5.30pm WATCH: Ed Miliband: The Prime Minister is standing up for the wrong people

4.15pm LeftWatch: Egalitarian noises from Ed Miliband but where's the beef?

1.45pm WATCH: BBC lunchtime news report speech by "Labour leader David Miliband"

12.45pm MPsETC: Lord Freud announces that half of those in work experience placements have found full time jobs

10.45am Local government: Kent County Council paid chief exec £589,000 last year

10.30am ToryDiary: Minister breaks ranks – "Ultimately right", says Nick Herbert, for people to have referendum to "resettle relationship" with EU

Baldry Tony10.15am MPsETC: Tony Baldry MP awarded a knighthood in Queen's Birthday Honours List

ToryDiary: Andrew Lansley wants GPs to make up for upcoming strike by working next weekend

Adam Bruce on Comment: Contrary to popular opinion, wind energy cuts electricity bills and boosts economic growth

Local government: Staff instructed to address Labour leader of Camden Council as "Dear Leader"

WATCH: Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner goes on long anti-Britain rant over Falkland claims

George Osborne faces critics from Left and Right over bank loan scheme

Osborne"George Osborne fielded attacks from across the political spectrum on Friday, as Labour said his emergency loans plan would not solve the UK’s economic challenges and Conservative backbenchers said the chancellor was still not doing enough to spur growth…Ed Balls, his Labour opponent, responded with a fiery broadside against the government’s adherence to its austerity
regime." – Financial Times (£)

  • Ed Balls failing to sound statesmanlike over "Maxed out Plan A" – warns Michael White in The Guardian
  • William Hague and George Osborne should swap jobs – says Simon Heffer in Daily Mail
  • George Osborne's horrible spring – Bagehot in The Economist
  • Redwood"I have two main worries about it. The first is, it does nothing to relieve the squeeze the banking regulator is placing on the banks. Some of them will still lack balance sheeet strength to put more loans on their books. Second, they still are not breaking up RBS, our largest bank. This bank is not functioning well as disunited conglomerate." - John Redwood's Diary
  • "The stresses within the financial system are again at crisis levels,
    threatening a second credit crunch, and it is absolutely right that the Bank of England should be acting pre-emptively to give the banking system all the liquidity it needs to cope."- Daily Telegraph leader


David Cameron holds talks with fellow EU leaders as Greece heads for exit 

"David Cameron last night held tense talks with fellow European Union leaders amid fears that Greece may crash out of the eurozone after its vital elections tomorrow. It is expected to dominate a summit of leading world economies in Mexico next week. But Downing Street played down suggestions that the video conference amounted to crisis talks, insisting it was just the usual pre-summit conversations." - Daily Express

Nick Herbert attacks "intolerant" Church of England

Timesfront"An openly gay government minister today condemns the Church of England for its use of judgmental language on the divisive issue of same-sex marriage … Nick Herbert, who is in a civil partnership, said: “I consider myself to be a Christian and I’ve never in my life felt more distant from the Church than I do at the moment.” The Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice added: “I think that some Christian leaders have said things that, when heard by gay people, sound highly judgmental or intolerant. We all have to be careful of our language.” – The Times (£)

Andrew Lansley calls on doctors to work next weekend to make up for Thursday's strike

Lansley"Andrew Lansley is calling on GPs to work next weekend to help clear a backlog of up to 1.25 million patients denied an appointment next Thursday because of industrial action by doctors over their pensions. He wants the UK's family doctors to see patients next Saturday – a day most are usually off – to ensure that GPs' surgeries do not face unusually heavy workloads for weeks afterwards." – The Guardian

  • GPs are little more than glorified receptionists says Matthew Parris in The Times (£)

Tory MP gets knighthood in Queen's Birthday Honours

"Conservative MP Tony Baldry, Lib Dem MP Malcolm Bruce and Labour MP Tony Cunningham all become knights. A knighthood goes to ex-SNP MP George Reid, who has served as presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament." - BBC

  • Mary Archer is made a Dame for her work for the NHS - Daily Mail
  • "Lucy Neville-Rolfe, one of Tesco’s longest-serving executives, has been made a Dame “for services to Industry and voluntary service”. Dame Lucy, who started her career in the Downing Street policy unit under Sir John Major." - Daily Telegraph
  • Full list - 

Charles Moore says the Tories should not defend overpaid executives

MOORE"Massive executive pay, particularly in current circumstances, is anti-capitalist and anti-market….. Tories, still so distant from the small trader, the entrepreneur and the new business, and still too close to the corporate giants, have a vast amount of ground to make up." – Daily Telegraph

Lords committee joins criticism of secret courts planDaily Telegraph

The Times praises MPs Kevan Jones and Charles Walker for speaking out about their mental illness

"Mr Jones and Mr Walker are in good company. Two of the most celebrated politicians in history were prone to mental illness. Winston Churchill famously referred to the “black dog” of depression, while in Abraham Lincoln’s day the condition was called “melancholy”." – The Times(£) leader

> Yesterday: WATCH: Charles Walker MP: "I found it very liberating" to come out in the House as having mental health issues

LawsDavid Laws says the coalition will continue right through to the election

"He predicted that the two coalition parties will not formally "disengage" before the next election. Instead, Conservative leader David Cameron and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will "juggle two balls – setting out their own visions of the future while maintaining coalition unity". He dismissed suggestions that the two parties could go their separate ways six months or so before polling day in May 2015: "There won't be six months when the coalition will cease to function."" – BBC

Final volume of Alastair Campbell diaries claims Rupert Murdoch pressured Tony Blair to accelerate Iraq War

BLAIR head looking left"Rupert Murdoch joined in an "over-crude" attempt by US Republicans to force Tony Blair to accelerate British involvement in the Iraq war a week before a crucial House of Commons vote in 2003, according to the final volumes of Alastair Campbell's government diaries." - The Guardian

  • "The diaries will raise questions about Brown's claim at Leveson that he and his staff never briefed against Blair. Campbell provides specific examples of when Brown and his chief aide, Ed Balls, were suspected of doing just that." - The Guardian
  • Cherie and Euan Blair under investigation for breaching planning rules at Euan's £1.3m bachelor pad - Daily Telegraph

Ed Miliband says David Cameron is a "tainted Prime Minister"

"Ed Miliband will today launch a strong personal attack on David Cameron, branding him a "tainted Prime Minister" who stands up for the rich and powerful rather than ordinary people." – The Independent

  • The Prime Minister's "personal brand is bust" says Andrew Grice in The Independent

Fight for the soul of the Labour Party as unions battle against Progress 

"Ed Miliband is facing a renewed civil war between the Blairite wing of his party and its union backers after an attempt by the unions to ban Progress, the pressure group most closely associated with Tony Blair." - The Guardian

> Yesterday: LeftWatch: Labour left seek to ban Blairite group Progress

Review of extortionate cost of public inquiriesThe Scotsman

TA to play a bigger role in front line army operations Financial Times (£)

MAJOR johnJohn Major called me a liar – says Kelvin MacKenzie in the Daily Mail

Expenses scandal tarnished faith in public service says Rowan Williams - The Daily Telegraph

Send children from problem families to boarding schools says Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw Daily Mail

Nursery school milk scam - The Sun

And finally… Council overturns ban on dinner girl's blog Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday: Local government: Argyll & Bute Council drop ban on nine-year-old's school dinner blog photos


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