8pm WATCH: Lib Dem MP Andrew George: "Although we've made [the NHS reforms] less bad, I'm not persuaded the Bill should go through"

HALFON-robert6pm Robert Halfon MP on Comment: The Sri Lankan government must stop persecuting Tamils and acting like a rogue nation

5.30pm Local government: Chorley to cut Council Tax by 1%

5pm Reactions to PMQs and a review of the UK-US extradition treaty lead our teatime newslinks

3.45pm LISTEN: Jeremy Hunt: Homophobia can be tackled through football as "it reaches the parts that politicians can't reach"

2.30pm Andrew Laird on ThinkTankCentral: The Government should pilot schools run by companies on a social enterprise model

2.15pm WATCH: David Cameron: Labour's NHS stance makes them "rank opportunists, not fit to run Opposition, not fit for Government"

PMQs 22nd February1pm ToryDiary: PMQs: Ed Miliband scores victory against Cameron as he highlights the Government's NHS isolation

11.45am ConHomeUSA: Key debate takes place tonight as Romney retakes poll lead in Michigan

11.30am Local government: Wirral proposes 3% Council Tax cut

ToryDiary: We need to think less about raising tax and more about cutting spending. And never mind a High Pay Commission – let's have a Lower Spending Commission.

GladiatorsPart 7 of our Building a Conservative Majority series: This is our best opportunity in a generation to oust Liberal Democrat MPs. We must pour resources into LibCon marginals and select Conservative candidates quickly once the boundary review is finalised.

Columnist Jill Kirby: If the Liberal Democrats can't govern like team players, there's little reason to vote for them

Iain Stewart MP: The English think they're being robbed by the Scots. The Scots think they're being robbed by the English. But what's the truth?

Lord Ashcroft: How VC hero Johnson Beharry inspired and motivated London students

Local government: Brentwood to cut the Council Tax by 2.1%

VIDEO: Chris Grayling accuses anti-capitalist campaigners of trying to wreck Coalition's work programme

David Cameron writes for The Sun about racism in football

"Today in Downing Street I'm bringing together leading figures from right across the game to reaffirm our vigilance against racism — and all forms of discrimination. I am absolutely clear: we will not let recent events drag us back to the bad old days of the past." – The Sun

Liam Fox calls for faster, deeper spending cuts to fund tax cuts for business and jobsBBC | FT (£)

Fox Liam Apr11 470

Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: "In his most important intervention since resigning as Defence Secretary Liam Fox has issued a coded warning that the Coalition's deficit reduction strategy could be at risk if action is not taken to accelerate economic growth… In recommending faster cuts Dr Fox puts himself in sync with the Tory grassroots."

  • The Sun agrees: "The economy needs a jump-start: A tax cut for families who can no longer afford to fill up the car. A tax break to encourage firms to hire."
  • Allister Heath in City AM: "Osborne ought to consider either slashing corporation tax to 20p as quickly as possible (from 26p today) or cutting employers’ national insurance contributions, reducing the cost of labour and increasing its demand."

David Laws also calls for George Osborne to bring forward tax cuts, but financed by new taxes on the top 5% – Writing in The Guardian the Lib Dem also describes Mr Osborne as "a very strong chancellor who gets the big decisions right".

The FT (£) says the Treasury is looking again at a mansions tax.

Mark Reckless and Chris Chope lead Tory rebellion against Osborne's child benefit cut for 40p taxpayers

"Conservative rebels warned Chancellor George Osborne that unless he alters the plans to protect one-earner families, they will take the extraordinary step of attempting to vote down Budget legislation. It is almost unheard of for MPs to try to amend or bring down their own side’s finance Bills, and a defeat would raise questions about the survival of the Government." – Daily Mail

Reckless MarkWriting on his blog, Mark Reckless MP: "The policy is particularly toxic for colleagues who want to see the government do more to promote marriage and the traditional family, given the lack of movement so far on the government’s promise to recognise marriage in the tax system. However, the policy is also objectionable for those who want the tax system to be neutral between personal choices, since it clobbers single earner householders, most usually with a stay-at-home Mum, relative to dual-earner couples."

  • UK public finances show biggest surplus in four years – Guardian
  • 50p tax is raising less than expected – Telegraph | Spectator

The Daily Mail warns Osborne about the IMF bailing out the €urozone

"The simple fact is that the IMF should not even be involved. Its role is to help countries that lack the economic means to survive – not to prop up a Franco-German ideology. Mr Osborne must tell the IMF to stop abusing its position and get its hand out of this nation’s pocket." – Daily Mail leader

  • British ministers doubt that the €130bn (£109bn) bailout for Greece will prove enough to rescue the country's stricken economy and suspect it will eventually leave the euro – Independent
  • "Britain is to contribute up to £1billion to help Greece remain within the euro despite warnings the latest bailout will fail to save the country’s shattered economy" – Daily Mail

Gove on MarrMichael Gove waded into the battle over independence yesterday, telling the English to lay off the ScotsScotsman

  • SNP embarrassed by support from Rupert Murdoch – Alan Cochrane in The Telegraph

The Leveson Inquiry is ‘chilling’ free speech, warns GoveThe Sun

Cameron has defended the government's plans for spreading wind farms across the countryHuffPo


> Scrapping windfarm subsidies is one of the ideas in ConHome's Building A Majority series

More than fifty Tory MPs ready to oppose Lords reformTimes (£)

Downing Street was yesterday forced to deny claims that Ken Clarke's Ministry of Justice will be axed in a shake-upThe Sun

  • Cameron's inner circle are privately worried about a lack of distinctive candidates standing for the Conservative Party in police commissioner elections – HuffPo

GRAY IN PARLIAMENTTwo Tory MPs add to pressure on Andrew Lansley

  • James Gray questions need for NHS Bill – Telegraph
  • Mark Field calls for publication of risk register – PoliticsHome

Lib Dem party activists table motion calling for entire section of the bill extending competition in the health service to be scrappedGuardian

"Nick Clegg is likely to demand further concessions over plans to increase competition in the NHS in an attempt to head off a new Liberal Democrat revolt over the Health Bill" – Times (£)

  • Voluntary sector leader Sir Stephen Bubb backs NHS Bill in OpEd for The Times (£)
  • The Conservative Party has leapt on new figures showing there are more midwives and doctors now than before the general election as "clear proof that the NHS is moving forwards under the Coalition" – Telegraph | Twitter

"The more distinctive the Deputy Prime Minister makes himself, the more Tories wonder why the Prime Minister isn’t doing the same" – Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph

  • More and more of Cameron's modernisation instincts have been kicked into the long grass – Mark Stuart for the Yorkshire Post

If you want a job, 'slave labour' at Tesco isn't a bad place to start – Christina Patterson in The Independent

HefferSimonAfter Labour's obsession with multiculturalism, the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has at last said that the culture of the majority will once more be given pre-eminence in society – Simon Heffer in the Daily Mail

In reorganisation of the Borders Agency really the solution to immigration? – Simon Jenkins in The Guardian is sceptical.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries claims the reason women are still under-represented in Parliament is that politics 'simply doesn't appeal to the majority of young women' – Nadine Dorries MP for PoliticsHome

MPs are calling on the government to simplify the law in England and Wales on missing people who are presumed deadBBC

Let teachers run John Lewis-style schools for profit, says Policy ExchangeGuardian

Samantha Cameron uses Downing Street reception to talk up British fashion industryGuardian


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