of its stricken banking sector on Saturday night as European leaders moved to bring a halt to the continued economic malaise hurting the eurozone" – The Sunday Telegraph

Judges are to be given new guidelines aimed at ensuring fewer foreign criminals avoid deportationBBC

"In moves set to spark a showdown with judges, Mrs May will announce plans to end the abuse of human rights laws that have allowed offenders to use “family rights” laws to escape deportation.
She will ask Parliament to tell the courts that the right to a family life is not absolute." – The Sunday Telegraph

GoveOnLateReviewGove puts focus on English skills and foreign languages

"An overhaul of the national curriculum in primary schools in England will put a new focus on spelling and grammar, the education secretary is to announce. Michael Gove is also due to propose making it compulsory to learn a foreign language from the age of seven, under plans to be unveiled later this week. It would be the first time languages have been mandatory at primary level." – BBC

"Children will be expected to recite poems in front of their classmates from the age of five under a far-reaching overhaul of the national curriculum to be unveiled this week. The new, detailed specifications for what children should learn in primary school also include lists of words they should understand and be able to spell by the end of each year and the specific elements of grammar they should know." – The Sunday Times (£)

  • The CBI warns that thousands of school-leavers are unemployable because of poor teaching – Sun
  • The Sun Says: "China and India produce pupils with better English than us. In maths and science, much of the East and Europe is streets ahead."

Eric Pickles calls for an end to what it describes as an "it's not my fault" culture of excuses, which has allowed 120,000 "troubled families" to avoid taking responsibility for their own livesIndependent on Sunday

Pickles Eric Dec 11 2The Independent on Sunday interviews but struggles to pigeon-hole Eric Pickles

"Pickles, who turned 60 in April, is a difficult man to pin down. Throw a tricky question at him, and he'll side-step it with a joke. Try again, and he'll be blunt: "I obviously haven't given the answer you want, 'cos you keep asking the same question." Nor is he easily pigeon-holed politically. Describing himself as "very much on the [Tory] right", he takes several stances – notably on gay marriage and Britain being "nowhere near" a referendum on leaving the EU – likely to annoy those still unhappy at Cameroon modernisers." – Independent on Sunday

  • The Conservative Party's Co-Treasurer, Michael Farmer, has signed petition against gay marriage – The Sunday Telegraph
  • A majority of MSPs at Holyrood have committed themselves to voting for same-sex marriage – Scotland on Sunday

Britain's big pensioner charities move to defend universal benefits

"Iain Duncan Smith and senior Liberal Democrat ministers including Nick Clegg have called for the better-off not to receive universal benefits, which include free bus passes and prescriptions. In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, Saga, Age UK and the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) warn that such a move would be unfair and likely to leave those most in need worse-off. The campaigners fear the move could be a disincentive to save and may lead to the basic state pension being removed for wealthier people." – The Sunday Telegraph

Daley-Janet-black-backgrounWe are all paying in, and then we are all receiving dollops of money. This is crazy says Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph: "We should restrict the paying of benefits to those who are in genuine need, and restore tax reliefs to those whose circumstances (having children, being elderly) make it appropriate and fair to allow them to keep more of what they earn."

Warsi's business partner had been involved in Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamist party that the Conservatives had pledged to banThe Sunday Telegraph

Oborne Peter July 2011Peter Oborne: What Leveson tells us about David Cameron

"At bottom, Mr Cameron is an honourable man. Though he has defined himself as “heir to Blair” he lacks the former prime minister’s sinuous ability to talk his way out of trouble. This fundamental integrity means that he faces a potentially awkward session on Thursday. Already, evidence to the Leveson Inquiry has done to Mr Cameron what evidence to Lord Hutton did for Mr Blair 10 years ago: it has exposed a laxness and complicity at the heart of power which can never be forgotten. At best Mr Cameron emerges as naive, gullible and compromised. At the very worst he will be exposed as corrupt. That would be out of character, but if so the game would be up for a man who has the capacity to be one of our very best prime ministers." – Peter Oborne in The Sunday Telegraph

  • How cynical of David Cameron to order Sir Alex Allan to investigate Baroness Warsi, but not Jeremy Hunt – Andrew Rawbsley in The Observer
  • Cameron, Osborne and the Murdoch empire: the questions court 73 will want answered – Independent on Sunday

An additional £10m ($15m) will be provided by the UK for countries in West Africa facing the threat of droughtBBC

Benefits of HS2 were exaggerated secret report revealsThe Sunday Telegraph

A proposed 25% cut in subsidies for windfarms would be a serious threat to a low-cost renewable technology – Green campaigners in The Observer

Cameron's embattled premiership suffered a hammer blow last night as support for the Conservative Party crashed to its lowest level for a decadeSunday Express

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: Sunday Express reports biggest gap between Labour and the Conservatives for a decade

Bosses are to be spared an annual shareholder referendum on their pay packages — one of the flagship ideas Cable proposed in a paper on curbing boardroom greed – Vince Cable in The Sunday Times (£)

Fox Liam Politics ShowNew charity set up by Liam Fox urges people to donate Timeshare and Villa holidays to troopsSun

Unite union members 90% in favour of striking over refusal to grant them £500 bonus for carrying extra Olympics passengersObserver

Ed Balls splashed out thousands on private poll to find out why voters don't like him… and in case he's in any doubt, new MoS survey reveals he's 'untrustworthy and an opportunist'Mail on Sunday

Scottish Greens walk out of 'Yes' campaign accusing SNP of taking all the decisionsSunday Herald

HITCHENS-PETER-white-shirtPeter Hitchens: The Jubilee was awful

"Speaking as a convinced and unshakeable monarchist, I'm really glad the Jubilee is over. It was awful. The worst moment of all was the Buckingham Palace concert, where the poor Queen pledged allegiance to the vile new culture of talentless celebrity. Any institution that has to suck up to Grace Jones and Paul McCartney to get down with the kids has plainly lost the will to live." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

  • "A fortnight ago, 44% of people said they would prefer William to be the next king, compared with 38% who favoured Charles. Following the jubilee, the figures have been exactly reversed." – The Sunday Times (£)
  • The YouGov/ Sunday Times poll found that the concert was the voters' favourite part of the Jubilee weekend – winning 25% against 5% for the Thanksgiving service

BERCOW-JOHNAnd finally… "There is definitely a feeling of support building for him"

The Independent on Sunday reports that Nadine Dorries has acknowledged for a Radio 4 documentary that the Speaker is winning some support across the House of Commons. It also reports that Mr Bercow has some strong words for his critics. Daily Mail sketchwriter Quentin Letts hit back: "His personality is that he's an ostentatious chameleon, he's confected, he's artificial, he's a tilter in the wind."

"John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, has defended the conduct of his wife Sally and branded his own critics “snobs and bigots”. Bercow said it was wrong to expect his wife to “walk a few paces behind her husband” and not express her own opinions. He also attacked the behaviour of some MPs, whom he accused of “juvenile delinquency” during Commons debates and others who he said deliberately tried to wind him up and provoke a reaction. The Speaker made his comments in a “behind the scenes” Radio 4 documentary about his work in the Commons to be broadcast today." – The Sunday Times (£)


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