7.30pm Andrew Bridgen MP: We can shoot UKIP's fox by guaranteeing a referendum on Britain's relationship with the EU

7.15pm WATCH: Cameron on Qatada — "I sometimes wish I could put him on a plane and take him to Jordan myself"

4.15pm MPsETC: 'Worse than Maastricht' – Tory MPs warn that Lords reform could split the party

12.15pm MPsETC: 29 Tory MPs rebelled last night against individual Budget measures

Elephant shieldNoon ConHomeUSA newslinks: Romney keeps polling level with Obama, despite class war attacks

10.45am Local government:

10.15am WATCH: Germany must accept permanent fiscal transfers to Greece, says Martin Callanan, or Greece must leave the €uro

10am Liz Truss MP on Comment: Britain should go Dutch on childcare

ToryDiary: Theresa May versus Qatada

Columnist Andrew Lilico: Does the Establishment naturally stifle new ideas?

Lord Ashcroft on Comment: UKIP is a threat but a Conservative Party with a clear sense of direction can see it off

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Local government: Will Respect thwart Labour gaining control of Bradford council?


Theresa May insists that Qatada's appeal was "too late" and he will be deportedBBC


"A European court of human rights spokeswoman said that the ECHR believed the deadline was midnight on Tuesday, and not Monday night as was assumed by the Home Office" – Guardian

"A dispute over the deadline for an appeal left Home secretary Theresa May fuming. Qatada was arrested on Tuesday and she told MPs he could be booted out. But he slapped in a last-ditch appeal to the European Court of Human Rights that day. Mrs May insisted the deadline for appeals passed at midnight on MONDAY. But officials at the Strasbourg court then claimed the deadline was TUESDAY at midnight." – Sun

"David Cameron said he was determined that Qatada would be deported, no matter how long it took. The Prime Minister said: ‘He is a threat to our security, he has absolutely no further call on our hospitality and he should be deported. That is what we are determined to achieve, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how long it may take.’" – Daily Mail

Put Qatada on a plane and send him home now – Express leader

  • Times leader (£): "The European Court of Human Rights is too often a brake on justice. It needs urgent reform if Britain is to respect it"

Dozens of Coalition MPs rebelled over plans to slap VAT on hot pasties, static caravans and alterations to church buildingsDaily Mail

  • MPs voted by a margin of 323 to 256 to preserve the 45p rate, rejecting a Labour motion – Independent
  • "George Osborne is ready to rethink a tax increase that has put him at odds with church leaders, it emerged yesterday as David Cameron admitted that the Government had suffered “a tough month”. The Chancellor is willing to increase the amount of money available to churches that are hit with bigger bills for building work because of the Budget." – Times (£)

‘Hire a hoodie’ from Britain, not a foreigner, says Chris Grayling

Grayling-Red-Tie"Companies are being urged to “hire a hoodie” from Britain instead of taking the “easy” option of employing a more experienced Eastern European worker. Chris Grayling, the Work and Pensions Minister, said that he was unapologetic about his desire for employers to put “local recruits first”." – Times (£)

"Employment Minister Chris Grayling called on bosses to give local youths a chance instead of hiring experienced Eastern Europeans. He claimed that despite their lack of experience, ‘surly young men can turn into excited and motivated employees’." – Daily Mail

"In his Policy Exchange speech, Mr Grayling also lambasted critics of the ill-fated scheme that required 16- to 24-year-olds to do eight weeks unpaid work for high street firms as a condition of retaining their benefits. Opponents of the scheme "just don't understand that in today's world, things don't come on a plate", he said." – Independent

But what about immigration and jobs?

  • "The number of foreigners in work in Britain rose by 166,000 last year while – bizarrely – the number of British-born workers in jobs fell by exactly 166,000." – Express
  • "The number of foreign-born people in the UK increased from 3.8million in 1993 to 7million in 2010 — or 12 per cent of the population" – The Sun

The Sun Says: "Labour cynically threw open our borders to spite the Tories. The Tories promised at the election to reduce net immigration and in particular to end abuses of the system. Instead, net immigration continues to rise, stretching public services to breaking point. David Cameron is out of touch with Britain on this issue. As he is on so many others."

David Willetts urges universities to look beyond A-levels

Willetts D DP"Universities Minister David Willetts told dons to do more to boost social mobility by looking beyond ‘just A-levels’ when choosing undergraduates. He said bright pupils from low-performing schools should be admitted with lower grades because poor teaching may have dragged them down." – Daily Mail

  • Graduates from top universities would get financial incentives to opt for careers in engineering and manufacturing instead of the City, under plans being considered by Vince Cable – Telegraph

Cameron heads north of the border to launch Scottish Tory local elections campaign and make promise of "real devolution"Huffington Post

PM's election pledge in jeopardy as report reveals patients waiting 6% longer and fewer receiving planned operationsGuardian

Douglas Carswell told to get a 'sense of humour' by David CameronITV

  • "The exchanges between the PM and Leader of the Opposition were cacophanous, inconclusive, boringly, babyishly partisan, demeaning,  disingenuous" – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail
  • George Galloway fixes David Cameron with 'death stare' on his return to the House of Commons – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary review of PMQs: When in doubt, blame Ken Livingstone

Joint Committee on Lords reform says there must be a referendum

"Nick Clegg’s coveted plans to replace the House of Lords with elected senators should only go ahead if the public say yes in a referendum, a committee will say in a report on Monday. The conclusion from the joint committee on House of Lords reform will be awkward for the coalition, which has promised to consider its findings before pushing ahead with the shake-up next year." – FT (£)

The problem is not that Cameron does too little but that his government does too much – Steve Richards in The Independent

Peter Oborne attacks ConservativeHome in Telegraph

Oborne Peter July 2011"ConservativeHome insists that it speaks for mainstream Conservatives, a claim that I used to be sympathetic to, but which is surely now only believed by BBC television and radio producers, and which needs to be exploded. The lives of most Tory supporters are too interesting, enjoyable and civically engaged for them to read it. The website, as its recent interventions demonstrate, represents a narrow, Right-wing faction. It is given to issuing “alternative manifestos”. It has just concluded a disloyal survey of 1,500 Tory party members in an attempt to find out which Conservative politician is favoured to succeed Mr Cameron. It wages a poorly judged campaign against the Tory chairman, Sayeeda Warsi. It was a supporter of the Downing Street director of communications, Andy Coulson, who has since been arrested." – Peter Oborne in The Telegraph

Boris Johnson says he banned "ex-gay" advert to avoid community backlash

JOHNSON BORIS 2006"Boris Johnson has said that he feared that there would have been an "intense backlash" if he had allowed a Christian advertising campaign promoting the idea that gay people can be converted to heterosexuality to be plastered on London's buses… He said that he made his decision not only because he thought an advert which suggested that gay people could be cured was likely to cause "great offence", but also because of the possible reverberations for London's Christian community." – Guardian

France's Socialists remain significantly more dirigiste than most European social democratic parties, says Martin Kettle, and Ed Miliband will therefore keep his distance from himThe Guardian

Britain must urgently replace its generating capacity. But ministers are sitting on their hands – John Cridland of the CBI in The Times (£)

It's now more expensive to put petrol in the car than food in the belly

"The cost of filling up a 50-litre family car is around £71.24 at a time when many households are struggling with their budgets. This is slightly more than the £70.10 spent by an average household with two children on food and non-alcoholic drinks per week." – Telegraph

The Wall Street Journal calls for a debate on Mervyn King's record: "Politics aside, now is a good time for a debate about the BoE's direction and performance. Consumer prices in Britain rose by 3.5% year-over-year in March. Inflation has stayed above the BoE's 2% target rate for 27 consecutive months, despite the central bank's assurances that last year's peaks were temporary. The zero effective policy rate is looking dangerously out of date. And that's to say nothing of adding to a program of quantitative easing that has seen the Bank buy up £325 billion of Her Majesty's debt."

Unhealthy foods should be taxed to encourage healthy eating and halt Britain’s growing obesity epidemicTelegraph


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