7.30pm WATCH: George Eustice MP: An EU vote would mean "the vast majority who are somewhere in the middle don't get given the option they want"

Umunna Sunday Pols4.15pm WATCH: Chuka Umunna MP: The idea that Beecroft "commands the support of the entire business community is simply wrong"

2.30pm Local government: Council by-election result from Thursday

Noon WATCH: Nick Clegg on Syrian Olympics officials: "If you've been shown to have abused human rights, you're not allowed in"

ToryDiary: As Cameron allows a free vote on gay marriage, 45% of Tory MPs say it's the top issue constituents write to them about

Mark Reckless MP on Comment: Police and Crime Commissioners are one of the great reforms of this Conservative-led government

Mrs Bone MoSMPsETC: The famous Mrs Bone gets rejected as police commissioner candidate by Conservative HQ

Local government: Jon Snow attacks free schools and academies

WATCH: Ed Miliband makes surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan

Beleaguered Jeremy Hunt 'could quit' after Olympics, the Sunday Telegraph says

"Hunt Jeremy red tieJeremy Hunt, the beleaguered culture secretary who will be questioned at the Leveson Inquiry this week, may step down voluntarily from his cabinet post after the Olympic Games, according to senior government sources. … it is clear for the first time this weekend that many of Mr Hunt’s colleagues do not believe he will remain in his post for long after the Olympic and Paralympic Games finish in early September." – Sunday Telegraph

  • To restore probity in public life, Jeremy Hunt must go – Observer editorial
  • Can Jeremy Hunt survive a summer of political heat? – Toby Helm for the Observer

Matthew d'Ancona: David Cameron can use his appearance at the Leveson Inquiry to revive his political fortunes 

D'ANCONA"Though the cross-examination will be limited to his Lordship’s remit – the “culture, practice and ethics of the press” – it will be seen, inescapably, as a much broader viva voce, a televised appraisal of the PM’s performance to date and fitness to carry on. Two years into his premiership, and in circumstances he could scarcely have foretold when the Coalition was formed, David Cameron will find himself in the dock." – Matthew d'Ancona for the Sunday Telegraph

Other Leveson comment:

  • "Jeremy Hunt's involvement in the BSkyB bid was injudicious. By not resigning, he compounds the damage to the Government." – John Rentoul for the Independent on Sunday
  • "The Leveson inquiry, designed to examine the sins of the press, has become an inquisition into the government" - Andrew Rawnsley for the Observer

Janet Daley: David Cameron and George Osborne are isolated and impervious to advice, critics say

Cameron & Osborne 2

"The Chancellor, one of my interlocutors informed me, has been so traumatised by the disastrous reception of his Budget that he has gone to ground and become more inaccessible than ever. (“He’s in the bunker now.”) … What exasperates the disaffected troops is not just the discounting of their views (which they believe would resonate with most people who might consider voting Conservative) but the refusal to engage with them at all" – Janet Daley for the Sunday Telegraph

  • Whispers against Osborne cause Cabinet division between Chancellor and the Prime Minister – Mail on Sunday

Iain Martin: Has the Coalition reached breaking point? The Lib Dems' brutal assault on the Beecroft report has infuriated the Tories

LibDemDead"Mr Cameron’s dallying over Beecroft leaves some Tory MPs wondering what the point of this government is, beyond David Cameron being in Downing Street. Mr Hilton and Mr Letwin wanted to drive through robust reforms, but yet again Mr Cameron’s response was to prevaricate and blame the Lib Dems for being an immovable roadblock. The patience of some Tory MPs and ministers is wearing thin with the Prime Minister’s familiar old excuses." – Iain Martin for the Sunday Telegraph

  • The feeble reaction to Beecroft suggests a lack of political vision – Sunday Telegraph editorial

> Yesterday on Majority Conservatism: Should Cameron maximise the possibilities for continuing coalition or maximise the possibility of a Tory majority?

William Hague tries to halt Shell ‘murder’ caseSunday Times (£)

  • Cameron raises the arrest of safari worker with African country's closest ally – Mail on Sunday

Baroness Warsi apologises for not declaring rental income on register of members' interests

Warsi Sayeeda Sep 11"The Tory peer bought the property in 2007 but moved closer to Parliament when she became a minister in 2010, after which she began letting the Wembley flat. “Due to an oversight, for which I take full responsibility, the flat was not included on the Register of Lords’ Interests when its value and the rent received came to exceed the thresholds for disclosure,” she said. “When the discrepancy became apparent this week, I immediately informed the Registrar of Lords’ Interests of its omission.”" – Scotland on Sunday

From Greece to the Prime Minister, betting odds offer the best guide to the future – Amber Rudd MP for the Sunday Times (£)

PM's team orchestrated Commons heckling campaignSunday Telegraph

Anger of Tory wife deemed too dim for top police job – by the party chairmanMail on Sunday

Heath-long"Edward Heath, the former prime minister, fell asleep next to the Queen during a dinner at 10 Downing Street, Sir John Major has disclosed"Sunday Telegraph

Ditch plans for same-sex marriage, voters tell MPs Sunday Telegraph

Vince Cable: Don't lecture the eurozone 

Cable Vince March 2011"The UK should learn from Germany's successful economy, rather than lecturing the eurozone, Business Secretary Vince Cable says. Speaking to the Independent on Sunday after a visit to Germany, he said "any sense that Britain is lecturing is badly received and is not appropriate". He also said that being called a socialist who did not support business was "absolutely ludicrous"." – BBC

James Forsyth: Nick Clegg did not clear his pro-€uro speech

Clegg Nick welfare system"Given Germany is key to any solution, one would have imagined Clegg sitting down with David Cameron and William Hague to craft a unified British position. … A credible country can’t deliver mixed messages to the bond markets or foreign governments. But this seems to have been  forgotten. As a result, Clegg, an emotional pro-European, was freelancing on the most serious political and economic crisis to hit Europe since the end of the Cold War." – James Forsyth for the Mail on Sunday

> Coverage from yesterday:

Ed Miliband questions David Cameron's judgement on Jeremy Hunt

Miliband with troops"Ed Miliband has questioned why David Cameron thought it was appropriate to give Jeremy Hunt the final decision on News Corp's attempt to buy BSkyB. … Labour has now opened a new line of attack on the government, following the publication of a memo Mr Hunt sent to the prime minister about the BSkyB deal at a time when business secretary Vince Cable was handling the process." – Metro

  • Liberal Democrats' ties with Murdoch aides revealed to Leveson inquiry - Observer
  • Ed Miliband calls for an end to 'discrimination' against armed services – Observer

BLAIR DOWNING STREETTony Blair's moral decline and fall is now complete – Nick Cohen for the Observer

Labour voters ‘will deliver independence’Scotland on Sunday

Work-for-free programme to be expanded by governmentObserver

More jobs go in Whitehall than plannedIndependent on Sunday

Lottery funding for anti-GM activistsSunday Telegraph

Olympics fail to involve more people in sportIndependent on Sunday

And finally… Posh Dave picks the wrong suit as he opts for dressed down style at high-society wedding to fend off class gibes - Mail on Sunday


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