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4pm WATCH: How John Major won the 1992 election

3pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: Is it possible privately to own land?

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1.15 pm WATCH: The 1992 election – Bas-il-don!  Bas-il-don!  David Amess's victory starts the stuffing of the BBC's exit poll

Noon ConHomeUSA newslinks: Gingrich all but concedes to Romney, as Santorum lays ground for doing the same

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10.30am WATCH: The 1992 election – BBC exit poll predicts a hung Parliament

ToryDiary: Welcome back to Britain – and politics-for-morons

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 08.40.05Columnist  Bruce Anderson: Twenty years ago today, John Major won the 1992 election – stacking up more votes than any British party leader has ever won.  The Conservative Party's treatment of him marked the most shameful period in its history.

Councillor Gareth Elliott on Comment: A bigger private sector would do more for poorer children

Local Government: Annual cost to local government of fraud estimated at £2.2 billion

LeftWatch: Gove is "an evil entity" bent on "demolishing state schools" who is surrounded by "cronies" and pursuing "fetishes" while "terrorising teachers" and empowering "vultures"

WATCH: "We're awwwright!…We're awwright!" The Kinnock Sheffield rally welcome that helped swing the 1992 election for Major

IDS presses for Abu Hamza to be extradited

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 08.59.26"The European Court of Human Rights is due to rule tomorrow on whether he and five other terror suspects including Briton Barbar Ahmad – held without trial for seven years fighting extradition – can be sent to America to face trial.Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was among those pressing Prime Minister David Cameron to extradite Hamza on terror charges.  The European Court of Human Rights is due to rule tomorrow on whether he and five other terror suspects including Briton Barbar Ahmad – held without trial for seven years fighting extradition – can be sent to America to face trial." – Daily Express

  • Courts declare that Muslim preacher can stay in Britain despite being linked to anti-Semitic violence – Daily Express
  • For all Theresa May's promises, Britain remains a slave to Euro judges – Daily Mail Editorial
  • When will we see foreign criminals sent home? – Daily Express Editorial
  • Anyone who does a Trenton Oldfield at the Olympics must face a mandatory jail sentence – Sun Editorial

"Johnson fires shot across Cameron’s bows"

"The prime minister last month announced the launch of a City Mayors Cabinet, which would meet with him at least twice a year to “share ideas and highlight innovation”.  However, Mr Johnson, the Conservative mayoral candidate who is fighting for re-election on May 3, raised the spectre of the government using the forum to exert its influence. “We would want to resist anything that involved a government attempt to get mayoralties into a room and control them,” he told the Financial Times." – Financial Times (£)

LibDems threaten to kill "snooper's charter" bill

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 09.01.27"Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat president, said that many in the party were “horrified” by proposals in the so-called “snoopers’ charter”. He said that the party was in no mood to back “authoritarian” measures, which would allow GCHQ, the Government’s listening post, to monitor internet traffic. His intervention came as Theresa May, the Home Secretary, insisted that the Government had to act to keep pace with technological advances.' – The Times (£)

  • Government web surveillance: 'Expensive, impractical, totalitarian' – Trefor Davies of internet service provider Timico in the Daily Telegraph

Clegg's plan for Lords reform faces referendum hitchThe Independent

Bad news for pensions? "Treasury plans 'Granny Tax II' "

"The state pension, which rises from £102.15 to £107.45 a week today, is taxable but it is currently paid without tax being deducted immediately. Under the plan, which would force many pensioners to change the way they plan their household budgets, it would be subject to the 20 per cent basic tax rate at source, reducing it to £85.96 a week for millions. Wealthier pensioners on the 40 per cent tax rate would receive £64.47 a week." – The Independent

  • Millions will get a £312-a-year boost from today thanks to a record rise in the state pension – Daily Express

Good news for pensions? Workers to be offered guaranteed pensions under new plans

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 09.09.14"Steve Webb, the pensions minister, says today that private sector workers could be offered a guaranteed pension pot on retirement — or a retirement income that is fixed if they agree to work longer. The new schemes would replace final-salary pensions, which have now been abandoned by the vast majority of private companies and are only typically available in the public sector. Mr Webb has begun negotiations with major employers over plans for the new “defined ambition” pensions." – Daily Telegraph

A new future for workplace pensions? – Steve Webb MP in the Daily Telegraph

Green tax on home improvements may trigger 10% levyDaily Mail

UK to press EU on emissions targetsFinancial Times (£)

Taxpayers Alliance warns that minimum alcohol pricing will inflame billions-of-pounds smuggling losses

"Britain is losing billions of pounds in taxes because of its failure to crack down on the black market in drink, cigarettes and fuel, according to a report. The tax gap would have been more than enough to fund a 1p cut in the basic rate of income tax…The black market is so extensive that half of the entire trade in hand-rolled tobacco is estimated to be illicit, as are one in 10 bottles of spirit." – Daily Mail

NUT conference shocker 1) NUT votes not to co-operate with OFSTEDDaily Mail

NUT conference shocker 2) Bring back red tape for trips, say teachersThe Times (£)

NUT conference shocker 3) Free schools "harm education of children nearby"The Independent

Final NUT conference shocker 4) Gove "vicious assault" has "wrought havoc" – More rubbish from the NUT conference in The Guardian

Dave Spart, i.e: Ken Livingstone writes: This row about my tax evasion is…er… an attempt by the vicious Tories to…um…distract voters from the…er…real issues

LIVINGSTONE KEN"While people are facing the most difficult economic times they have ever experienced, the Conservative campaign in London has sought to make the issue about the candidates' tax arrangements. This space existed because of the relentless drive to personalise politics, a trend that has accelerated in recent years. It is an Americanisation of British political discourse that is challenged even by Conservatives who want politicians to address what the voters care about." – Ken Livingstone, The Guardian

  • Labour presses Osborne over tax transparency – The Guardian
  • Millionaire Tory donor "slept on private jet flying outside UK airspace to avoid paying tax" – Daily Mail

Privately-educated Trenton Oldfield blames elitism…sorry, cuts…sorry again, he means inequality…beg pardon, corruption for his disruption of the boat raceThe Independent

Cameron seeks Japan as a partner in arms tradeThe Times (£)

Officials are working on ways of ensuring that the Prime Minister's new IPad app can measure Minister's performancesDaily Telegraph

Richard BenyonJ'accuse! Water minister Richard Benyon claims tabloid framed him in hosepipe ban stuntDaily Mail

Many punk rockers were from well-off families – and even voted ToryDaily Mail

Pope Benedict warns that darkness threatens mankind in seasonal messageDaily Mail

Glum expression, grey day – Cameron drops into Welsh pub on Easter break with his familyDaily Mail

Alan Titchmarsh hits out at Prime Minister over gardening "jibe"Daily Express


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