May Theresa Abu Qatada7.45pm WATCH: Theresa May: "The Government disagrees vehemently" with Abu Qatada decision

7.30pm ToryDiary: George Osborne says anti-business hysteria should be shunned and rewards for success permitted

5pm: The row over the Government's inability to deport Abu Qatada leads our teatime newslinks

3.45pm Local government: Tory councils serve notice of legal challenge to HS2

3.30pm Bill Cash MP on Comment: The failure of previous governments to veto EU treaties is to blame for our troubles today

1.30pm Columnist Andrew Lilico: Should Christians be able to claim that "God heals"?

Chris Williamson's tweets1pm LeftWatch: Eric Pickles as Mr Bumble. George Osborne as Wackford Squeers. The Dickensian world of Labour MP Chris Williamson's tweets

Noon ConHomeUSA newslinks: To compete with Republican fundraising, Obama reverses his opposition to SuperPACs

10am ToryDiary: If the Liberal Democrats want to run health policy, they should take responsibility for it

ToryDiary: The three kinds of compassionate conservatism

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: We enjoy our fantasies of bold leaders but comforting, pragmatic governments tend to be re-elected

Tory_suitcase2Nick Pickles on Comment: Conservatives have yet to plant a flag in the north and appeal to Labour's disillusioned heartlands

Also on Comment – Charlie Elphicke MP: Children should have a relationship with both parents after a separation

MPsETC: William Hague condemns Russia and China's UN resolution veto for betraying the Syrian people

Local government: 

WATCH: Justine Greening: Decision by Network Rail bosses to give up bonuses "the right decision"

David Cameron seeks to reassure business leaders the Coalition is not anti-business

CameronOnTPS"David Cameron on Monday met his business advisory group which comprises bosses of some of Britain's biggest employers, including Burberry, J Sainsbury, Centrica and WPP, and told them the Coalition is not attacking businesses. … City bosses have warned that business confidence has been rattled by the Government's move to strip Fred Goodwin of his knighthood and failure to support RBS's Stephen Hester over his bonus." – Daily Telegraph

  • David Cameron: Small businesses will get government incentives for taking on apprentices – Huffington Post

Osborne to allow curbs on the size of mortgages to prevent another housing bubble

"Tough new rules to ban unsustainable mortgages and prevent another housing bubble are to be handed to the Bank of England, the Chancellor signalled last night. … A new Financial Policy Committee at the Bank would be able to set loan-to-value ratios on mortgages to burst credit bubbles before they become too big. This could mean that when house prices are soaring, buyers could be forced to put down large deposits… before being approved for a mortgage by banks or building societies." – Daily Mail | FT (£)

William Hague and Vince Cable to be questioned over Middle East arms deals

Hague FCO"Two Cabinet ministers will be challenged today over fears that British-made weapons have been used to suppress dissidents in Bahrain and Egypt. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, and William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, are to be tackled by MPs over arms sales worth more than £12m to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in just three months." – Independent

  • We'll help rebels overthrow Syrian murderers: Hague's warning to dictator Assad over escalation in violence – Daily Mail

Government insiders strongly briefing against Andrew Lansley's NHS reforms: "he should be taken out and shot"

Lansley2"“We’re back to square one,” says one exasperated insider. “Andrew Lansley is just a disaster.” Dogged and determined at his best, the Health Secretary is at his worst described as a “law unto himself"… "Andrew Lansley should be taken out and shot,” says a Downing Street source. “He’s messed up both the communication and the substance of the policy.” … many senior figures, Lib Dem and Tory, now admit privately that it was a mistake to introduce a flagship Bill on health  …. There is an intriguing idea circulating in No 10 — that Alan Milburn should be offered a seat in the Lords and his old job of Health Secretary." – Rachel Sylvester for the Times (£)

  • "Two prominent backers of the coalition's NHS shake-up have joined the growing chorus of critics by claiming that GPs will be "suffocated rather than liberated" by the planned changes." – Guardian
  • NHS facing £15.7bn for rising number of clinical negligence claims – Daily Telegraph
  • The NHS bill could finish the health service – and David Cameron – Polly Toynbee in the Guardian

> From yesterday - Dr Rachel Joyce on Comment: Doctors, nurses and midwives have genuine concerns about about the NHS reforms. Conservatives shouldn't question their motives.

Ministers In Brief:

  • Divorced fathers might not get equal time with their children after a divorce, Ken Clarke says – Daily Telegraph
  • Francis Maude to re-educate senior civil servants found mishandling public spending projects – The Times (£)

Tory MPs protest decision to allow Abu Qatada back on the streets

Elphickec_2"Bill Cash MP, the Conservative chairman of the all-party European scrutiny committee, added: “This reinforces the need to reform the Human Rights Act. This was a Conservative manifesto commitment at the last election. The Human Rights Act should be repealed.” Charlie Elphicke, the Tory MP for Dover and Deal, said the decision to release Abu Qatada “sums up everything that is wrong with human rights in Europe”, adding: “This is a man who is seeking to undermine our country at every turn. “It is clear that Abu Qatada should not be in this country another day. This is further evidence of why we need a British Bill of Rights.”" – Daily Telegraph

  • Abu Qatada, the radical Islamic preacher once described as Osama bin Laden’s “right hand man in Europe”, will be back on the streets within days after being granted bail. – Daily Telegraph
  • "Theresa May has only three months to persuade his homeland, Jordan, to take him back without breaching his human rights. If she fails, Qatada, a magnet for every wannabe terrorist in Britain, will be back on our streets. Unlike us, Europe's unelected judges will sleep soundly in their beds. And evil Qatada will snigger at our humiliation and our weakness." – The Sun Says

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Five lessons from Prevent – following today's Home Affairs Select Committee report

Tory donor Michael Farmer appointed Party co-treasurer

"Mr Farmer is a generous donor to the Tories and has given £2.6m, according to the Electoral Commission’s website. The City financier, known as “Mr Copper”, founded RK Capital Management, whose Red Kite fund is one of the biggest metals hedge funds in the world… He said he believed that David Cameron, the prime minister, had the “vision and the policies” to put the UK “on the right path for the future”." – FT (£)

Lord Heseltine to be made a Freeman of the City of LiverpoolDaily Telegraph

One in ten local authorities to defy the Government and raise council tax

"Eighteen councils, including some in the Conservative heartlands, have rejected an offer of central government money that would allow them to freeze the charge. … Some 181 councils have agreed to freeze their levy but 18 have already warned they will increase the tax. They include Tory-controlled Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and East Cambridgeshire." – Daily Telegraph

New Energy Secretary Ed Davey to continue Huhne's onshore wind farms policy

Davey Ed"Ed Davey used his first day as Energy Secretary to send a warning to more than 100 Conservative MPs that he is not prepared to back down over the issue of onshore wind farms. The Liberal Democrat MP, who was propelled into the Cabinet on Friday after the resignation of Chris Huhne, insisted he was a “lifelong supporter” of wind power." – The Times (£)

> From yesterday - Chris Pincher MP on Comment: Wind farms are expensive, unreliable, damage local environments and subsidise foreign industry

Labour MP forced to apologise after aide insults the Queen for 'scrounging benefits for 60 years' on the day she celebrates accession – Daily Mail

David Miliband hints at frontbench return

Miliband David QT"The former foreign secretary also said he would be interested in returning to frontbench politics, saying “leaving office was like the end of a love affair”. … The man once thought an inevitable Labour leader said it had been difficult being out of power, and gave the strongest hint yet he could return to his party’s front bench: “I made the right decision to step back from frontline politics. It was a fair thing to do for Ed and for the party. But it doesn’t mean I stopped thinking. “Of course it is hard. The issues I cared about, I still care about.”" – FT (£)

  • The former foreign secretary’s blueprint to help a lost generation must be taken seriously – Mary Riddell for the Daily Telegraph

MPs 'should get taxpayer-funded iPads', committee findsDaily Telegraph

Police failing to take stalking complaints seriously, inquiry finds - Guardian

BAE may cut Typhoon price to win India orderDaily Telegraph

  • The aid India sneered at could pay for hospitals and troops in Britain – Trevor Kavanagh for the Sun
  • Foreign aid fiasco is making Britain a laughing stock – Patrick O'Flynn for the Daily Express

Steve Richards: The Government insists on the Falkland Islands' right to self-determination. Scotland's right to it is less clearly statedIndependent

Ian Paisley admitted to hospital with heart problemBBC


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