4.30pm MPsETC: Lord Maples has died

12.15pm Christopher Howarth on Comment: Leaving the EU would raise more questions than answers – what we need is a new model of EU membership

Noon WATCH Gordon Brown: The Sun gave a "fait accompli" on story over son Fraser's medical condition

11am ToryDiary: Liam Fox launches charity to give soldiers free holidays

10.45am Local Government: Why are Labour targeting Grant Shapps?

ToryDiary: Hague compares Syria to Bosnia. But a big British military intervention remains unlikely.

Columnist Bruce Anderson: The implosion of the Eurozone would be better for us, and the Europeans, than a long drawn out crisis

Christopher Snowdon on Comment: How Government rips us off by lobbying itself

Deep End: The Conservative case against inequality

Local Government: Scottish Conservatives defend the right to buy

TheresamayTheresa May says "soft" judges to be forced to kick out foreign criminals

"THERESA May yesterday warned soft judges she could FORCE them to kick out foreign criminals. The Home Secretary wants to stop crooks dodging deportation by claiming it would breach their right to a family life. Today she will urge MPs to back tough new guidelines for judges." – The Sun

  • "WE’D almost given up hope. But finally, it does seem that a Tory politician with guts is going to
    stand up to Europe on human rights….Mrs May says she will force through new laws if necessary to make judges pay heed. She will have Britain – and The Sun – behind her." – The Sun Says
  • The Tories are becoming the 'nasty party' on immigration – Ian Birrell for the Guardian

> From yesterday: ToryDiary: Theresa May to target migration loophole and tell judges foreign criminals do not have absolute right to family life

Back to basics – Michael Gove wants more rigorous maths teaching in primary schools


"Children will be introduced to times tables, mental arithmetic and fractions in the first two years of school as part of a back-to-basics overhaul of the National Curriculum. Ministers will this week announce key tasks pupils are expected to master at each age under wide-ranging plans to counter more than a decade of dumbing down in schools. … It represents a dramatic toughening up of standards demanded in English state schools in a move designed to benchmark lessons against those found in the world’s most advanced education systems, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and parts of the United States."- Daily Telegraph

> From yesterday:

80% want a referendum on EU membership…

"An overwhelming majority of British people favour a referendum on Europe, according to a Populus poll for The Times. It indicates that 80 per cent of voters now want a say, and 50 per cent believe that there should be a public vote right away on Britain’s relationship with the EU, without waiting for European leaders to find a solution to the turmoil pushing continental economies to the brink of collapse." The Times

  • A referendum is coming. So why doesn't Cameron take the lead? – Mary Ann Sieghart for the Independent

Eustace…But Open Europe says we should stay in…

"A British exit from the European Union would pose "unpredictable political and economic risks", the country's leading Eurosceptic thinktank argues in a report that will have a significant impact on the debate in the Tory party. As a growing number of Conservative MPs join the anti-EU Better Off Out campaign, the Eurosceptic Open Europe thinktank hits back by arguing that membership remains "the most beneficial arrangement" for Britain." - The Guardian

Writing for The Guardian George Eustace MP warns a referendum could result in us staying in the EU.

Douglas-Carswell-001…while Douglas Carswell and David Ruffley attack George Osborne for using Euro as "alibi" for lack of economic growth

"Tory MPs yesterday rounded on George Osborne after he blamed the eurozone crisis for ‘killing off’ Britain’s recovery. They accused the Chancellor of using the turmoil as a ‘simple alibi for no UK growth’ – and demanded that the Government do more to improve the poor state of the economy." - Daily Mail

  • "Should we fear the gospel according to Douglas Carswell?" asks Andy McSmith in The Independent

Boris Johnson says we are too fat

Borispointing"I honestly don’t yet know if the New York Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is right to be banning big cups of sugary drinks….But what I can say with confidence is that we in Britain have a fatness problem, and that where New York leads, London is not far behind." – Daily Telegraph

Troubled families scheme expands - BBC

> From yesterday - ToryDiary: It's counter-attack Sunday. Tory ministers promise action on the school curriculum, foreign prisoners, immigration and troubled families.

Bercow lashes out at critics who he brands 'snobs and bigots' as speaker goes to war with Tory MPsDaily Mail

Senior Lib Dem breaks Coalition ranks to tell Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to quit

"Breaking ranks with Coalition colleagues, Lord Oakeshott said ‘no self-respecting minister could possibly carry on’. … Lord Oakeshott accused David Cameron of an error of judgment and said senior Tories had engaged in a ‘Faustian pact’ with the Murdochs. His views, which are widely shared by senior Lib Dems, threaten to spark bad blood in government as both Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg give evidence to the Press standards inquiry this week." – Daily Mail

  • Brown and Osborne to appear before Leveson today - BBC

"Coalition reeling as voters flock to Labour" - The Independent's poll of polls shows an eight point Labour lead - The Independent

Labour attack Grant Shapps for being too high profile

Shapps Grant On BBC"…now Labour has turned its guns on Grant Shapps, dubbed the minister for Daybreak, accusing him of issuing misleading statistics and trying to bolster his media profile with dozens of dubious re-announcements. The party has compiled a list of almost 200 Government press releases originating from Mr Shapps, whose official job is Housing Minister." – Independent

Ed Miliband mission to woo Bradford voters after Galloway's victory - The Guardian

  • "Labour must move beyond its "anti-cuts rhetoric" and spell out what it would do if it was in power, a leading union backer has warned." - BBC

Margo Macdonald refuses to join Scottish independence Yes campaignThe Scotsman

Most members of Scottish Parliament back gay marriageThe Scotsman

London Olympics 2012: get set for the gridlock games – Andrew Gilligan for the Daily Telegraph

Euro makes gains after Spanish bailout

Euro"The euro has made gains against the dollar and the yen as markets react to the eurozone deal aimed at shoring up Spain's troubled banks. … On Saturday, eurozone ministers agreed to lend Madrid up to 100bn euros ($125bn; £80bn) to help its banks. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy hailed the decision as a victory for the single currency." - BBC

  • "Sure, chucking at least €100bn at insolvent, incompetently managed second-tier Spanish banks will pour oil on stormy Eurozone waters. It will reduce the immediate threat of an explosive collapse. But far from solving Europe’s crisis, it will ensure that the ultimate denouement, when it eventually comes, will be even more painful." – Allister Heath in City AM
  • "The left has scored well in the first round of French parliamentary elections, leaving the Socialist party within reach of an absolute majority" - The Guardian
  • Europe should be Labour's grand project for our times – Jackie Ashley for the Guardian

And finally…Camerons leave daughter Nancy behind in a pub

"David Cameron mistakenly left his eight-year-old daughter in a pub by herself when he drove off without her, it was revealed last night. The Prime Minister – who had been enjoying Sunday drinks with his family near Chequers – only realised his eldest daughter was missing when he arrived back at his official country residence." – Daily Mail


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