4pm Matt Sinclair on Comment: Tax reform without tax cuts is a political disaster; tax cuts without reform a missed opportunity


3.30pm ThinkTankCentral: The Centre for Social Justice attacks Coalition's record on family and voluntary sector, but praises progress on welfare and schools

2pm ToryDiary: 'The chillaxing DVD Dave watches crap films, plays tennis, and takes SamCam to dinner while Europe burns'

12.30pm Matt Sinclair on Comment: A Family Transferable Allowance would cut the couples penalty and let families keep their own money

12.15pm WATCH: Ed Miliband talks about snobbery of university versus vocational education and jokes that after talking to David Davis they increasingly agree with each other – notably about David Cameron

11am Julian Smith MP on Comment: Small businessmen are the best judges of employment relations. The Beecroft report will empower them

10.15am Local government: John Bald on How school inspections are rigged

StartAgainToryDiary: Forget Plan A or Plan B, it's Plan E for Euro Economic Emergency

ToryDiary update: The best captions for David Cameron's celebrations of Chelsea's win

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Steve Hilton rewarded David Cameron with one of the most despicable instances of disloyalty in political history

Matthew Elliott on Comment: A Single Income Tax would be fairer, more transparent and would spur economic growth

Local government: 2020 Tax Commission calls for councils to pay for half their spending from local taxes

The Deep End: Is Greek-style corruption and hidden debts also the secret of China's (counterfeit) success?


TAXPAYERS ALLIANCETaxPayers' Alliance urges George Osborne to maintain spending cuts until 2020 then usher in 30% single-rate income taxGuardian

"At the moment, a pound earned by a worker is taxed and tripled taxed: there is income tax, national insurance (of two different kinds) and then more tax when – for example – the worker buys a house (stamp duty) or when she dies (inheritance tax)." – Allister Heath for City AM

"The Chancellor should introduce a flat rate of income tax and abolish levies such as national insurance, stamp duty and inheritance tax to boost the economy, experts have said. They are calling for a single income tax rate of 30 per cent and the abolition of eight major taxes, including corporation tax and air passenger duty." – Daily Mail

Euro-meltdownCameron tells Greece: buy into austerity or get out of the eurozone

"David Cameron has issued his bluntest warning yet to Greece that voters need to "meet their commitments" as a member of the eurozone in elections next month or leave the currency union." – Independent | Express

  • Ed Balls has warned the world economy faces a "catastrophe" unless Germany abandons pressure on eurozone countries to cut public spending – BBC, while Ken Clarke told Sky News that Greek voters had to "face up to reality" by voting for parties willing to cut the country's deficit (again BBC).

Clegg also issues warning: “If the eurozone does not come up with a comprehensive vision of its own future pretty soon – in three, four, five years time – we will have a whole range of nationalistic, extremist, xenophobic and populist movements increasing across Europe."

Johnson Boris PointingBoris Johnson: Split the €urozone in half

"Europe now has the lowest growth of any region in the world. We have already wasted years in trying to control this sickness in the euro, and we are saving the cancer and killing the patient… Surely it is now time to accept that the short-term pain of a managed euro rupture – a wholesale realignment, possibly a north/south bisection – would be better than continuing to immiserate so many people around the continent." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Miliband ploy to split the Tories on Europe by promising in-or-out referendum on EU membership – Daily Mail

  • "David Cameron on Sunday rebuffed those on the Conservative party right who want an in-out referendum on Britain’s EU membership, opening up the possibility that the prime minister will be outflanked on the issue by Labour." – FT (£)
  • Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun wants Cameron to seize opportunity of €uro crisis: "An EU meltdown will hit jobs, exports, savings and the prosperity of future generations. But we are in a stronger position to bounce back than most. Used wisely, our freedom to act independently gives David Cameron a strong hand to play in Brussels. He can start by bringing back even more power from the EU. He could and should be the first party leader to promise an IN/OUT referendum. When the IMF and the European Investment Bank start putting out the begging bowl for even more UK taxpayers’ money, Mr Cameron must be ready to say NO."

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Ken Clarke says a Greek €uro exit is "quite likely", and brands a referendum "irrelevant" and "irresponsible"

The Coalition’s reforms are taking place too slowly and need to be speeded up by “reinventing government”, David Cameron declared last nightTelegraph

Vince Cable is set to stoke a Coalition row by blasting Tory “zealots” who want to axe workers’ rightsThe Sun

FT: "Vince Cable, business secretary, has vowed to resist “bonkers” proposals to allow bosses to fire underperforming staff at will, as coalition tensions flared over a Number 10-inspired report on cutting jobs red tape."

  • "Slashing red tape will boost jobs and encourage an economic recovery, business groups and backbench Conservative MPs said yesterday, welcoming the impending publication of the Beecroft report which is expected to set out the case for cutting damaging labour market regulations." – City AM

A group of Conservative MPs will call this week for a new runway to be built in the South East by 2020Times (£)

Cameron yesterday denied he was too chilled out — but then admitted he looks for “as many excuses as possible” to watch sportSun

"David Cameron yesterday defended his style of government against claims he "chillaxes" too much at weekends by playing games on his iPad. He insisted he was driven like Lady Thatcher to achieve "massive radical and structural reforms"." – Guardian

  • Meanwhile, the Daily Mail attacks Cameron and Osborne for watching the football.

Cameron has dismissed calls for a fresh inquiry into the conviction of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi in the wake of his deathITV | Scottish Tory reaction

Willetts David BBCDavid Willetts is latest in long line of Tories to address GoogleDaily Mail

Environmentalists now fear that the UK government's draft energy bill to be published on Tuesday will end in a new "dash for gas"BBC

  • David Wighton alleges that "coalition wrangling" is endangering Britain's upgrade of Britain's energy infrastructure – The Times (£)

Cameron has given the order to press ahead with the next generation of “nuclear bomber” submarines — ignoring Lib Dem protestsThe Sun

‘Cameron began preparing for a full coalition weeks before the election’ – Times (£)

On the day when Nick Clegg focuses (again) on social mobility, Mary Ann Sieghart says the return of grammar schools would change the shape of the establishment in one generationIndependent

"Ed Miliband will on Monday eject the “snobbery that assumes the only route to social mobility runs through university”, as he commits Labour to raising the status of vocational training.
The Labour leader wants to take on Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, on the issue of social mobility and accuses the coalition of making the debate too narrowly focused on the role of university in improving life chances." – FT (£)

PHILLIPS-MELANIEMelanie Phillips: Tories should worry about the "social conservatism" of Jon Cruddas, Labour's new policy guru

"Criticising his own party’s indifference to these matters, [Jon Cruddas] has called for tougher immigration controls. In similar vein, he strongly sympathises with public anger over the denial of a democratic voice on ever-deeper European union. As a result, he champions a referendum on whether or not Britain should stay in the EU at all." – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail

  • Britain needs an eight-year plan – James Purnell in The Times (£)

DARLING ALISTAIR 2Alistair Darling leads ‘No to independence’ fight over tea and biscuitsScotsman

  • Blair will be back for Scottish independence campaign, says Darling – Independent

Centre for Social Justice blames Coalition tug-of-war for lack of progress on family breakdownGuardian

Just 46% of Britons save the minimum needed for a comfortable old ageDaily Mail

Was Boris Johnson "undersold"?

As Guto Harri leaves City Hall for a job with Rupert Murdoch he reflects on Boris Johnson's re-election campaign: "Harri paid tribute to the campaign for its "enormous energy and commitment" and to Crosby personally for being a "strategic and logistical genius", but goes on to say that while he has "huge respect for the core Tory vote, it's not enough to win an election". "In the end Lynton Crosby is extremely experienced and capable and has fought elections all over the world and you can't deny that he has been campaign manager twice now and Boris has been re-elected so I pay tribute to his enormous skills, but I still think that Boris was undersold. It's not that the core things they focused on are not important, it's just not there are other things that are important to."" – Guardian

> The latest ConHome survey of Tory members found that Boris is more popular than the PM or any Cabinet minister.

And finally… Cameron and Osborne both enjoy Chelsea's victory


Liberal Conspiracy adds Cameron's celebratory image to other memorable scenes. See them all.

Meanwhile The Sun pokes fun at John Terry muscling in on the celebrations.

Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 06.42.49"I first started going to Chelsea games in the mid-Nineties when I lived off the North End Road, ten minutes’ walk from Stamford Bridge. Every other weekend all roads around me would be closed because Chelsea were playing at home. Glenn Hoddle was the manager and for a few years I went to most home games… As the teams went up to collect their medals, I saw the Bayern players close up. The TV doesn’t do justice to the total dejection on their faces — or the elation of the Chelsea players. Drogba, Lampard, Cech — and Di Matteo — they had all earned it. In football, as in politics, resilience pays off." – George Osborne in The Times (£)


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