Hopkins Kris.ashx4pm ToryDiary: Cameron loyalists attack Conservative rebels

2.45pm WATCH: BBC report on Ed Miliband's local elections launch in Birmingham

1.15pm Local government: Ed Miliband launches Labour's local elections campaign

11.45am ConHomeUSA newslinks: Obama's lead in swing states grows but GOP still have big advantage on economy

10.15am Local government: Boris proposes 2,000 more full time police and doubling number of specials

ToryDiary: Tax rises on ordinary families and lack of compelling Tory message seen as biggest barriers to Cameron's re-election

Columnist Bruce Anderson: Forget Cornish pasties. Forget Jerry cans. It's more likely than not that Israel will strike Iran.

Miliband NHS Wales

Alun Cairns MP on Comment: Look at Wales and ask yourself – Can Labour can be trusted with the NHS?

Local government: Livingstone pays out from City Hall funds to mother of his secret child

Also on Local government: Is Milton Keynes beyond redemption?

WATCH: David Davis attacks Coalition plans to "eavesdrop" on every Briton's emails, internet visits and phone calls

David Cameron has marked the 30th anniversary of the invasion of the Falklands by saying Britain will continue to protect the islanders' right to choose their futureSky News | Full Cameron statement

William Hague strikes a conciliatory note in The Telegraph: "It is relevant that many countries who have bilateral disagreements still collaborate on areas where there are mutual benefits such as economic and trade co-operation. That is our wish with Argentina."

William Hague has defended ministers' handling of a possible fuel strike, arguing the country is better prepared as a result of their actionsBBC | Sun

Truckers vow to halt Britain's traffic in support of striking tanker drivers by blockading refineries and motorways – They plan to blockade refineries and cause gridlock on motorways to stop soldiers moving fuel around the UK in the event of a strike – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: William Hague says the Government will be seen as "in touch" if it reforms welfare and education

16200724Conservative MPs want four major changes from David Cameron

  • Overhaul of the Downing Street operation, especially its communications ability
  • Osborne to cease to be Chancellor AND chief political strategist
  • An MP to become full-time Tory Chairman
  • More ministers from working class and northern backgrounds

– James Kirkup and Holly Watt in The Telegraph

"Not only is Mr Osborne in charge of economic policy – the Coalition’s existential purpose –he also effectively runs the Conservatives’ political strategy, and much else besides, often chairing the twice-daily No 10 meetings that effectively run the Coaltion’s day-to-day operations." – Telegraph

Leo McKinstry: Cameron's modernisation has failed

"It is telling that the only two recent occasions on which Cameron saw a surge in popularity were first, when he vetoed the proposed new eU Treaty last December and second, when the Cabinet drove welfare reform through Parliament, cutting entitlements for long- term claimants and promoting the work ethic. Most of the British public wants more hard-headed realism like that. The self-indulgence of the modernisers has been a disaster for the party – and the country." – Leo McKinstry in The Express

Norman Tebbit critiques Cameron's "government of chums"Times (£)

Cameron now less popular than Brown in 2010FT (£)

  • Overall, the three main party leaders are collectively the least popular in the history of polling – Daily Mail

> Saturday's ToryDiary: Tories' lead on economy down from +25% to +4%

Iain Martin says the Conservative Party must prepare for life after David Cameron

Cameron Thoughtful One Show"The Conservatives need to prepare for life after Mr Cameron. He is not going anywhere in a hurry. But he is now easily at least half‑way through his time as Tory leader… Mr Cameron is highly competitive and pragmatic, pleased to have got the top job but not gripped with a desire to take the country in a particular direction… When the moment comes for the Tory party to choose a successor, modernisation and those most associated with it, such as Mr Osborne, will seem even older hat than now. What will be needed is muscular Conservatism and leadership that can properly free up the economy, inspire growth and negotiate a new relationship with the EU." – Iain Martin in The Telegraph

Cornish Tory MP George Eustice vowed to fight Osborne's plans to slap VAT on hot pastiesSun

  • "The problem is that governments spend too much, not that they tax too little. Electorates are at the limit of what they are willing to pay. George Osborne must urgently do more to show taxpayers he is on their side" – Allister Heath in City AM

Cameron’s handling of the eurozone crisis is expected to be condemned as “inconsistent” and “profoundly unwise” in a report from the Commons European Scrutiny CommitteeExpress

16200715Government plans increased email and social network surveillanceGuardian

  • David Davis calls Coalition surveillance proposals “an unnecessary extension of the government’s ability to snoop on innocent people” – FT (£)
  • "The Conservative backbencher Margot James said ministers would come under pressure to water down the proposals as the legislation passed through Parliament. “I am sure there will be considerable pressure brought to bear as the proposals are debated for protections to be built in to protect people’s privacy,” she told Murnaghan." – Times (£)

Michael Gove has been accused of exaggerating the role of race in delaying adoptionsTelegraph

The markets may soon force a Plan B on George Osborne – David Blanchflower in The Independent

  • Both the Tories and Labour are paying a political price for the failure to rebalance Britain's economy across the regions – Guardian leader

Disgraced former Conservative Party treasurer Peter Cruddas has led to a claim by the SNP that Prime Minister David Cameron has given up on keeping Scotland in the UKScotsman

  • English Conservatives are kidding themselves about permanent Westminster rule if Scottish MPs weren’t there – Brian Monteith in The Scotsman
  • Alex Salmond has been accused of "rigging" the Scottish Government's consultation on the independence referendum, as it emerged the process allowed for anonymous as well as multiple submissions – The Herald

Justine Greening raises questions over the viability of Mr Livingstone’s flagship “fare deal” proposalsFT (£)

Miliband Ed ITNEd Miliband will place issues of crime, the NHS and jobs at the centre of Labour's local elections campaignScotsman

"Ed Miliband will pledge to govern for the whole country "not just the wealthy few"… Mr Miliband is expected to say: "This is a government that doesn't listen to squeezed middle families who work hard to make ends meet… They listen instead to those who have given millions of pounds to the Conservative Party. To the powerful lobbies who called for a millionaires' tax cut." – BBC

David Cameron isn't the only one out of touch – Bradford West showed too many people think too little changed under Labour – Gaby Hinsliff in The Guardian

"Labour has to give voters reasons to vote for it, not just reasons to vote against the Coalition. They don't have to be wildly left-wing and populist. But if all the party has to offer, in the words of another Labour MP, is "wonky bureaucratic answers to problems, vacuous phrases and no coherent story", then it mustn't be surprised if voters are lured instead by the empty promises of a left-wing, populist candidate.Labour has to start telling its own story, fast." – Mary Ann Sieghart in The Independent

With Galloway's election, religious extremism has become for the first time a potential game-changer in British politics. The point being so resolutely ignored is that Galloway ran on an Islamist religious ticket – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail

Two in five violent criminals and sex offenders are escaping with a caution rather than being put before the courtsTelegraph


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