ADONIS ANDREW1.45pm LISTEN: Lord Adonis accuses Coalition of "dither and delay" on HS2, airport capacity and energy infrastructure… he also adds to speculation about "deeply dissatisfied Lib Dems talking to Labour

ToryDiary: Tory movement against wind farms and HS2 is gathering momentum

ToryDiary: Tim Montgomerie joins The Times as a fortnightly columnist

Tom Waterhouse on Comment: The challenge for the Conservatives in London

The Deep End: Society should cut the supply of addictive products such as pornography

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VIDEO: David Cameron invites Scouts, Girl Guides and Age Concern to Number 10 for Jubilee party

Cameron insists the Queen will never abdicate and dismisses suggestions she could slow down following Diamond JubileeDaily Mail

  • Melanie Phillips celebrates the pageant in the Daily Mail: "What a fantastic, glorious, emotional, quite overwhelming spectacle. It wasn’t just that it was flawlessly executed. It wasn’t just that, as billed in advance, it would provide a sight that people would never have seen before. It was also a triumphant restatement and reaffirmation of a Britain that people love so deeply but which so many fear may have been lost for ever."
  • Sixty years in the public eye, and more loved and respected than ever – Norman Tebbit in The Telegraph

Stephen Fry leads criticism of BBC's 'mind-numbingly tedious' Jubilee coverageThe Age

  • "The BBC was sinking under a tide of wittering inanity" – Daily Mail
  • "Camera angles and sound quality were also said to have been not up to scratch while a mistaken description of the Queen as "HRH" – rather than "Her Majesty" – also drew flak. Comedian Stephen Fry – host of the BBC panel show QI – led a chorus of disgruntlement on Twitter, branding the coverage as "mind-numbingly tedious"." – Telegraph
  • "Tory MP for Reading East, Rob Wilson, joined the voices condemning the BBC's jubilee reporting. He wrote: "Seems we all agree on terrible BBC coverage. Low grade, celebrity driven drivel. How did Beeb get it so wrong?"" – Independent

HUNT JEREMY NWDavid Cameron launched an impassioned defence of Jeremy Hunt yesterdayIndependent

Cameron claims a string of Budget U-turns prove the Coalition is braveThe Sun

  • "Nobody thinks this Government lacks resolve, strength and grit. It has all of those things and it also has the courage to say if we've got something wrong, let's change it, let's not keep ploughing into the brick wall." – The Scotsman on Cameron's defence of the Government's U-turns.
  • The public have turned against U-turns according to YouGov.

Labour MP refers Sayeeda Warsi's expense claims to the policeGuardian

  • Pressure intensified on Cabinet Minister Baroness Warsi yesterday after David Cameron said “questions had to be answered” over her expenses and business affairs – Express
  • Allies of Sayeeda Warsi claim PM ordered undisclosed foreign trips, which were vital to Afghan mission – Independent

Green-imageThe government has been trying to dilute EU environmental regulations despite trumpeting its commitment to green issues at homeGuardian

  • Seven people in 10 want more wind farms built across the countryside to meet Britain's energy needs – Independent
  • Is this the end of wind farms? Osborne demands Government subsidies are slashed by a quarter – Daily Mail
  • The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said ministers have been blowing "hot and cold" on green technology and must send clearer signals if they want companies to invest in them – BBC

> Yesterday's Local government: Lincolnshire Conservatives introduce presumption against wind turbines

Bruce Anderson: Despite a bungled Budget and back-bench grumbles, the Chancellor is safe

Osborne & Cameron 2

"If George Osborne were required to stand for re-election in a secret ballot of Tory MPs, he would be in big trouble. Fortunately for Mr Osborne, the only ballot he faces has an electorate of one: his next door neighbour in Downing Street. There will have to be a reshuffle over the next few weeks, even though the PM is not looking forward to it. He will not enjoy sacking people. But a change at No 11 is very definitely not on the agenda. This Chancellor still enjoys this PM’s full confidence." – Bruce Anderson in The Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Osborne can still prosper but he must choose between being Chancellor and general busybody

The Coalition's £2.5 billion Business Growth Fund, financed by the big banks and backed heavily by senior ministers, has injected less than £60 million of equity into 11 projects since it went live in May 2011The Times (No paywall this weekend).

Families' disposable incomes will fall by 0.2% in 2012, for third year runningGuardian

Labour open up 16% lead in Angus Reid opinion surveyAngus Reid

Goldie Orange JacketDarling, Kennedy and Goldie to lead campaign to keep Scotland in the Union

"The campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom will launch in the second half of this month, The Scotsman can reveal, with Charles Kennedy and Annabel Goldie confirmed as joining Alistair Darling at the helm. Organisers have set a target of amassing a £1 million war chest by the start date, which is timed to come just after First Minister Alex Salmond appears before the Leveson Inquiry." – Scotsman

  • The No campaign must beware of those who don’t really want independence, but will vote Yes to reject the status quo, writes Brian Monteith in The Scotsman

The average age of the Coalition's top ministers is 42.75. John Harris is uinimpressed.

Writing in The Guardian: "Stewardship in troubled times requires more than a smattering of grey hairs. At the height of Britain's travails in the 1970s, Denis Healey was in his late 50s; when she began pushing her box-fresh project down the nation's throat, Margaret Thatcher was 53. Clement Attlee became PM at 62, and his first two chancellors took office aged only four years younger. And take note: the most successful modern British politician is Alex Salmond, who is 58 this year. François Hollande is the same age. As loth as I am to write a single sentence about this weekend's mad parade, maybe the enthusiastic celebration of the diamond jubilee underlines an associated point, that somewhere in most people's minds, wired in since human beings came down from the trees, is an innate understanding of age and experience, and their infinite uses."

"The euro has essentially broken down as a viable economic and political undertaking. The latest rush of events reeks of impending denouement." – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Telegraph

Why do some people and many politicians want to stay in the EU on current terms? – John Redwood

If Israel wants to be sure of American support for military action against Iran, it must strike before November – Tim Montgomerie in The Times (No paywall this weekend).

And finally… A new career low for MP Lembit Opik as he launches bid to become a professional wrestlerDaily Mail


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