7.30pm ToryDiary: Only 51% of Tories support withdrawal from the European Union – and 26% would consider voting UKIP

2.30pm Andrew Smith on Comment: Labour’s reshuffle is a swing to the left, but it will put more pressure on our areas of weakness

2pm LISTEN: Chuka Umunna: Apart from Italy, Britain is the only G8 member to have entered a double dip recession

12.30pm MPsETC: The People's Pledge announce three Greater Manchester constituencies will be next to hold a vote on an EU referendum

220px-JustinegreeninghiToryDiary: Tory members lose faith in the Chancellor and Jeremy Hunt – but two Osborne-ites, Hammond and Greening, continue to impress

Lord Flight on Comment: The Treasury must prepare for the fact that it is only a matter of when and how the €uro breaks up

Alistair Renshaw on Comment: Retrospective taxation that forces people into bankruptcy is morally repugnant

Local government: Councils cutting subsidies for teaching unions by up to 50%

WATCH: David Cameron: It's in our interests as a society to help people to bring up their children

David Cameron at G8: warns Hollande that Britain will not accept a tax on the City, but Hollande tells Cameron French troops will withdraw from Afghanistan

Cameron global
  • "Mr Cameron found an unlikely ally in Mr Hollande with his calls for the European Central Bank (ECB) to become a lender of last resort and guarantor of eurozone government economies and banks exposed to southern European debt." – Scotsman
  • ""Decisive action is needed by the eurozone. They cannot go on kicking the can down the road," the PM said. Mr Cameron also warned French President Francois Hollande that Britain will not accept a tax on financial transactions." - BBC
  • "François Hollande has told David Cameron he will not reverse his pre-election commitment… [to] withdraw French combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year." – FT (£)
  • "Downing Street yesterday dismissed suggestions of a personal and political rift, insisting their two phone conversations since Mr Hollande’s election were constructive and polite." - Daily Express
  • Merkel 'suggests Greek referendum on euro membership' – BBC

"Veterans of Britain's tortuous relationship with the EU say Cameron and Osborne are giving a masterclass in how to annoy France and Germany" – Guardian

The Euro crisis means "It's a rotten time to be Prime Minister" 

EU and BRITAIN""It's a rotten time to be Prime Minister," David Cameron is said to remark privately as he contemplates what he described publicly this week as "living in perilous economic times". … Blaming it all on the eurozone may not help Mr Cameron and George Osborne, and they know it. Ten governments in Europe have been thrown out in the past year. The message is: incumbents take the rap, even if it is not entirely their fault. So Mr Cameron is straining every sinew, as he puts it, to secure UK growth" – Andrew Grice for the Independent

  • "European shares hit their lowest level since December, depressed by the prospect of a Greek euro exit spreading a wave of contagion in the currency bloc, which could engulf larger economies such as Spain." - Scotsman
  • British economy may 'never quite recover' from a severe Euro collapse, says OBR head Robert Chote – Daily Telegraph
  • When it comes to ideas for saving the economy, our leaders are as bankrupt as Greece – Simon Heffer for the Daily Mail

> From yesterday - Mark Field MP on Comment: Politicians still haven't told voters that we aren't nearly as prosperous as we thought we were

Tories have held meetings with Google every month since the election

"Tory ministers have held meetings with Google an average of once a month since the General Election. The revelation of the extraordinarily close relationship increases concerns that the internet giant has the ear of the Government on a host of sensitive topics. Official records show that David Cameron has met Google executives three times and Chancellor George Osborne four times." - Daily Mail

Hunt's adviser and Murdoch lobbyist to face Leveson Independent

Theresa May takes powers to strip Met of counter-terrorism role

May Theresa Home Office"The home secretary, Theresa May, has quietly taken powers to strip Scotland Yard of its national counter-terrorism role in the aftermath of the Olympics. The move, which could lead to counter-terrorism policing being assigned to the new national crime agency (NCA) after it is set up next April, is contained in an enabling clause in the crime and courts bill, which is to be given a second reading in the House of Lords on Monday 28 May." – Guardian

  • Hate preacher Qatada could be walking streets in a month – The Sun

How the Prime Minister "chillaxes"

Cameron,-Sam-and-family"David Cameron’s secrets of how to switch off from the pressures of work are revealed today: karaoke, snooker, tennis against a machine dubbed “the Clegger” and three or four glasses of wine at Sunday lunch. … On the relationship with Mr Hilton, the book reports that the Prime Minister’s policy guru chafed at Mr Cameron’s apparent readiness to compromise his early ambitions with the demands of coalition and Whitehall" – The Times (£)

  • World in crisis and what’s the PM up to? Frantically denying he’s hooked on Fruit Ninja iPad game – Daily Mail

Afghan war will leave taxpayers with £20bn bill as government reveal true cost of conflictDaily Mail

  • British officers could be deployed to Syria to increase pressure on Assad regime – Daily Telegraph

Charles Moore: Britain has a friend in Mitt Romney, so David Cameron should get to know him

RomneyMitt"He does not scintillate, but he is respectable, well-funded and experienced. He does value alliances, especially the US/British relationship; he does maintain the simple belief, often mocked but always true, that America needs a bridge to Europe (and vice versa) and gets it best from Britain. His foreign policy is classic conservative – more Henry Kissinger than George W Bush. At present, the links between the Romney camp and Mr Cameron hardly exist. Someone should arrange a non-governmental invitation to him to visit this country soon." – Charles Moore for the Daily Telegraph

Gold medal Olympians will no longer get automatic honours, says David Cameron

"Under a new approach which will apply from next month’s Birthday honours, there will no longer be “automatic” honours for successful athletes. Instead they will be judged against other criteria including their age, whether they are “giving back” to the community, the “level of competition” and “participation numbers” in their sport." – Daily Telegraph

  • Met Police Torch Security Team tasked with protecting the Games flame on torch relay – Daily Telegraph

Cuts? What cuts? Ignore the BBC and the Left, public spending is HIGHER than under Labour – Stephen Glover for the Daily Mail

Nick Clegg signals possible pasty tax u-turn

Clegg Nick welfare system"Clegg insisted last night that he was listening to concerns over Pasty Tax “very closely”. His support came as the consultation on Chancellor George Osborne’s hated 20 per cent VAT grab closed last night. On a visit to Cornwall Mr Clegg said: “We’re listening very carefully. I know how strongly people feel about this.”" – The Sun

> From yesterday - Columnist Bruce Anderson: Even Fred Goodwin is a far more sensible chap than Clegg, Heseltine and the other €uro-fanatics

Ed Miliband: It's time to end ‘Camerkozy’ economics

Miliband Ed Politics Show 470
"The focus of world leaders at Camp David this weekend and in Europe in the days ahead should be to agree on a programme of collective action, a shared agenda for growth and the abandonment of outdated mantras that nothing can be done – a final rejection of the Cameron-Merkel-Sarkozy approach. Only that will put the recovery back on track and start to restore the reputation of our politics." – Ed Miliband for the FT (£)

  • Miliband is not making enough progress to win – Patrick O'Flynn for the Daily Express

Labour MP John Mann's wife sent dead bird in post Independent

What we've seen so far is just the phoney war, but the SNP is ready to start its fight to break up Britain in earnest next week – Alan Cochrane for the Daily Telegraph

Schools Commissioner calls for lotteries to give places to a wider variety of childrenThe Times (£)

  • UK aid for education in east Africa is failing – Guardian

> Yesterday in The Deep End: 21% of British children have been labelled with ‘Special Educational Needs’ when only 8% really deserve the label and extra help

Civil servants get extra three days holiday if they work over 36 hours a weekDaily Telegraph

High-earning council tenants will face paying full market rate for homes - Daily Telegraph

  • Bob crow"It’s madness that taxpayers subsidise the roof over union bully Bob Crow’s head when he’s on a package worth £140,000. So Government moves to make tenants on over £60,000 pay full rent or quit deserve support." – The Sun Says

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi to address parliament on June visit Guardian

Seven due in court on terrorism charges in Northern IrelandITV

We are living in the Second Elizabethan Age

Queen's-Speech-procession"Like the Queen, who has known 12 prime ministers and found them all “wonderful fun”, we should take a longer view. If modern Britain is beset by a faddish pessimism, it is also much richer, fairer, more tolerant and more welcoming than it was 60 years ago." – Times (£) editorial

  • Queen’s invitations come under fire – Scotsman


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