10pm ToryDiary: Cut spending faster, urges Liam Fox, and make room for economy-boosting tax relief

Cameron Rajoy presser5.30pm WATCH: David Cameron: Europe now needs "a firewall that is large enough to prevent contagion within the €urozone"

5pm The latest borrowing figures and criticism of government work experience schemes lead our teatime newslinks

3.15pm Local government: Evening Standard exposes massive fraud in Mayoral vote

3pm MPsETC: Jacob Rees-Mogg enlightens the House about "flexicurity" and other baffling European jargon

Bone Peter2pm Peter Bone MP on Comment: My Parliamentary Bill to temporarily withdraw from the ECHR so we can immediately deport Abu Qatada

1pm ToryDiary: Cameron hopeful that deepening relationship with Italy, Poland and Spain can accelerate EU economic reform

Noon ConHomeUSA: Reagan Democrats fleeing Romney explain his trouble – and Santorum's rise – in Michigan

11.45am Parliament: Tory MPs queue up to protest Cable's decision to ignore Select Cttee and appoint Les Ebdon to university access post

11.15am Local governmment: Bromley backs expansion of selective school places

11am WATCH: Lib Dems release video making the case for taxes on the wealthy to fund tax cuts for the low paid

Willetts D DP10.30am LISTEN: David Willetts: "Les Ebdon has the experience and knowledge of the sector to do his job"

ToryDiary: At last, an integration strategy. But no full plan to "outflank extremism" yet.

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: Is Britain really run by four people? Of course not.

Matthew Oakley on Comment: Workfare is fair. The challenge is to make it effective.

Martin Callanan MEP on Parliament: The Grexit: Greece must Default, Decouple and Devalue

Part Six of our Building a Conservative Majority series: Building an online Conservative Coalition

Local Government: Pickles calls for all immigrants to learn English

500,000 passengers allowed to enter Britain without checks

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 07.33.55

"At times immigration staff acted potentially illegally by relaxing the supervision of travellers entering this country at least 15,000 times in the last five years, John Vine, the independent inspector of the Border Agency, found… His report, published yesterday afternoon, left Theresa May, the Home Secretary, facing fresh questions about her grip on border security and the Coalition’s failure to get a grip on problems she claimed had began under Labour." – Telegraph

The Daily Mail warns Theresa May that the Conservative Party is unlikely to be forgiven if it doesn't get a grip on immigration.

The Sun Says: "The Coalition must make immigration a priority. Our border checkpoints must be adequately staffed. They are not – and that's why corners have been cut. We need to stop sending billions in aid to India and Pakistan. And spend that cash where we need it. At our borders."

> Video: Theresa May announces separation of UK Border Agency and UK Border Force

Green Damian Home OfficeIn her Times column (£) Rachel Sylvester says Home Office/Justice Dept may be reconfigured: "Under the plan the Home Office would be responsible for everything to do with crime, including the police, prisons policy and sentencing. The Ministry of Justice would be scrapped and replaced with a new as-yet-unnamed department handling issues relating to national identity. This would bring together immigration, passport control and citizenship. Damian Green, the junior immigration minister, is mentioned as a contender for the Cabinet job. From the liberal wing of the Tory party, he can talk tough without sounding nasty. It may not happen but a change of emphasis is certainly under way."

Osborne faces triple demand for tax cuts… from David Davis, David Laws and Ed BallsDaily Mail

"Taxpayers earning £60,000 would be stripped of higher rate pensions tax relief under radical plans that the Liberal Democrats want included in the Budget." – Daily Mail

Eric Pickles signals an end to state multiculturalism

"Mr Pickles was speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail ahead of today’s announcement of a new strategy on community cohesion and integration. He said the last Labour government and Harriet Harman, who was its equalities minister, had ‘encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream’." – Daily Mail

Cameron admits failure to explain health reforms

LANSLEY ANDREW NW"The Government suffered a double dose of trouble as Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, was heckled by a 75-year-old woman as he arrived at Downing Street for a meeting with health professionals. And David Cameron was accused of a "bunker mentality" after groups representing health staff that oppose the reforms were excluded from the talks." – Independent

  • The Guardian notes that those attended the Downing Street health meeting may have been constructive but some were still critical of the NHS Bill.
  • Cameron gets an earful on day of NHS PR disasters for government – Times (£)
  • "An outright majority of respondents, 52%, say that the bill – which would overhaul NHS management, increase competition and give family doctors more financial responsibility – should be dropped. That is against 33% who believe it is better to stick with the plans at this stage… Only the very youngest respondents aged 18 to 24, the least likely to vote, favour sticking with the plans, by 46% to 39%. Opposition hardens with age, and is at its most marked among the over-65s – who favour dropping the bill by a 56% to 29% margin." – Guardian
  • Only the inefficient need fear NHS competition – Telegraph leader
  • Steve Richards looks at parallels between the NHS Bill and the poll tax – Independent
  • "The coalition should quietly have intensified and expanded the NHS reforms launched by Labour, which were far more radical than usually understood, rather than seeking to reinvent the wheel" – Allister Heath in City AM

> Yesterday's video: Cameron says health reforms are already delivering better outcomes but Coalition needs to "bust some myths" about the NHS Bill

Cameron signs letter with eleven other centre right leaders calling for easier migration across EuropeTelegraph

Rajoy"In a joint letter signed by the prime ministers of 11 of the 27 member states, he called for “bold decisions” at next week’s summit to rebuild confidence among citizens and businesses. But Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy – leader’s of Europe’s two biggest economic powerhouses – were notable absentees from the letter. It warned that the EU was at a “perilous moment” and set out an eight-point plan to boost growth across the bloc." – Express

The FT (£) sees the letter and Mr Cameron's Downing Street meeting with new Spanish PM, Mariano Rajoy, later today as a sign that relations with other EU states are being rebuilt.

> Read the full letter on the 10 Downing Street website.

Europe Minister David Lidington warns that an independent Scotland may need passport controls at its border with EnglandScotsman | Telegraph

  • "ALEX Salmond has accused former Tory Cabinet ministers Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Forsyth of having “learned nothing” since their time in power, after they launched strongly worded attacks on the idea of full economic powers for Holyrood." – Scotsman
  • The answer to Scottish separatism is a federal union – Philip Stephens in the FT (£)

Firms and charities are to be invited to bid for a payment-by-results scheme to try to get "Neet" teenagers into work or trainingBBC

  • 'Stacking shelves is better than dreaming of stardom on the X Factor', says Iain Duncan Smith – Daily Mail
  • Chris Grayling defends work experience scheme from 'negative headlines' – Guardian

Hague resists ruling out armed action on IranFT (£)

Bishops, Tory MPs and legal figures launch campaign against gay marriage

"Mr Burrowes said that he had received a barrage of abusive messages and even a death threat after he publicly voiced his opposition to gay marriage" – Telegraph

JAMES Margot"Margot James, the first openly lesbian Tory MP, said: "The Government isn't introducing a change that will mean churches have to marry same-sex couples if they did not want to. "There are many gay people who are committed people of faith. They have a profound need to marry in a more traditional setting than would be provided by a civil partnership." Another gay Tory MP said: "There are some on the traditional right who can't countenance the move, but I think you will find they are less of them than you might expect."" – Independent

Cable questioned over appointment of Les Ebdon as university access tsarGuardian

Support for Nick Clegg falls markedly among Lib Dem voters – Populus poll for The Times (£)

Ed Miliband's team announce new initiatives…

(1) In her first major speech Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chief Secretary, will hint at new taxes on the richGuardian

"Rachel Reeves, shadow Treasury chief secretary, has been asked by Ed Miliband to draw up savings from within existing departmental budgets to allow a Labour government to switch resources to programmes that reflect “the values and priorities of the British people”." – FT (£)

(2) Stephen Twigg proposes "an Office for Educational Improvement, independent of ministers, along the lines of the Office for Budgetary Responsibility"

"The new office would take responsibility for four important areas: promoting high standards; spreading best practice; acting as a clearing house for research; and aiming to improve England’s position in international league tables. It would be the leading authority on education policy, including areas such as social mobility." – Stephen Twigg in The Times (£)

A Socialist victory by Francois Hollande in France would send shockwaves through austerity-hit Europe – Mary Riddell in The Telegraph

We need to know who funds these thinktank lobbyists – George Monbiot in The Guardian


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