6.30pm Local government:

6pm Chris Pincher MP on Comment: Wind farms are expensive, unreliable, damage local environments and subsidise foreign industry

5pm Newslinks: Justine Greening wins Railtrack battle as Directors give up bonuses and money will go to fund to improve passenger safety

3pm ToryDiary: Five lessons from Prevent – following today's Home Affairs Select Committee report

Joyce-Rachel-Portrait1pm Dr Rachel Joyce on Comment: Doctors, nurses and midwives have genuine concerns about about the NHS reforms. Conservatives shouldn't question their motives.

12.45pm ThinkTankCentral: Adam Smith Institute launch "Economics is Fun" campaign on YouTube

Noon ConHomeUSA newslinks: American ready to support military action against Iran

10am LeftWatch: Tim Farron misses a golden opportunity to compare Cameron's Britain to Nazi Germany

ToryDiary: A conservative case for gay marriage

Columnist Bruce Anderson: The Government needs to start defending bankers because, without them, Britain is finished


John Baron MP on Comment: Throwing good money after bad to save the Eurozone is economic madness

Local government:

WATCH: Justine Greening will attend Network Rail AGM and vote against bonus deal

It’s time to support the opposition in the Syrian civil war

RIFKIND NEW"Britain and the west under Arab and Turkish leadership, should put itself on the right side of history by stepping up its own assistance to Syria’s courageous opposition. There will not be any NATO-style intervention, but we can start by helping with logistics, intelligence, communications equipment and advice. We should strengthen our efforts to interdict Iranian arms intended for Syria, and pressure EU member states such as Cyprus to block Russia’s shipments. Our clear objective should be to end the crisis through Syria’s acceptance of the Arab League plan or, more plausibly, through the collapse of its government."- Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Shashank Joshi in the FT (£)

Russian and Chinese behaviour over Syria underlines the "false moral authority" of the United Nations – Wall Street Journal leader

> Saturday evening's ToryDiary: How many more Syrians have to die, asks William Hague, before Russia and China allow the UN to act?

David Cameron has praised the "magnificent service" given by the Queen, as she celebrates 60 years on the throneBBC

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 06.36.02His full statement: "Today is a day to pay tribute to the magnificent service of HM the Queen. With experience, dignity and quiet authority she has guided and united our nation and the Commonwealth over six varied decades. You sometimes hear people talk as if the Monarchy was simply a glittering ornament, a decoration on our national life. That misunderstands our constitution and it underestimates our Queen. Always dedicated, always resolute and always respected, she is a source of wisdom and continuity. All my life, and for the lives of most people in this country, she has always been there for us. Today, and this year, in the 60th anniversary of her reign, we have the chance to say thank you."

> On Andrew Marr yesterday Sir John Major said Charles, not William will be next King

Another day, another letter from 100 Tory MPs… this time on the EU

In a letter organised by Charlie Elphicke and Dominic Raab, 102 Tory MPs urge David Cameron to opt out of EU laws on policing, including the European Arrest Warrant and a requirement to share DNA intelligence – Telegraph

> Yesterday 100 Tory MPs urged the Prime Minister to cut windfarm subsidies | Daily Mail

Melanie Phillips: Huhne's exit gives Cameron the chance to end the scourge of wind turbines. He won't be forgiven if he doesn't take it

PHILLIPS-MELANIE"Chris Huhne’s enforced departure offers the Prime Minister an opportunity to junk the climate change nonsense that is inflicting such harm on Britain’s fragile economy and relocate his government on Planet Reality. He could make a start by discarding the ‘Climate Change’ addition made by Gordon Brown to the Department of Energy’s name, which thus built into the very structure of government the egregious and idiotic fallacy that politicians can actually affect climatic behaviour." – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail

Nick Clegg and Ed Davey vow to defend green subsidies – Independent

Greening Justine Feb 2012Ministers In Brief:

  • Transport Secretary Justine Greening will vote against £20m bonus pool for Network Rail executives – Guardian
  • Ken Clarke to announce plans to guarantee access to grandparents for children from broken families – Times (£)
  • Andrew Mitchell defends UK aid to India, insisting it is being improved and targeted – FT (£)

Is David Cameron more yellow than blue?The Telegraph talks to discontented and still faithful Tory supporters about the Prime Minister's priorities

Cameron could veto an independent Scotland joining the EUScotsman

  • Independence trailing 35% to 44% – Herald …Independence opposed narrowly by 53% to 47% – Bloomberg
  • Signs of economic nationalism north of the border with new report attacking money 'leaking out' of Scotland – Scotsman

Calls for Alex Salmond to say sorry for 'Nazi' slightHerald

"Mr Salmond used the term “Gauleiter” – the name for a regional Nazi party leader – to describe BBC political adviser Ric Bailey after the SNP leader was blocked from appearing on a sports show ahead of the Six Nations clash between Scotland and England at the weekend." – Scotsman

Boris Johnson: Britain should be more like America and honour our wealth creators

Johnson Boris Microphone

"We need to stop wasting our energy in hating the disgusting affluence of the top 1 per cent, and we need to start doing more for the bottom 20 per cent. The poor and needy will always deserve help, in taxation and in philanthropy – but we can’t expect to generate either, on the scale of the Americans, if we continue to denigrate wealth-creators. In the US, unemployment is now falling sharply, in contrast to Europe and indeed to this country. Jobs are being created, not least because America is full of people who are not only scrabbling to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but who know that if they make it they will receive admiration from their fellow Americans, rather than chippiness and disgust." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

  • in the FT (£) Lord Lawson calls for reform of the auditing of banks' accounts.
  • City AM: The TRUTH is, bankers' pay is FALLING.

Libdem_bird.148121242Lib Dems in Brief:

  • Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter star, becomes latest celebrity to end support for Liberal Democrats – Guardian
  • Our intervention in Afghanistan has been disastrous. Let’s make the final months count – Lord Ashdown in The Times (£)
  • Chris Huhne under pressure to decline £17,000 pay off – Times (£)
  • "An [Eastleigh] by-election would expose the deep hatred and mutual loathing between the partners in this artificial alliance" – Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun

Ed Miliband claims NHS reforms are jeopardising 6,000 nursing jobsGuardian

Labour's Europe spokesman Emma Reynolds implies deknighting of Fred Goodwin was announced to bury Cameron's dilution of the EU vetoHuffington Post

Home Affairs Committee warns Government not to ignore threat of "far-right terrorism"BBC

  • Committee says internet, rather than prison, is now biggest source for breeding extremism – Guardian

THATCHEROxford University should refuse proposal for academic centre in Margaret Thatcher's name – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in The Independent

Institute of Government highlights civil service turnover problemIndependent

"Staff turnover is especially high at Education, where Michael Gove is Secretary of State, and at Communities and Local Government, where Eric Pickles is in charge, may mean that these two politicians are "difficult" characters. But it could also mean that they are especially determined or committed to policies demanding new approaches, and that they have alienated those staff who do not see the future the same way." – Independent leader

  • Jackie Ashley overviews the determination of MPs to expose civil servant wastefulness – Guardian

And finally… David Cameron goes ice-skating to raise funds for local charityExpress | Photographs in The Sun


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