7pm WATCH: Charles Walker MP: "I found it very liberating" to come out in the House as having mental health issues

3pm WATCH: George Osborne: "Britain is making itself an attractive place to invest"

2.45pm LeftWatch: Labour left seek to ban Blairite group Prospect

2pm Local government: Argyll & Bute Council drop nine-year-old's school dinner blog photos

12.45pm ThinkTankCentral: Think tanks and campaign groups give mixed reaction to Osborne bank lending plans

11.30am Local government: Council byelection results from yesterday

Hoban Mark11.15am LISTEN: Mark Hoban: Bank lending scheme "is attractive to business and attractive to banks"

11am ThinkTankCentral: Centre for Policy Studies report proposes ways to boost savings

ToryDiary: George Osborne announces scheme to "max out Plan A" by injecting £100bn of "new firepower" into bank lending

Columnist Bruce Anderson: How much happier Britain would be now after two terms of John Major – who reminded us this week what we lost

Local government: John Bald gives his verdict on Ofsted: Must do better

The Deep End: Standing up for the Queen's English

WATCH: Ed Balls: "Simply giving the banks money doesn't solve the problem"

Coverage of David Cameron's Leveson evidence puts focus on text from Brooks, the hiring of Coulson and the role of Hunt…

Brooks"Brooks told the PM "professionally we're definitely in this together", after the Sun paper switched loyalty to his party, the Leveson Inquiry heard. Mrs Brooks sent the text to David Cameron on the eve of his speech to the 2009 Conservative Party conference. But Mr Cameron said ex-PM Gordon Brown's claims about a Tory deal with the company were "complete nonsense". And he said hiring ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson had "haunted" him." – BBC

"[Leveson] suggested that the Culture Secretary’s known support for the Murdoch bid would “raise a question as to the desirability” of giving him the role. The inquiry also heard that Mr Cameron made the appointment following advice from a government lawyer who was on holiday and had not seen all Mr Hunt’s comments on the bid." – Daily Telegraph

  • "The most instantly notorious single revelation of the day, Rebekah Brooks's 2009 "in this together" message to her new political best friend, actually says more about the shamelessness of the News International executive than it does about the Tory leader" - Guardian
  • "David Cameron’s 'chumocracy’ is no substitute for a political mission. The Prime Minister’s social skills fail to disguise a worrying absence of ideology." – says Fraser Nelson in the Daily Telegraph
  • Camnesia: Total lack of recall – what the PM 'forgot' – Independent
  • "Cameron the forgetful sheriff dodges the silver bullets" – Andrew Grice in The Independent
  • "David Cameron's masterclass in deflection" – Andrew Gimson in The Guardian
  • "Like a spaniel begging for scraps, Jay's beardlet moved from side to side" – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail
  • Edgy moments as David Cameron faced Leveson – Nick Robinson for the BBC

> Yesterday:

…the Daily Mail and Times argue the whole inquiry has become a distraction for the Government

"The real question, however, is for how much longer Westminster’s energy can continue to be sapped by a Press standards inquiry now entering its ninth month, which has questioned every senior member of the Cabinet, including the Chancellor – not to mention the past three prime ministers?" – Daily Mail leader

"On the first day of the Leveson Inquiry a busload of lawyers arrived to monitor and participate in proceedings, many carrying so many papers that they required trolleys with wheels to accommodate them. At that moment, it should have been apparent that a time would arrive when it would feel as if the whole thing had gone on too long." – Times (£) leader

  • "The Leveson Inquiry has so far cost taxpayers £3.2 million – and the total cost for part one of the investigation is expected to reach £5.6 million, the Government has admitted." – AP

George Osborne announces £110 billion bank loan funding

Osborne"George Osborne last night fired a £110billion adrenaline shot into the heart of the British economy in a dramatic bid to fend off Eurozone disaster. In an unprecedented move, the Chancellor teamed up with the Bank of England to release the jumbo sum to the banks. High Street names must pass it on to desperate businesses and homebuyers, unblocking the nation’s dried up credit river." – The Sun

  • Chancellor's Mansion House speech in full – HM Treasury
  • "The problem is not the swap rates, which have remained roughly constant. Instead, banks, because of regulations, now need to rely far more on sterling time deposits. To attract savers, these have shot up by 0.4 percentage points over that period. Why not simply suspend such regulations? That would cut the cost of credit without necessitating any grandiose and risky new government schemes."- Allister Heath in City AM
  • "What is most reassuring is the commitment by the Governor to the financial markets to make sure that British banks, irrespective of what happens on the Continent, are able to obtain whatever cash they may require given the turbulence ahead." – Alex Brummer in the Daily Mail

Theresa May says Boris Johnson shows value of directly elected police chiefs

May Select cmmtee"If you want to see the benefits of having a directly elected local figure in charge of policing, then you just need to look to London. Boris Johnson has put more police on the streets, increased police visibility and introduced innovative policies such as the new sobriety scheme. … he might have been elected mayor as a Conservative, but that hasn’t stopped him from telling us when he disagrees with the Government – and we can expect the same of police and crime commissioners." – Theresa May for the Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday: Nick Pickles on Comment: Under the cover of David Cameron's Leveson evidence today, the Government slips out its plans to log every website visit you make

Cameron's warning for Argentina on 30th anniversary of Falklands liberation: "there will be absolutely no negotiation"

ThatcherOnTank"Mr Cameron said he had no wish to stoke a row with Argentina, but added: "When it comes to the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, there will be absolutely no negotiation. This is not some game of global monopoly – with nations passing a territory between them. It's about the Islanders determining their own future. This has been their home for almost 180 years. There are children whose ancestors have lived there for generations. The roots go deep – and they will not be ripped out."" – Daily Telegraph

  • "Victory against Argentina came at a high price, but demonstrated Britain had not lost its military prowess or determination to stand up to bullies. Argentina is throwing its weight around again today. Let them remember what happened last time. The Falklands will stay British for as long as the islanders want." – The Sun Says

> Yesterday: Local Government: Pickles flies Falklands flag to mark 30th anniversary of liberation

David Lidington warns against reduction in Britain's EU rebate 

LIDINGTON DAVID BLUE"The UK will not accept any reduction in its rebate from the EU budget, Europe Minister David Lidington has warned. He said that EU ministers had decided at a summit in Brussels to include the rebate on a list of subjects that would form the basis for negotiations on the EU's long-term budget. This was "pointless" since the UK would block any reduction to the rebate, Mr Lidington said." - BBC

Conservative MP Charles Walker speaks of mental health problemsBBC

> Yesterday: MPsETC: Read the whole of Charles Walker MP's brave Commons speech today about his mental health history

Working-class Toryism is dying - says Owen Jones in The Independent

Iain Duncan Smith will make children poorer – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

  • Wealthier pensioners could lose winter fuel allowance and free bus passes – Daily Telegraph

SNP propose £500 donations limit on independence referendum campaignHerald

Centrists in the Labour Party must fight or die – Atul Hatwal at Labour Uncut

And finally…. Blair avoids citizen's arrest in Hong KongThe Guardian


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