Screen shot 2012-02-05 at 20.54.399pm WATCH: It is "beyond doubt" that Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth, insists John Major

6pm Roger Helmer MEP on Comment: The Tories can shoot UKIP's fox with an In/Out referendum

3.30pm ConHomeUSA: Video report on Romney's big win in Nevada

3pm ToryDiary: To mark 200 years of Dickens, Jeremy Hunt gives one of the great author's books to Cabinet colleagues

Screen shot 2012-02-05 at 14.09.442pm David Binder on Comment: Introducing transferable allowances for married couples would be MORE progressive than taking people out of tax

10am MPsETC: Full text of 'cut the subsidies for windfarms' letter from 101 Tory MPs to Cameron, led by Chris Heaton-Harris MP

ToryDiary: A terrible Sunday press for Cameron. We are getting back to the unhappiness of the pre-veto period.

Columnist Ruth Lea: With Huhne gone here are three paths to a sane energy policy

Nick de Bois MP on Comment: Parts of the Coalition are contributing to Britain's anti-business culture

Local government: If the GMB want higher Council Tax collection rates they should back the Conservatives

Story of the day: 5,000 of 20,000 head teachers are no good says new Ofstead Chief The Sunday Times (£)

Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times fire strong warning shots at Cameron


"The Prime Minister’s problem is more basic. People no longer know what he stands for, if they ever did, and he is radiating weakness from Downing Street." – The Sunday Times (£)

"There are growing, and legitimate, worries that in his eagerness to appeal to the electorate, the Prime Minister runs the risk of turning his back on the fundamental values of the party he leads" – The Sunday Telegraph leader

  • "Two faces of David Cameron: One minute the prime minister is standing up for capitalism, the next he is bashing executives" – The Sunday Times (£)

John Redwood: Most Tory backbenchers will vote against any more money for IMF

Redwood John Oct 11"John Redwood, another senior Conservative eurosceptic, said he thought the majority of the Tory backbenches would vote against handing more British money to the IMF. "We fully support the chancellor when he says he does not want extra IMF money to be given to prop up a currency," said Mr Redwood. "I am happy for IMF money to go and help poor African countries – not to bailout broke but rich Western economies. Greece is no longer a sovereign country. It is a region in a currency union." – The Sunday Telegraph

One hundred Tory MPs, co-ordinated by Chris Heaton-Harris, have written to the Prime Minister to protest at wind farms

HEATON-HARRIS-CHRIS"Critics say wind farms are inefficient because the wind cannot be guaranteed to blow at times of greatest energy demand. They are also said to be unsightly, blighting the landscape. Wind farms are also accused of forcing up energy bills while swallowing disproportionate amounts of taxpayer-funded subsidies. The Tory MPs, including several of the party’s rising stars as well as former ministers, say it is wrong that hard-pressed consumers must pay for the expansion of onshore wind power." – The Sunday Telegraph

  • "Things could get very tough," warns Ming Campbell if Coalition backtracks on Huhne's green agenda – Observer
  • "Mr Davey will have to grow rapidly into a substantial figure if he is to have the capacity to stand up to other departments, notably the Treasury" – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer
  • The Lib Dems look flimsier than ever without Huhne – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday
  • "Chris Huhne, who resigned as energy secretary on Friday, faces expulsion from parliament if he is found guilty of perverting the course of justice. Tories and Labour supporters in his constituency say they are considering demanding a by-election if he receives a jail sentence." – The Sunday Times (£)

Some Tory MPs object to Lords reform on basis that it wouyld give Lib Dems a semi-permanent balance of power there – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

"The government is planning to give peers the powers to expel any colleague they find has been guilty of misconduct or who drags the House of Lords into disrepute. The reforms, expected to be included in the Queen’s speech this year, are part of a three-pronged assault on misconduct in the upper house." – The Sunday Times (£)

A by-election in Eastleigh is just one of the possible events that could break the Coalition and Cameron must prepare for an early General Election – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

  • Kenny Farquharson in Scotland on Sunday agrees: "This marriage of convenience has become dysfunctional. It is no longer convenient, constructive or convincing. The time has come to divvy up the Coldplay CDs and call it a day."

Laws David Sep 11David Laws will return to Government in Cameron's summer reshuffle which may see Clarke, Gillan and Lansley leave

"The Prime Minister is expected to carry out a "full" reshuffle within a few months. Ministers who have been touted as likely candidates for the chop from the cabinet include Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, who is under fire over NHS reforms, and Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, who is out of step with a number of his Tory colleagues on Europe, human right and criminal justice policy. Cheryl Gillan, the Welsh Secretary, is also a candidate to leave. Mr Cameron is under pressure to get more women into the cabinet – and also to "rebalance" his top team by promoting Tory right-wingers in the wake of the departure, last October, of Liam Fox as defence secretary." – The Sunday Telegraph

Greening Justine BBCThe cost of car insurance is bearing increasingly little relationship to the real worldWriting in the Mail on Sunday Justine Greening MP launches a campaign to get a better deal for motorists

Grant Shapps promises that immigrants won't be able to leap-frog British families in housing queueSunday Express

Tory MP and Health Minister Anne Milton sparks fury by calling northerners hard-drinking smokers who 'jump into bed with each other at the drop of a hat'Mail on Sunday

  • How the north of England has suffered most in the downturn – Observer

Who is @SteveHiltonGuru? Westminster transfixed by (eerily accurate) Twitter spoof of PM's eccentric guru – and his 'Wigwam of Trust'Mail on Sunday

"The Indian government has told Britain it no longer wants its aid. Indian ministers said they did not need the money and described it as “a peanut” compared with their total expenditure on development."The Sunday Times (£) | Mail on Sunday

Whitehall civil servants have raked in more than £105m in bonus payments at a time when ministers are sacking staff and freezing pay in the public sectorIndependent on Sunday

Britain's weak economic recovery is expected to lead the Bank of England to print £50bn more money in the coming weeksSunday Telegraph

  • Ideas to encourage private investment in energy, water and roads – John Redwood

IFS: Labour would have borrowed £14 billion more than the government plans this year, rising to £52 billion by 2016-17. Overall, Labour’s additional borrowing would have been £201 billionThe Sunday Times (£)

Miliband Ed HeadshotEd Miliband is calling on the public to join a three-month campaign to kill off the government's controversial NHS reformsObserver

"The turmoil of continuing with a bill three times longer than that which established the NHS is far, far worse. If the bill passes, there will be even more upheaval and even more money will be wasted on reorganisation, rather than treating patients." – Ed Miliband in The Observer

Britain's future economic and political wellbeing is being hamstrung by our reluctance to learn foreign languages – Will Hutton in The Observer

A new system of press regulation, guaranteeing freedom AND fairness – David Hunt of the PCC for The Sunday Times (£)

And finally… George Osborne thanks Ed Miliband for opposing the welfare cap

"A grinning George Osborne made a point of marching across the Commons to ‘thank’ Ed Miliband’s team for voting against the £26,000 cap on welfare handouts. When he was greeted with a puzzled ‘Why?’ the Chancellor said sarcastically: ‘Because it means from now until the Election we will tell voters you lot think the taxable equivalent of £35,000 a year isn’t enough for some people on benefits.’" – Mail on Sunday's Black Dog

And finally, finally… Cameron reveals balding patchMail on Sunday

And finally, finally, finally… Creators of Wallace and Gromit worry about their brand being damaged by comparisons to Ed Miliband

Screen shot 2012-02-05 at 09.03.37

Independent on Sunday


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