7.30pm WATCH: David Cameron: We must look after and commemorate those who fall in the line of duty

Casheuref4.45pm MPsETC: Conservative backbenchers slate Fiscal Union treaty and urge Greek exit from the €uro

3pm Local government: Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh in his final budget speech says "We are no longer alone"

2.30pm Chris White MP on Comment: Public Services (Social Value) Bill – a small change that could make a big difference

2pm Local government: Shapps warns councils "may well not be rewarded" for Council Tax rises

1pm MPsETC: Under Martin Callanan's leadership the gap between the Tory grassroots and our MEPs was never narrower

Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 07.55.4312.30pm David Ruffley MP on Comment: The 50p tax rate is bad for Britain. Scrap it.

Noon ConHomeUSA newslinks: Romney wins Wyoming, and eyes turn to close Ohio contest

11.30am Kwasi Kwarteng MP on Comment: Abolishing BIS, small business regulation exemptions, motorway tolls and fuel duty cuts – Ideas from the Free Enterprise Group to cut the size of the state

10am Local government:

9.30am MPsETC: Labour MP Marsha Singh to resign from Parliament

ToryDiary: The Welfare Reform Bill has been passed. Congratulations to Iain Duncan Smith. But now the computers must work.

Cameron Arrows

Part 9 of our Building A Conservative Majority series: We need a multi-pronged campaign against subsidy of the union movement

Columnist Andrew Lilico: The last thing we want is an elected Second Chamber

Laura Sandys MP on Comment: Parliament as a whole will be stronger if we elected the House of Lords

Roger Helmer MEP on Comment: Twenty questions for Conservatives about David Cameron's Government

Local Government: Philippa Roe chosen to be new leader of Westminster Council

WATCH: Andrew Lansley: NHS Bill is "better as a result of the Coalition coming together to shape it"

50p tax rate is damaging economy and delaying recovery from recession, warn 500 business leaders

"In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, the bosses of small and medium sized firms across the country say the levy has meant they have not expanded their firms and taken on more workers. They accuse George Osborne, the Chancellor, of putting “populist politics before sound economics”. Calling for it to be scrapped, they add that the ongoing imposition of the 50p higher rate of tax has left “wealth creators” in a “very awkward position”." - Daily Telegraph | BBC

Entrepreneurs finally fighting back – Allister Heath

Welfare Reform Bill passes final House of Lords hurdle

DUNCAN SMITH 2"Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said he was delighted that the bill had passed the Lords. "Many people said it would not get through, but it has and on time," he said. "This bill reforms every part of our welfare system and I look forward to implementing the changes our country badly needs."" BBC

  • No more "languishing on the dole after welfare reforms, says David Cameron – Daily Telegraph
  • Extraordinary tales of fraud and failure in Whitehall – Sue Cameron, Daily Telegraph

Government drops sanctions for those who drop out of workfare

"The Government abandoned a central plank of its work experience scheme on Wednesday when it was forced to bow to pressure from businesses to drop benefit sanctions against young people on the programme. Amid threats from some of Britain's largest employers that they would withdraw from the scheme, which has been criticised for exploiting young people, the Department for Work and Pensions announced that participants would now keep their benefits even if they left a placement." – Daily Telegraph

  • Companies rush to join work experience scheme as 'slave labour' protests backfire – Daily Telegraph
  • PM raps "Trotsky" job row – The Sun
  • The attacks on workfare just don’t stack up – Dan Hodges

> From yesterday:

Liberal Democrats on board with NHS shakeup, insists Andrew Lansley…

LANSLEY-ANDREW-LONG"The Liberal Democrats were fundamental in helping to make the controversial NHS reforms "stronger", embattled health secretary Andrew Lansley has said. Lansley insisted his cabinet colleagues were on board with the massive shakeup – despite claims that three fellow Tories had deep concerns about the plans – and praised the input of his party's coalition partners." – Guardian

> From yesterday - Andrew Lansley tells BBC News that NHS BIll is all about putting doctors and nurses in charge

…As rebel LibDems hope to kill health reforms

"[P]rominent activists vowed yesterday to press ahead with plans to table a hostile emergency motion about the Bill at the Lib Dem spring conference in Gateshead. If it were passed, it would put Mr Clegg in a difficult position. He could come under enormous pressure to withdraw his backing from the Bill, a move which could scupper it. If he continued to back it, he would be ignoring his own party's official policy." – Independent

Parties unite to condemn Clarke's plan for court cases behind closed doors

CLARKE KEN FRESH"Ministers are facing a deepening cross-party revolt over plans for a massive extension of 'secret justice' being likened to regimes in despotic states such as Iran and North Korea. Senior figures in all three main parties expressed horror over proposals to allow controversial court cases and inquests deemed by the Government to have the potential to 'damage the public interest' to be held behind closed doors." – Daily Mail

  • "A regime of secret courts and hidden judgments. Lawyers forbidden from seeing their clients. Defendants not even told the evidence against them, let alone allowed to challenge it. Rules which state that when the government is sued, the government also decides what evidence the court gets to see… we associate these sort of fundamental failures of justice with despotic, one-party states such as Syria, Iran and North Korea. They are also exactly what the Coalition Government could let happen in Britain if its new justice and security proposals become law." – David Davis for the Daily Mail

We’re winning budget battle, but wish list is a casualty, says MoD

"The Royal Navy may lose a key technology upgrade for its warships so that the Ministry of Defence can start the new financial year with a balanced budget for the first time in decades. Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, will claim that he has closed the £38 billion deficit in his department’s finances by striking items off an equipment wish list that was previously agreed with the military. … Wish-list projects under threat include a £100 million initiative to build a new data system into the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers and two aircraft carriers." – The Times (£)

David Davis: Shine a light on the murky tax affairs of big business

DAVIS FORMAL"Nations as diverse as Sweden and Japan take even more open approaches without any discernible disadvantage. So rather than resorting to the constitutionally improper tactic of retrospective legislation, the Treasury should use the next Budget to announce its intention to bring the tax affairs of public companies into the public domain, where they belong." – David Davis for the Times (£)

> From yesterday - Columnist Jill Kirby: Retrospective legislation may produce applause today but it will damage Britain in the years to come

David Cameron says countryside wind farms have been "wasteful of public money"

Wind turbine"In his strongest ever criticism of green energy, the Prime Minister suggested too much taxpayer cash has been given to on-shore wind farms, which are now highly profitable for developers because of generous susbsidies. “We’re cutting the subsidy to onshore wind because I think it has been over-subsidised and wasteful of public money,” he said during weekly Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons." – Daily Telegraph

  • Local opposition to onshore windfarms has tripled, poll shows – Guardian

Four in 10 households to see council tax bills rise Daily Telegraph

Leveson 1) Downing Street still refuses to say whether David Cameron rode Rebekah Brooks's horse - Daily Telegraph

Leveson 2) Is Rupert Murdoch a fit and proper person to run a company? Peter Oborne

Vince Cable welcomes Kay review's outline proposals on stock marketsGuardian

Lib Dem peer resigns party whip in row over anti-Israeli remarks

Tonge Jenny"Tonge resigned the party whip after rejecting a call from the party leader, Nick Clegg, to apologise or leave the Lib Dem grouping in the Lords. Tonge told the leadership in a phone call that she could not accept the ultimatum from the deputy prime minister because she stood by her remarks." – Guardian

  • "Deputy PM Nick Clegg said the "offensive" remarks did not reflect the values of the Lib Dems and called on her to apologise. He said: "She has refused to do so and will now be leaving the party."" – The Sun

Is this proof Miliband thinks he's struggling? Labour leader turns to Blair for lessons on leadershipDaily Mail

  • "When Blair was opposition leader he won the public over by taking on the unions, abandoning Labour's anti-business stance and focusing on traditional Tory areas such as law and order. Miliband by contrast is deeply in hock to the unions. He shares their loathing of private enterprise. And he is too timid to stray from "safe" political topics like the NHS." – The Sun Says

Ed Miliband condemns Unite over strike calls

Miliband Ed Politics Show 470

"Mr Miliband said it was "totally wrong" to make threats against the Olympics and said he condemned Mr McCluskey's comments after the Unite union's General Secretary called for civil disobedience during the London Games… Mr Mililband duly responded, saying, "It's completely wrong to make any threat to the Olympic Games. I do condemn it. We as a Labour government fought for the Olympic Games to be brought to Britain as part of the cross-party effort."" – Daily Telegraph

LIVINGSTONE KEN@DEMOKen Livingstone pledges return of EMA for London studentsGuardian

Fury at call to legalise "after-birth abortions"The Sun

Britain accuses Argentina of a "policy of confrontation" after it threatens blockade on UK goodsDaily Telegraph

  • We give £27million aid to Argentina – Daily Express
  • Boycott British products! Argentina orders top 20 firms to shop elsewhere as tensions continue to rise over Falklands  - Daily Mail

François Hollande hits election trail in France's sixth biggest city: LondonGuardian

Resurgence of marriage: In 2009, the number of weddings was the lowest since Victorian age – but a boom in 2010 saw 8,657 more walking down the aisle Daily Mail

Commons clears the way for women bishops by 2014Daily Telegraph

And finally… David Cameron bows down to Gavin and Stacey actress Joanna PageDaily Telegraph


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