2.45pm WATCH: Nick Clegg defends Coalition plans for surveillance of the internet

2pm Grant Shapps MP on Comment: Extending the Right to Buy is a great campaigning message this May

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 13.33.381.30pm ConHomeUSA video: A four minute profile of Karl Rove – the man who won the presidency (twice) for George W Bush

12.45pm Local government: Listing Livingstone's lies from LBC debate

Noon ConHomeUSA newslinks: RNC and Romney to start joint fundraising as inevitability becomes clear

ToryDiary: Theresa May insists that internet surveillance is vital to defeat "paedophile rings, criminal conspiracies and terrorist plots"

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: Should politicians be leaders of voters or servants?


Lord Ashcroft: The Conservatives have taken a hit but still lead on leadership, competence and ideas to deal with Britain's problems


On MPsETC Matthew Barrett continues his series looking at new groups within the parliamentary party: What is the 2020 group? A profile of the Tory MPs trying to renew the Cameron project

Local government: David Cameron will attend launch of rejuvenated Right to Buy

Michael Gove wants universities to create new A-levels – Allegra Stratton for BBC Newsnight

GOVE MICHAEL NW"Ministers will relinquish control of syllabuses and hand them to exam boards and academic panels made up of senior dons from Russell Group universities. The new A-level qualification could be introduced as early as 2014" – Telegraph

"In the wake of this newspaper’s exposure of the shocking failures of the exam boards, he is handing over the power to design A-level courses and examinations from his own Whitehall department to the universities… Under the Gove reforms, the institutions for whom the exams should be designed will once again have the dominant voice in shaping them." – Telegraph leader

£75,000 discounts offered to council tenants as Cameron revives right-to-buy policyDaily Mail

"In comments released by Downing Street, Mr Cameron – who is visiting council tenants in London today – will say that he wants to help more people “do up their home, change their front door, improve their garden”. Mr Cameron will say: “I want many more people to achieve the dream of home ownership. In the 1980s, ‘Right to Buy’ helped millions of people living in council housing achieve their aspiration of owning their own home. “It gave something back to families who worked hard, paid their rent and played by the rules. It allowed them to do up their home, change their front door, improve their garden – without getting permission from the council." – Telegraph

"Tory irritation with David Cameron’s leadership intensified yesterday when MPs attacked Coalition plans for snooping on emails and internet messages"Express

16201475"David Cameron was accused of hypocrisy yesterday over legislation in the Queen’s Speech next month that will force internet and mobile phone companies to keep records of who all customers have contacted, when they did so and where they were." – Times (£)

"Big Brother plans to spy on all internet visits, emails and texts will cost the taxpayer £2billion. The extraordinary bill was revealed amid revelations that Britain’s snooping watchdog has grave doubts about the mass surveillance project." – Daily Mail

But from The Sun: "Plans to monitor millions of emails, texts and website visits are vital to trap killers like Ian Huntley and smash paedo rings, Theresa May declares today."

"All Coalition governments, by their nature, are forced into shoddy compromises and doing things one side or the other doesn’t particularly like. But civil liberties seemed the one subject, apart from reducing the public spending deficit, upon which the current pantomime horse administration could agree. That makes the betrayal even worse." – James Slack for the Daily Mail

  • Daily Mail leader on civil liberties: "The Coalition is going even further and faster than Labour in sweeping them away"

MAUDE-FRANCIS-ON-QTFrancis Maude is to be sidelined as the Government's face of the fuel haulier disputeIndependent

  • 72% of people surveyed in an ITV News/ComRes poll disagree that David Cameron was right to advise people to take any "opportunity to top up" their fuel tanks
  • Maude and his Cabinet friends give their gold-plated pensions a boost as they push through reforms – Daily Mail

Advice for David Cameron…

  • The current No 10 team seem more like a Cameron fan club than a professional political and campaign unit – Nick Wood in the Daily Mail
  • Steve Richards in The Independent: "The four members of the Quad have no previous experience of government. In the midst of the deepest economic crisis since the 1930s they make decisions without any sense of what it is like to be a departmental minister and with no direct experience of witnessing previous rulers."

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron loyalists attack Conservative rebels

The Government's "granny tax" appears to break a promise made by the Chancellor in last year's BudgetTelegraph

Hammond P Jan 2012Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, has dismissed claims that Britain would not be able to defend the Falklands because it can no longer launch fighter jets at seaTimes (£)

  • Patriotism is why Thatcher's Falklands war won her the public's backing – Dominic Lawson for The Independent
  • "Bizarrely, the EU is still handing foreign aid to Argentina, funded by UK taxpayers to the tune of £7m, even though Buenos Aires is threatening an EU member state" – Allister Heath for City AM

The Scottish Conservatives are launching their council election campaign with a pledge to give more power to communitiesBBC

The European Scrutiny Committee says the government is being "profoundly unwise" in its approach to the new EU fiscal pactBBC

Private security guards could be given the power to impose £80 on-the-spot fines on troublemakers in accident and emergency departmentsTimes (£)

Ed Miliband kicks off local election campaign by accusing David Cameron of putting Tory donors above middle BritainGuardian

The Labour leader is seeking to reach out to low-income voters who are being collectively “battered” by rising unemployment and cuts to benefits. Traditionally Labour’s core supporters, they delivered a brutal blow of their own in Bradford last week, deserting the party in droves" – FT (£)

Miliband Ed HeadshotLots of advice for Ed Miliband…

  • "If Bradford has a message, it's that Labour needs to get angrier: stricken towns devastated by unemployment and hopelessness need Labour and Labour needs them" – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian
  • "Mr Miliband has shown the electorate a hologram of his hopes, and theirs. In order to move from abstraction to reality, he must develop a risk-taker’s eloquence" – Mary Riddell in The Telegraph
  • "The Labour party would find it hard to forgive Miliband if Labour did badly in these elections, especially with the Government in a state of Laurel and Hardy madhouse chaos. Could this be the last-chance saloon for Ed Miliband?" – Chris Moncrieff in the Daily Mail


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