Cameron relaunch8.15pm WATCH: David Cameron: The Coalition is "as necessary today as it was two years ago"

7.15pm ToryDiary: Once-happy couple look troubled at the Coalition's renewal of vows

5.45pm MPsETC Update as MPs continue to speak out post-local elections and pre-Queen's Speech: David Ruffley MP urges the Government introduce radical economic policies – and urges the Government to call a general election if Lib Dems won't go along with them

5pm On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 15: Lords Reform Bill

4.15pm ThinkTankCentral: A new report from Jesse Norman MP and the Centre for Policy Studies urges the abolition and replacement of PFI

4pm On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 14: Electoral Integrity Bill

3pm On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 13: Trade Union Members' Bill

Shaps Grant daily politics2.45pm WATCH: Grant Shapps: Landlords evicting tenants to profit from the Olympics is "absolutely illegal"

2.30pm Local government: Boris announces new team

2pm On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 12: Finance Bill

1pm MPsETC: The 2010-12 parliamentary session was the most rebellious on record

TAQSNoon On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 11: Double Devolution Bill

11am On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 10: University Standards Bill

10am On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 9: Education (Choice and Opportunity) Bill

ToryDiary: It's an Essex factory, not Downing Street's rose garden, for Cameron and Clegg – as they pledge to fire up the engines of growth

On Comment: The Alternative Queen's Speech 8: Double EU Referendum Bill

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: Boris didn't win because he's a true Conservative or because he's a clown. He won because he's competent.

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 15.31.58Marina Yannakoudakis MEP on International: The lesson of the French and Greek elections is that the Fiscal Compact is defending the indefensible

MPsETC Update as MPs continue to speak out post-local elections and pre-Queen's Speech: Nick Boles MP urges the Government to "start to deliver" pro-growth policies

Sam Chapman on Local Government: What Police and Crime Commissioners are not

The Deep End: The worrying truth about China's economy – Part I

WATCH: Nick Boles MP: The Government has pro-growth policies, but we "need to make sure they start to deliver"

Coalition relaunch: David Cameron – there is no going back on austerity

4601012387_270ac5a14e_b"David Cameron is to declare that there is “no going back” on harsh spending cuts after seeing the leaders of France and Greece swept from power by public anger at austerity… In a rare joint appearance with Nick Clegg, the Prime Minister and his Deputy will rededicate themselves and their parties to protecting the country from “the financial storm”." – Daily Telegraph

  • "The event, in Essex, comes on the eve of the Queen's Speech, when the new legislative programme is set out. It will also be an attempt to move on, after last week's local elections" – BBC

…But internal tensions continue

Screen shot 2010-09-09 at 07.52.26

"Yesterday Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrats' deputy leader, accused Conservative MPs who oppose the Coalition of believing they were "born to rule". His counter-attack came after the MPs demanded a traditional Tory agenda and urged Mr Cameron to stop giving in to Mr Clegg, claiming the Liberal Democrat tail was wagging the Coalition dog." – Independent

"Senior Liberal Democrats believe that the party may have to withdraw from government early to avoid being wiped out at the next general election… They think the party will need to reassert its independence from its Conservative governing partners well before polling day in May 2015." - The Times (£)

  • Cut fuel duty or lose votes: Furious drivers deliver ultimatum to MPs – The Sun
  • "Forget a leadership challenge, but the PM’s critics should steer him in the right direction" – Iain Martin for the Daily Telegraph
  • "David Cameron is under pressure to get back to ‘real Tory’ values. To give in, though, would be a fatal mistake" – Rachel Sylvester for the Times (£)
  • "The biggest challenge arises not from what Cameron and Clegg disagree over but from what they agree on" – Simon Richards for the Independent

> From yesterday:

David Davis MP: The Government has got its approach to Lords reform all wrong

Davis David April 2011"If you were designing an institution to protect our judicial rights and ancient freedom, you might not design our current House of Lords, yet it has proved robust at standing up to overmighty governments, and standing up for victims of draconian laws. Drastic changes could deliver a serious blow to one of our most effective checks against excessive state power." – David Davis MP for the Daily Telegraph

  • "David Cameron is promising a voter-friendly agenda – so why waste time on the reform of the Upper Chamber?" – Daily Telegraph editorial

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond: a business brain to reshape our Forces

Hammond"Dr Liam Fox wore his heart on his sleeve and relished the derring-do aspects of defence, revelling in photo opportunities involving guns and other lethal kit. Mr Hammond describes himself as “an outsider” in defence and prefers to avoid such public stunts, happy to leave war to the warriors. And if Dr Fox saw himself as the champion of the Armed Forces, Mr Hammond seems to define his own role as a management consultant given the task of saving a much-loved but troubled company." – Daily Telegraph

  • Regiments with Commonwealth recruits 'face being wiped out’ - Daily Telegraph

Parents back Cameron war on drug-drive killersThe Sun

Cabinet in confusion over NHS risk register publication Guardian

Don't turn your back on the old, PM urgedDaily Mail

  • Labour 'will pull out of elderly care talks unless Coalition acts’ – Daily Telegraph

"Critics claimed it was 'social cleansing’. But the Coalition’s plan to cap housing benefit has caused nothing like the chaos predicted" – Andrew Gilligan for the Daily Telegraph

Coalition peers will block cap on charity donations

"A survey of 79 Conservative and Liberal Democrat peers found that 70 per cent believe charitable gifts should be exempt from the cap announced in the March Budget, while 81 per cent think the ceiling will reduce the funds available for the work of charities." – Independent

Vince Cable: The tide is turning against EU bureaucracy

Cable Vince interview

"But the tide is turning… Spain and Italy want the EU to focus more single-mindedly on a growth agenda, including deregulation. Last November the European Commission agreed to attack the regulatory burden with exemptions for micro businesses. And earlier this year, following sustained UK lobbying, we achieved agreement in Brussels to exempt around 1.4 million UK small businesses from burdensome EU accounting rules." – Vince Cable for the Daily Telegraph

Ed Miliband: Drop the 50p cut and the "granny tax"

Miliband Ed March 2012"Ed Miliband will today call on the Government to scrap the cut in the top rate of income tax and the 'granny tax'. Speaking in the Essex town of Harlow, Mr Miliband will say the Government's recent woes have been caused by "economic failure compounded by unfairness"." – PoliticsHome (£)

Come clean on child poverty failure, Milburn tells Government

"The Government's adviser on social mobility has urged ministers to admit they will miss a legally binding target to cut child poverty because of spending cuts and the flatlining economy. Alan Milburn warned that the Coalition's austerity measures would deepen child poverty rather than reduce it to meet the goals set by the previous Labour Government." – Independent

Tom Watson to provide foreword for new book on Tommy Sheridan trial - Scotsman

  • Detectives ran criminal record checks on Labour politicians – Independent

Labour and SNP to run Edinburgh City CouncilBBC

SNP criticised over ‘biased’ independence poll questionThe Times (£)

David Cameron and SarkozyHollande and Europe are turning the tide. Where will it leave Cameron?… – Polly Toynbee for the Guardian

  • "German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that renegotiating Europe’s new “fiscal pact” is not on the cards despite the election of a new French President, Francois Hollande, who has made overhauling the pact one of his key election promises." – City AM
  • "The arrival of a pragmatic pro-European socialist could be the last chance to save the euro and the European project from neoliberal dogma that would have buried both." Guardian editorial
  • "The EU is paralysed by right-wing groupthink. Hollande will offer a dose of reality" – David Miliband for the Times (£)
  • The Greek crisis will fast expose Mr Hollande – Gideon Rachman for the FT (£)

> From yesterday - WATCH: ‪Francois Holland – People of France, thank you for allowing me to become your President

…and what about Greece?

  • "Francois Hollande will grab the headlines – but Greece is a ticking timebomb that could blow the Eurozone economy apart. Analysts have now raised the chances of Greece leaving the euro to 75 PER CENT." –The Sun
  • Eurozone elections will precipitate Greek exit – Allister Heath for City AM
  • Greek tragedy that could sink the euro - Daily Mail editorial
  • Monetary policy is no panacea for Europe’s ills - Jens Weidmann in the FT (£)

> Yesterday on The Deep End: The moral, intellectual and literal bankrupcy of vulgar Keynesianism

BercowJohnPublicDoesntLikeItBercow to back gay rights reform in the Commonwealth - Independent 

Pay rise misery for millions as rate of increase fails to keep up with inflationDaily Mail

Benefits cheats in £2k fines ‘on spot’The Sun

Bill for Abu Qatada saga hits £3m …  and guess who’s paying?Daily Mail

Headteachers claim forced academy status is unjustifiedGuardian 

And finally… the rapper who became a Labour councillor 

"One of nine members of Welsh comedy hip-hop group Goldie Lookin Chain – best known for their 2004 hit Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do – Zedong also goes by the names P Xain and Zardoz. And, as of last week's elections he can add a new alias to the list: Labour councillor Rhys Hutchings of Newport." - Guardian


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