8.45pm ToryDiary: How many more Syrians have to die, asks William Hague, before Russia and China allow the UN to act?


4.30pm ToryDiary: Tory members see IDS and Gove as most effective ministers

2.15pm MPsETC: Tory peers accuse Government of treating them "With contempt"; ignoring amendments to poorly debated bills

ToryDiary: Tory members say deregulation should be top growth priority

Nadine Dorries MP on the Columnists page: Every time Cameron pleases Nick Clegg, he upsets the country

The London Scottish Conservative Club on Comment: Five reasons why Britain is better off with Scotland in it


MPsETC: John 'Centre-of-Attention' Bercow speaks four times as much as Michael Martin and Betty Boothroyd

Local government: Trafford gives 50% Council Tax discount for Special Constables

WATCH: Do Lib Dems have more complicated personal lives? Evan Harris talks to Channel 4 News

Today's Must-Read: We need a poetry of the Union to defeat Salmond’s freedom shtick

"Proponents of Union should speak of the quotidian benefits of being Scottish-and-British or English-and-British. People who are proud to work for the benefit of both nations, because the two are also one, regardless of whether they were born in Leith or in Leicester. People who instinctively – not intellectually – recoil from the prospect of becoming a foreigner to the friends and family who live on the other side of the border." – Graeme Archer in The Telegraph

16162829Huhne pays for his infidelity: Minister's career in ruins as feud with ex-wife lands them both in court over speeding pointsDaily Mail

Chris Huhne's downfall began the day he sacrificed his wife for his career – Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail

The Liberal Democrats do not have the depth of talent to cope with such a rate of ministerial lossTelegraph

> Within yesterday's 5pm newslinks we reviewed the political editors' views that the combative Huhne's exit leaves the LibDems weaker in the Cabinet.

Huhne was the anti-Tory and Tories are glad to see the back of him

Huhne Politics Show X"Mr Huhne admitted to briefing against Home Secretary Theresa May over her mistaken claim that an illegal immigrant had been allowed to stay because he had a pet cat. And it is widely believed he was the one who revealed that Education Secretary Michael Gove was pressing for a new royal yacht. He also described Tory chairwoman Baroness Warsi as “Goebbels” during the alternative vote referendum campaign." – Scotsman

"When a senior member of [Cameron's] party had to resign from the cabinet, it just so happened that Liam Fox was the one person who had been causing him trouble. And now the Liberal Democrat trouble-maker-in-chief is forced to step down too." – John Kampfner in the FT (£)

  • Huhne's ruthlessness in undermining political foes, including attacking "Calamity Clegg" during the Lib Dem leadership battle and briefing against Cabinet colleague Theresa May, won him no friends – Sun
  • Cameron's praise for Huhne couldn't have been fainter – Michael Deacon in The Telegraph | Text of the letter

Greens praise Huhne's achievements…Guardian

"The former Energy and Climate Change Secretary stood up to the Chancellor during the government-wide spending review and forced through his plans for a legally binding target to reduce UK carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2025, the toughest in the world. He had to appeal over Mr Osborne's head to Mr Cameron, warning him bluntly that his pledge to create "the greenest government ever" was at risk. It worked." – Independent

  • Huhne's departure will sadden all who care about the environment – Michael McCarthy in The Independent

…and fear Ed Davey might be more sympathetic to Treasury's caution on climate change…

Screen shot 2012-02-04 at 08.41.31"Mr Davey was described yesterday as a pro-business free market liberal, widely praised for taking the heat out of the part privatisation of the Post Office in his previous job as Business Minister. But some environmental groups fear that Mr Huhne’s departure will allow the Treasury’s tough pro-business stance, described by some as an attempt to “pollute us back to growth”, to prevail" – Times (£)

"Senior Tories hope Mr Davey, who is seen as more pro-business than Chris Huhne, will adopt a more ‘pragmatic’ approach to environmental regulation. He signalled as he took up his post that high energy bills – which critics say are being compounded by the cost of renewable energy – would be a top priority." – Daily Mail

New energy secretary Ed Davey will help cash-strapped households to beat soaring power bills – Telegraph

> On ToryDiary yesterday Tim Montgomerie hoped for the same softening of climate change policies.

Huhne urged not to take £17,000 pay offMetro | Express

A "modest electoral pact" is needed to save the Liberal Democrats – Matthew Parris in The Times (£)

LANSLEY ANDREW NWLansley offers £1.5bn emergency funds to hospitals to pay PFI billsGuardian

  • "Together with the Royal College of Nurses, the Royal College of Midwives and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, the Royal College of General Practitioners’ move takes the total number of UK NHS clinical and medical staff whose professional body has called for the scrapping of the bill to 525,000 – 44 per cent of the 1.2m total." – FT (£)

David Cameron and Barack Obama will hold face-to-face talks in Washington next monthYorkshire Post | BBC

"David Cameron is to be afforded the rare privilege of a White House state dinner when he visits Washington next month. It will be only the sixth state dinner in the three years since President Obama took office." – Times (£)

Thousands of soldiers serving in Afghanistan without life insurance

"Government figures reveal 35,600 have chosen not to have cover while serving on the frontline over the past five years. That is equal to about a third of all the British troops who have served in Afghanistan since 2001." – The Sun

High Streets in England invited to bid for £1m funding, advised by Mary PortasBBC

OBORNEPeter Oborne: The complacency of our part-time Chancellor is at the heart of the banking crisis

"George Osborne has insisted on keeping RBS’s disparate business united as part of a single group, and he now looks likely to pay a heavy price for his procrastination." – Peter Oborne in The Telegraph

“London is now the worst major centre in the world in which to do banking”The Times (£) talks to top bankers about Britain's ugly environment for businesses

George Osborne has spent more than £30,000 of taxpayers’ money overhauling 11 Downing Street and his flat next doorTelegraph

[Cameron has spent £64,000. They clearly are planning on the Coalition lasting].

Kelvin MacKenzie paints Cameron as someone who'll dump on anyone, even friends, when it serves his purposes

Cameron long Jan 2012

"During the height of the phone-hacking scandal last summer, David Cameron sent an emissary to Rebekah Brooks, who had been forced out of her job as News International chief executive.  The message from the Prime Minister was: ‘Sorry I couldn’t have been as loyal to you as you have been to me, but Ed Miliband had me on the run.’ It’s always the same. It doesn’t  matter what the issue is, when the going gets tough . . . Cameron gets going — in the opposite direction." – Kelvin MacKenzie in the Daily Mail

Sadly for Labour, they still own responsibility for the bad economy – Andrew Grice in The Independent

Ed Miliband won the Labour leadership because David Miliband wouldn't acknowledge New Labour's "fundamental flaws" – Roy Hattersley in The Guardian

Davidson Ruth SeriousTory leader Ruth Davidson has suggested that the SNP were “insulting” thousands of spectators at today’s Calcutta Cup clash by suggesting that patriots, proud to be Scottish and British, are “anti-Scottish”Scotsman

Deknighting Fred Godwin is gesture politics and does nothing for the poor – Deborah Orr in The Guardian

And finally… After the Labour leader attacked Cameron's Cabinet of millionaires, Patrick O'Flynn reminds Ed Miliband that he is a millionaire – Express


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