8pm WATCH: Boris Johnson: "There's a difference between me and the former Mayor Ken Livingstone – I am a Mayor who unites"

6.30pm MPsETC: Only three Tory MPs rebel against move to relax Sunday trading laws for the Olympics

4pm Katie Perrior on Comment: Ring, ring! It's Boris calling for your vote…

2.45pm MPsETC: The 37 Acts the Coalition has passed so far

Mensch Louise DCMS2.30pm WATCH: Louise Mensch MP: All Conservative members of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee voted against the report calling Murdoch unfit to run a company, so "it will be correctly seen as a partisan report, and will have lost a very great deal of its credibility"

2pm JP Floru on Comment: State queues? Privatise the lot!

11.30am David Burrowes MP on Comment: Drug addictions have an impact on families, not just the addict. It's time to break the cycle.

10am ToryDiary: The Hunt is on for film of the Culture Secretary dancing the lambada. ConservativeHome opens the bidding.

ToryDiary: My top candidates for promotion to Cabinet: Chris Grayling, Grant Shapps, Damian Green

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: Why the Conservatives could be suffering more than a mid-term protest

Dominic Raab MP on Comment: "Those with blood on their hands for serious crimes like torture should not be allowed to waltz into this country and buy up property on the Kings Road, as if nothing had happened."


Local Government: The case for Boris

WATCH: William Hague: 2011 was "a year in which the cause of freedom and democracy was reignited"

Boris Johnson set to win mayoral race according to new poll

"Boris Johnson is on course to win the race for London Mayor comfortably, according to a Populus poll for The Times which gives the incumbent a 12-point lead. A surge of support for Mr Johnson in outer London, where his lead extends to 20 points, looks set to hand him the keys to City Hall for another four years on Thursday. In the first round of voting, Mr Johnson pulls comfortably ahead on 46 per cent of the vote against Mr Livingstone’s 34 per cent." – The Times (£)

  • Boris in foul-mouthed rant at TV interviewer as he soars into a 12 point lead ahead of polls – Daily Mail
  • Police open probe into alleged voter fraud in East London – Daily Telegraph
  • "KEN Livingstone has earned up to £1.2million over the past three years — at times more than rival Boris Johnson … And his ruse of funnelling his wages into a company may have saved him up to £220,000 in tax — far more than the £50,000 first thought." – The Sun

> Coverage from yesterday's Local government: 

William Hague targets Syria in human rights address

"There is a limit to the patience of the international community with the Assad regime in Syria, Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned. However, the attitude of the Russians and Chinese remains a “constraint” on what can be done, he added. Mr Hague, launching in London the Foreign Office’s guide to human rights and democracy, said the UK government remained “gravely concerned” about the situation in Syria." – Scotsman

Claims of torture in Jordan throw Theresa May’s Qatada strategy into doubt

May Theresa Commons"The Government’s attempts to deport Abu Qatada appeared increasingly fragile last night as it was revealed that the Jordanian regime is facing fresh allegations of torture. A group of anti-regime protesters claim they were subjected to barbaric beatings in custody, which took place just days before Home Secretary Theresa May told Parliament she had received assurances… torture evidence would no longer be used." – Independent

Damian Green makes pledge over airport queue delays

Green Damian Home Office"The UK's Border Force will ensure all immigration desks are fully staffed during summer peak times, Immigration Minister Damian Green has told MPs. Mr Green made an emergency Commons statement on the lengthy immigration queues seen at Heathrow recently. He said delays were caused mainly by severe weather disrupting flights." – BBC

  • "Airlines using London’s Heathrow airport would pay higher landing fees to help sort out Britain’s border chaos under a plan backed by David Cameron. … Ministers are hoping to fix the problem of two-hour plus queues by ensuring Border Force staff respond rapidly to big influxes of passengers inside Heathrow’s immigration halls." – FT (£)
  • "Unions were accused of playing politics by insisting that the delays were the direct result of job cuts and would only get worse." – Daily Mail
  • "Boris Johnson has written to Home Secretary Theresa May to express his "serious concern" about immigration problems at Heathrow" – Daily Telegraph

Poor teachers could be paid less than competent colleagues under government plans

"Ministers want to link pay to performance in the classroom as part of a new drive to improve results and attract the best graduates into the profession. A cross-party group of MPs today says that a new payment by results system is needed to stop the worst teachers hiding behind a “rigid and unfair” national salary structure. “Results” would include not just exam grades but measures such as how much progress pupils make, class discipline and Ofsted ratings." – Daily Telegraph

  • Today’s report from the education select committee on teaching contains sensible, non-partisan suggestions – Telegraph editorial

Charlotte Leslie MP: We need a Royal College for teaching

Leslie charlotte"A Royal College… would champion the evidence-based, professionally driven standards that give medicine its status; keep politics out of the classroom; and attract and retain brighter, better teachers. But it can’t be politicians who create it: that would defeat the point. It must be driven by the profession itself. In an education landscape cluttered with state institutions, all trying to fill that role, politicians have a duty to clear the way for such a college, so teaching gets the status it deserves." – Charlotte Leslie MP in the Daily Telegraph

Iain Duncan Smith backs campaign to promote marriage


"Iain Duncan Smith last night signalled support for a major campaign to promote marriage and turn back the ‘appalling’ tide of divorce. The Work and Pensions Secretary, widely seen as the social conscience of the modern Conservative Party, indicated he was wholeheartedly behind a bid by High Court judge Sir Paul Coleridge to end the ‘destructive scourge’ of family breakdown." – Daily Mail

I've axed Labour's 'patio tax' so no more homes will be pushed into higher band because of improvements, says Eric Pickles

"The 'patio tax' which jacked up council tax bills for homes with garden improvements, good neighbourhoods and picturesque views has been scrapped, ministers said yesterday. … The move ordered by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles ends years of stealthy council tax increases achieved by state snoopers with instructions to charge for every possible advantage a homeowner might enjoy." – Daily Mail

Cameron forced by Bercow to answer more questions over Jeremy Hunt affair

BercowJohnPublicDoesntLikeIt"David Cameron took an extraordinary swipe at Speaker John Bercow tonight after being dragged to the Commons to answer more questions over the Jeremy Hunt affair. The Prime Minister was said to be ‘furious’ at having been made to scrap plans for a local election speech on the economy after Speaker Bercow ordered him to respond to an urgent question from Labour." – Daily Mail

  • "The Prime Minister declined to act now and said that he would wait until Mr Hunt had given evidence to the inquiry, rather than order his own investigation." – Independent
  • Alex Salmond aides tried to set up phone call with Jeremy Hunt - Scotsman
  • "What harms Mr Cameron in the recent Leveson Inquiry revelations is not the detail of who said what to whom over BSkyB, but a more general sense that he is part of a rich and powerful clique" – Rachel Sylvester in the Times (£)
  • This crisis goes beyond integrity. It’s now about accountability – Steve Richards for the Independent
  • MPs to publish report into phone hacking abuse - BBC

> Yesterday on MPsETC: Boss (Bercow) gives Man (Cameron) bad day at the office. So Man kicks Cat (Miliband).

More than 100 new civil service roles with bigger salary than the Prime Minister

"Treasury ministers have approved salaries of more than £142,500 for a raft of new civil service bosses, despite promising to crack down on civil servant pay. In total, the 101 extra jobs on the government payroll are costing more than £14 million per year. It is understood that most of these new roles are in the NHS, as it faces the biggest shake-up in a generation." - Daily Telegraph

  • "Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander admits over half the salaries he has signed off are new posts. But a spokesman said: “The Government takes a tough approach to pay in the public sector and has introduced unprecedented controls.”" – The Sun

Mary Riddell: The 2015 election is Labour's to lose

Miliband Edsep 11"For the first time, a working majority in 2015 does not look beyond Mr Miliband’s grasp. Anything could happen in these volatile times. Labour could combust as fast as the Government has disintegrated, and Mr Cameron could become a three-term legend. Even so, the traceless rise of Ed Miliband should not be under-estimated. As of today, the election is Labour’s to lose." – Mary Riddell in the Daily Telegraph

  • Ed Miliband's unpopular, Ken Livingstone may be trounced – but Labour should still win big on Thursday – Independent

Frank Field says Cameron 'has yet to show he has read' report that could smash deprivation cycleDaily Mail

Galloway under fire as Gaza aid convoy travels through Syria

GALLOWAY George"George Galloway, the newly elected MP for Bradford West, has been accused of bolstering the regime of President Assad after it emerged that a charity founded by him will take part in an aid convoy to Gaza through Syria." – The Times (£)

No American citizens extradited to UK over crimes allegedly committed in USDaily Telegraph

Spain is back in recessionCity AM

Euro 2012 faces diplomatic crisis over Ukraine's jailed opposition leaderGuardian


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