8.45pm ToryDiary: It's a change of generation at the '22

PPC Karen Bradley7.45pm MPsETC: Nick de Bois, Karen Bradley elected. Big win for 301 slate – but personal popularity came first

7.15pm Robert Halfon MP on Comment: The British Government should formally recognise historic atrocities against the Iraqi Kurds

3pm Cameron Penny on Comment: A truly Conservative approach to marriage would be to end the state's involvement in it

1.30pm John Moss on Comment: Our message on debt and deficit isn’t getting through because we are using the wrong language

1pm ToryDiary: PMQs – Cameron is equal to Miliband's economy attacks, as he hints at Eurozone "break up"

12.30pm Local government: Scottish Tory councillors have more power despite fewer seats

11am EVENT INVITATION: Matthew Elliott, Chris Grayling and Stephan Shakespeare discuss How The Conservatives Can Win The Next Election

SHAPPS GRANT-111am ToryDiary: Grant Shapps, sounding like a Party Chairman, says David Cameron should be judged only after a full term of office

10.30am ToryDiary: Unemployment is down, exports are booming but Paterson, Hague and Fox all urge Chancellor to do more

ToryDiary: Osborne and Cameron accused of interfering in '22 elections – and seeking to control Parliamentary Party

Columnist Jill Kirby: A lesson in how not to abolish a quango

Garvan Walshe on Comment: How to revive the party in the north

Local Government: Guardian's misleading attack on academies over school lunches

The Deep End: The trouble with liberalism

WATCH: Damian Green: Heathrow queues "are not acceptable" and the Government will take measures to combat them

David Cameron considers extra £25bn of welfare cuts…

CAMERON-PENSIVE"The plans include a new crackdown on housing benefit and a “mark two” system of universal credit to help push people off benefits back into full-time, rather than part-time, work. There are also understood to be a range of measures to encourage more women, particularly single mothers, to return to work." – Daily Telegraph

  • Welfare firm A4e loses contract over weak internal controls - The Times(£)
  • Government departments urged to join fraud-busting scheme – Guardian

…as 500,000 are to lose disability benefit, Iain Duncan Smith reveals

"Officials estimate that a total of 500,000 people will lose disability benefits under Mr Duncan Smith’s plan for a “more focused” allowance called the Personal Independence Payment available only to those in “genuine need” of support." – Daily Telegraph

  • Fury as blind people hit by benefit reform - Independent
  • 'Injured servicemen could lose support under reforms' – Daily Telegraph

Theresa May to scrap Harriet Harman's public sector equality laws

May Theresa in black"The Home Secretary is planning to get rid of powers that allow companies to be sued if their staff are harassed by customers or clients. This currently leaves businesses open to lawsuits if they have not stopped members of the public making racist, sexist or “ageist” remarks to their employees." – Daily Telegraph

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission faces closure - The Times (£)
  • "Truly, cases brought under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, which outlaws ‘insulting words or behaviour’, range from the farcical and fatuous to the sinister. This is why the Mail supports the broad coalition of MPs and religious, secularist and free-speech campaigners calling on the Home Secretary to amend the law." – Daily Mail editorial
  • Theresa May is 'destroying police service' , say officers – Independent

Minister blames wrong type of wind for chaos at Heathrow

GREEN-DAMIAN-RED-TIE"Emergency plans to hire 70 more staff at troubled Heathrow were announced by the Immigration Minister yesterday as he acknowledged that the huge queues at the airport may be damaging Britain's reputation abroad. Damian Green also risked ridicule when he told MPs that the length of time non-European passengers waited to have their passports checked could depend on the direction in which the wind was blowing at the time." - Independent

  • Star Joan Collins raps Theresa May on Heathrow chaos - The Sun

David Davis says case for secret courts based on a 'falsehood'

"The government's central argument for the creation of new generation of secret courts has been "blown out of the water" by the leak of highly sensitive British intelligence in the US, according to former shadow home secretary David Davis." - Guardian

  • Secret courts would be a licence to cover up – David Davis for the Guardian
  • Closed door confusion: Minister’s U-turn on a U-turn on secret justice - Daily Mail
  • Free speech 'strangled by law that bans insults' and is abused by over-zealous police and prosecutors - Daily Mail

Grant Shapps: David Cameron's interrogation ensures Ministers get the job done

Shapps Grant On BBC"In an article for the Daily Telegraph, the minister defends Mr Cameron against accusations that the Government is not doing enough to boost economic growth… He says: “David Cameron knows delivery means everything. As one of those ministers hauled into Number 10 to have my feet held to the fire, I’ve born witness to the PM’s sheer determination to get the job done….The Prime Ministerial interrogation presses ministers into detail that might surprise some.”" - Daily Telegraph

William Hague tells ministers to help green industries boost economy

Hague William Syria"The government should do more to help green industries boost economic growth, stop the UK falling behind international rivals, and avoid losing its global leadership on the environment, William Hague has told cabinet colleagues… The foreign secretary also warns in his letter to ministers that unless Britain takes stronger leadership on the green economy there is no hope of securing an international agreement on climate change." – Guardian

  • "François Hollande's reported plans to close France's nuclear plants could have a shocking impact on Britain, highlighting dangerous flaws in our national energy policy" - Independent
  • Life’s got tougher. We all have to work harder – William Hague for the Times (£)

Cameron accused of trying to 'nobble' 1922 Tory MP committee elections


"Some traditionalist MPs are outraged about what they say is an attempt by Downing Street to stack the 1922 group with loyalist, modernising MPs who do not want to anger the party's leadership. Last night Mr Osborne, the Chancellor, held a special briefing of the modernising 301 group of Conservative MPs in Westminster. That came after Mr Cameron hosted a drink for specially-chosen Conservative MPs at his flat in Downing Street on Monday night." - Daily Telegraph

  • "The battle is now focusing on the two secretary posts among the six officers of the 1922." - Guardian

> Yesterday's 1922 Committee coverage:

Beijing furious after Cameron meets the Dalai Lama on his visit to BritainDaily Mail

CLARK LARGE NEWGreg Clark and Labour's Mayor of Liverpool: We fight together for LiverpoolGuardian

A doctors’ strike would betray their patients – Dr Sarah Wollaston MP for the Daily Telegraph

Think-tanks will take over civil service policy role

"Under the scheme, to start this autumn, departments would commission consultants or think-tanks to draw up policy, develop it and “torture test” it instead of using civil servants. Officials said that the policies could range from revising business regulations to cutting billions from welfare payments or wider public sector reform." - The Times (£)

  • "Ministers say it’s easier dealing with union bosses than permanent secretaries. The Civil Service love affair is over" – Alice Thomson for the Times (£)
  • There’s a vital ingredient missing in Downing Street – pure hatred – Benedict Brogan for the Daily Telegraph

Leveson Inquiry: Hunt adviser to give evidenceDaily Telegraph

Emboldened Miliband turns to Cruddas to draw up radical plan for general election

CruddasJon"Ed Miliband has sprung a surprise by appointing the free-thinking Labour MP, Jon Cruddas, as his policy chief with a brief to draw up a radical programme for the next general election. Liam Byrne, a Blairite, lost his attempt to hang on to the policy brief but retained his post as shadow Work and Pensions Secretary." – Independent

  • Ed Miliband's new policy chief backs a vote on Europe – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: As Tory MPs move apart for the '22 elections, Labour's leaders draw closer over an EU referendum

Alistair Darling says stripping Fred Goodwin of knighthood had 'a bit of the lynch mob' about itIndependent

  • Be bold, Ed – bring Alistair Darling back into the fold – Matthew Norman for the Independent

EuroEurocrisis latest

  • "Newly inaugurated French President Francois Hollande has pledged to work with Germany to resolve the EU's economic crisis. He was speaking in Berlin following talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, hours after being sworn in. Both leaders said they wanted to keep debt-stricken Greece in the euro." – BBC
  • Trust in Tories slides as Osborne blames Europe for Britain's double dip – Independent
  • "In or out of the euro, another default on Greek debt now looks inevitable. This, now held mainly by European banks which would lose a significant part of their capital stock, threatens another banking crisis." – Scotsman editorial
  • How Keynes would solve the eurozone crisis - Marcus Miller and Robert Skidelsky for the FT (£)
  • Government’s job is to shield UK taxpayers from Euro chaos – Allister Heath for City AM
  • Greeks forced back to polls – City AM

> From yesterday:

Public sector workers take 60 per cent more sick leave than private sector workers - The Sun

The cult of personality has run rampant. It is time to return to more old-fashioned values – Anthony Seldon for the Daily Telegraph

Prostate cancer drug that can extend patients' lives by three months should be available on the NHS, says health watchdogDaily Mail

  • Cheap NHS prescription medicine is being sold to Europe for profit, putting British patients at risk, MPs warn – Daily Mail

And finally 1… A little too Keane? George Osborne mocked for 'attempts to look cool' as he listens to band on Andrew Marr showDaily Mail

And finally 2… Boris Johnson receives a congratulatory email from Sir Mick Jagger after winning the London mayoral raceDaily Telegraph


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