Herbert Nick 58.45pm LISTEN: Nick Herbert MP: Tom Winsor "was by far the best candidate for the job" of Chief Inspector of Constabulary

5pm Local government: Tate backs free school bid

3.30pm ToryDiary: Osborne, May, Lansley, Hammond, Mitchell and Greening all suffer big losses in association membership

1.45pm WATCH: Michael Forsyth: "It is fatuous to argue that we'll still have Britain and we'll still have the United Kingdom"

11.30am LeftWatch: An addition to Labour's sensible commentariat: Atul Hatwal

May Theresa Abu QatadaToryDiary: Message to the police: Theresa May and Nick Herbert are not for turning

Columnist Bruce Anderson: The BBC's Jubilee coverage was a calamity. It should be scaled back to an operation worthy of Reith.

Will Morris on Comment: Every business should be required by law to have its own code of ethics


Local Government: 

The Deep End: Coming your way: The money revolution

WATCH: William Hague: Ministers will boycott England's Euro 2012 games in protest at Ukraine's political situation

Cameron: I'll protect Britain from a European superstate – and I'll use my veto if I have to…

Telegraph FP 8th June"The Prime Minister dismissed as “nonsense” a suggestion from Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, that the European Union should eventually have a single national identity and described as “nonsense” the idea of loyalty to a common European flag." – Daily Telegraph

"Britain threatened to wield its EU veto for the second time in less than a year if eurozone leaders draw up a rescue plan for the single currency that threatens British interests in the European single market." – Guardian

  • "The Prime Minister claimed further integration was crucial for the euro’s stability, but insisted that the UK government would not ask British taxpayers to underwrite the debts of ailing banks in Greece and Spain." – Scotsman
  • "'David' and 'Angela' politely ignore their differences during wide-ranging 90-minute discussion streamed worldwide" – Guardian
  • "To say that David Cameron’s trip to Berlin yesterday was pointless does not really come close. If only it had merely been pointless. In reality his trip was positively dangerous" – Stephen Pollard for the Daily Express
  • "David Cameron should convince Chancellor Angela Merkel that Europe needs to move in the direction of free trade and structural reform" – Mats Persson for the Daily Telegraph

> From yesterday - WATCH: David Cameron: "I understand why single currency countries have to look at deeper integration"

…Osborne: We may have to hold a European referendum

OSBORNE GEORGE NW"George Osborne… signalled that ministers were prepared to call a referendum over Britain's place in the European Union. The Chancellor also warned that the Government was ready to wield its veto in Brussels if there was an attempt to impose fresh controls on British banks" – Independent

  • "Lib Dem sources made clear that they would challenge any attempt to force an unnecessary referendum, and some government sources and backbench Tory MPs questioned the wisdom of Mr Osborne’s comments." – The Times (£)
  • Cameron and Osborne promise to defend UK interests in Europe - City AM

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Osborne hints at a referendum if a "reshaped relationship with Europe" comes about

Referendum comment

  • Ballot_box"The electors can have referenda on elected police chiefs, obscure voting systems and on elected mayors. But on the single most important issue of our times they are denied a democratic say." – Daily Mail editorial
  • Whatever the form, a British referendum on the EU now seems inevitable - Times (£) editorial
  • Lord Owen is a voice in the wilderness – Daily Express editorial
  • "Britain must start preparing to negotiate fundamental changes in its relationship with Europe – and accept that the people must have the final say on whatever deal is agreed." – Daily Telegraph editorial
  • "Those who think an early In/Out referendum is the best answer for Eurosceptics need to be careful" – John Redwood's Diary
  • There’s only one question on Europe: in or out – William Rees-Mogg in the Times (£)

Forced marriage to become criminal offence, David Cameron confirms - Guardian

  • Women who are forced into marriage 'will be rescued from abroad' – Daily Mail
  • "Prime Minister David Cameron has described forced marriage as “little more than slavery”, as the UK government announced plans to make it a criminal offence south of the Border." – Scotsman

Cameron will hand Scotland control of 70 per cent of all money it raises as a 'reward' if they reject independence

Cameron Scots independence"The Prime Minister is said to be prepared to hand over more fiscal responsibility to Scotland if its population rejects breaking up the Union. Scotland currently controls 6 per cent of the revenue it raises, but the Prime Minister wants to raise this to 70 per cent, according to reports in The Spectator magazine. His offer could include complete control of income tax." - Daily Mail

  • Exclusive: Cameron’s offer to Scotland – Fraser Nelson at the Spectator
  • Scottish government plans separate tax agency – Guardian

Theresa May risks backlash over pick for top police job

"The Home Office has named the former rail regulator Tom Winsor as its preferred candidate to be chief inspector of the 43 police forces in England and Wales … Winsor, a lawyer, is the author of a report recommending sweeping changes to police pay and conditions that has sparked widespread protests from rank-and-file officers" – Guardian

  • "Criticism of the choice has focused on Mr Winsor's lack of policing experience, with a think-tank describing it as "risky if not reckless"." – Belfast Telegraph

Philip Hammond warns Army units failing to recruit ethnic minorities

Hammond Philip qt"Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, said that coming reforms in structure must “make sure the Army reflects the Britain of today”. … Speaking at an Army conference yesterday, Mr Hammond laid out the criteria on which units will be judged, including “recruitment performance”." - Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Reforming his department. Defending Britain's interests. Satisfying the Treasury – the circle that Philip Hammond must try to square.

Oust Syrian tyrant, Cameron tells Russia and China - Daily Express

  • "Western diplomacy recognises the necessity of a post-Assad future for Syria, despite international division" – Times (£) editorial

> From yesterday - WATCH: David Cameron: After massacre reports, "we need to do much more to isolate" Syria's "illegitimate" regime

Ministers to boycott Euro 2012 games Scotsman

  • "But the Foreign Secretary's ban on ministers and officials going to watch the contest applies only to the opening rounds" – Independent
  • Holland players subjected to racist abuse at training session – Guardian

Top mandarin to rein in political advisers

10-downing-street"Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, wants greater scrutiny of the special advisers, who are handpicked by ministers to help with media and policy work. But there are tensions over whether the advisers should report directly to permanent secretaries or to David Cameron’s chief of staff, the most senior political appointee at No 10." – The Times (£)

Most homosexuals indifferent to David Cameron's drive for gay marriage: Only a quarter would wed if law changes, reveals pollDaily Mail

  • "Homosexual couples in Denmark have won the right to get married in any church they choose, even though nearly one third of the country's priests have said they will refuse to carry out the ceremonies" – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on Majority Conservatism: Sustained outreach to Britain's churchgoers

Arrest warrant issued after Mensch's 'troll' vanishesIndependent

Tory donor’s fury over hospital VAT billThe Times (£)

Fraser Nelson: No, John Prescott, work experience is not forced labour

Prescott John"Tough love involves forcing suspected malingerers to work for their dole, in various community projects. This is when the likes of Lord Prescott will talk about the Coalition bringing back the poorhouse.But was it so much more compassionate to leave families in welfare ghettoes, spending billions on a system that has left us with 1.6 million people who have never worked a day in their lives?" – Fraser Nelson for the Daily Telegraph

  • Shall we buy Prezza a one-way ticket to North Korea? Then he can find out what a labour camp really looks like – Christian May for the Daily Mail

Gaby Hinsliff: A tussle in cabinet over universal benefits for old people is destined to end badly for David Cameron, whatever the outcome

Duncan Smith On Marr"It should not be impossible to draw up a new covenant between young and old, based on a promise to ease older people's genuine fears over long-term care – not just capping the cost to individuals, but rooting out shoddy and degrading treatment in care homes – and protecting the basic state pension. But a confident government could insist in return that wealthy retirees pay more tax and fork out for their own bus passes… To coin a phrase, it's time the generations were all in this together." – Gaby Hinsliff for the Guardian

  • Pensioners' benefits cannot be untouchable – Independent editorial
  • Care home residents who pay are subsidising the rest, owners admit - Daily Telegraph
  • More than 1 in 5 British pensioners at risk of poverty - Independent

Ed Miliband: I want a "progressive patriotism" based on the qualities that shone through during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend

Miliband Ed Official"[R]unning through my politics is a belief in the dignity of people, conserving what we value, and the possibility of progress. So we should talk about England as we forge a progressive patriotism which celebrates our differences and honours our people. It is the lesson of my life and it is what I have learnt from my country." – Ed Miliband for the Daily Telegraph

  • Ed Miliband is right to celebrate Englishness. But he risks undermining the Union that is vital to his party – Philip Collins for the Times (£)
  • Ed Miliband's progressive English patriotism falls flat – Richard Seymour for the Guardian
  • Independent Scots 'won't be British,' warns Miliband - Independent

> From yesterday - WATCH: Ed Miliband: Left-wingers "should embrace a positive, outward-looking version of English identity"

SNP set to scrap right to buy council homes in Scotland - Scotsman

Figures show rich homeowners avoiding billions in stamp dutyIndependent

And finally 1… "Boris Johnson is breaking America" Independent

> From yesterday - WATCH: Boris Johnson tells David Letterman he has "as much chance of being reincarnated as an olive" as becoming PM

And finally 2… Miliband makes cracking admission – ‘I do look like Wallace’ - The Times (£)


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